Internal Medicine Doctor, Primary Care Doctor: Matthew Carlisle, MD

Hi, I’m Dr. Mathew Carlisle, I’m an
internal medical resident in Duke Health. I actually worked throughout High School
into College as a Veterinary technician, and I found that I loved animals. I did, but one of the parts I loved
most about interacting with animals and interacting the owners. And so I’d be able to kind of
figure out their story and talk to them about their family. And I think the switch really came when
I actually shadowed a cardiologist in the hospital, and found that I really
enjoyed that just as much, if not more, than the veterinarian side. And so, it was one of those things
that I find that the switch and decided to shift career paths. But it was a hard switch to make and there’s a lot of actually common
similarities between the two that you wouldn’t necessarily think about
that seemed to benefit going forward. My personal career goal as a physician
is that you’re able to connect with patients on a very personable level. And I think that’s important to follow
all the guideline practices and the most current, up-to-date research. But I really like trying to interact
with them on a personal level and get to know their family and
really their situation and be able to treat their medical
condition better that way. I think no matter what you do in work,
it’s important and I think my job as a physician is to get you better so that
you can do your job and help other people. And I think that Duke has really allowed
me to have that ability where I, every morning when I go to work I see
a benefit to patients that I’m bringing, and I think that that’s
something unique to medicine. It allows people come live their lives and
provide future benefit to others. So I think what most important about Duke
is that everybody has really nice bed side manner, they’re able to
interact with patient well. And I think that for me being able be comfortable with
the patient on very personal level and not getting into specific disease
states or anything like that. But developing a relationship
with them and their family is, I think what makes Duke unique in how we
treat patients in their disease states.

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