Internal Medicine – Hampstead NC – Dr Christopher McKibbin

I’m from Charlottesville Virginia, so I went
to UVA, as an undergrad and I first studied astronomy and physics for about two semesters,
and then flip the pre-med and then after that I went down to Grenada for medical school,
for two years on an island, and then two years in New Jersey, and then just finished three
years at the University of Kentucky and residency. So I’m a primary care physician, and as you
know that encompasses a lot of different aspects of medicine right there. What you would expect from us as the coordinator
of your general care, so we get to see people that come in off the street have an acute
problem, or coming off the street and have 10 problems in there on 10 different medications,
and sort of have the opportunity to pull it all together and make sense of it. Prevent them from ever having to go into the
hospital, is our job. For me it’s definitely to get to know them
into to understand every single one of their problems and listed out and figure out what
records do I need to get all these technical things, but also I think is to give a face
to what hopefully will be their future coordinator of their care. That’s the goal that I think they have in
mind is to see who is this guy does he care enough to talk about all these things does
he have time to talk to me about everything, which I do my very best to take the time to
talk to patients about all that. Gain a good comfort level with them and establish
that relationship that hopefully will be long-term. Unfortunately, I feel that a lot of times
patients come in and they don’t have a good understanding of what’s going on with them,
even if it’s one simple problem it just hasn’t quite been explained to them. I do my best and in that situation to sit
down and even if I have to draw pictures. It’s one of my favorite parts about the job
is to explain to people, and you know language that everyone understands what’s going on
and why you’re on this medicine? Or why we have to do this test every six months? And what the point of it all is? And is that ok with you? Because it doesn’t, it’s not a cookie cutter
you know everybody’s got their own their own personal goals in mind. Just to explain what the problem is and what
things we currently can you and today’s medicine to help them and make sure that they understand
what’s going on, because ultimately once they leave the office it’s on them what they’re
going to do with their instructions that they have and if they have a good understanding
of what’s going on then we’re well on our way to the best possible care. Lately it’s been a lot of running. I signed myself up for a couple of races in
the next year, so I’ve been doing a lot of running and biking actually from straight
from the office I have a little break I’ll run around Hampstead, but aside from that
I have three kids so there’s always something going on with one of them, t-ball, birthday
parties, that kind of thing. I think the motivation now is to meet new
people and to go see who I can help today. In this job doesn’t you don’t always get a
quick fix but sometimes you do and sometimes you get kind of a hunch about a diagnosis
and its sort of like a puzzle. So every day I get at least one of those things
coming in the door and something to figure out and some new people to meet. There’s a lot a lot of good things that I
expect them every workday really.

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