Internal Medicine Doctor: Shelly L. West, MD

Hi, I’m Shelly West and I’m a primary care
internist at Duke Primary Care Wakelon. I take care of a lot of
inter-generational family. So, I have grandparents, families and then their children now and I really
like taking care of the whole person. Well, this is very important to me and
maximizing and their care for longevity. I think we’re local in a small town and
we take care of the whole person where very variable
well known in the community. And we’re trying to take care,
everybody’s as best as I can. I’m actually from Raleigh but
my family is from Zebulon. My mother grew up here and that’s actually how we got our name,
Wakelon Internal Medicine. That was the local high school
K-12 when she was young. And so my grandparents have
always lived here and so I gravitated back here with my
mom after I finished college. I enjoy reading fiction books and
I do a lot of water sports. I try and swim about 4 days a week for good health and
anxiety management, shall we say. And I have a 12 year old, we scuba
dive and we really enjoyed travel.

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