Interview with a Doctor of Internal Medicine about the Mandela Effect

okay so it's that weird a weird space where it says one window says live in the other my window with my window says live perfect okay great all right everyone so this is a special very special edition of for the channel and I'm very happy to have a doctor of internal medicine with us tonight on the show on the channel and really I appreciate everyone coming out on an on a on an off evening on an off our like this we seem to do this more and more but that's okay because we seem to just get more and more interesting and more interesting guests as time goes on and so without any further ado I have the doc here and you know doc would you like to kind of open up and tell us about yourself your education your background specialty anything that you're comfortable with sharing okay sounds good thank you for having me on the channel I am a physician I went to medical school back before 2000 I went to college did very well in college I majored in biochemistry I actually graduated top of my college class I went to an Ivy League medical school did very well there and I did a residency in internal medicine back in the 90s at a major hospital in this country I as I've explained to smq a I wish to remain anonymous I am boarded in internal medicine I passed those boards and backward reboarded so I'm very knowledgeable about the field I'm also boarded in hospice and palliative medicine as well and I'm relatively new to the Mandela affect community I know I've had a phone call some time ago with smq and he shared some of the phone calls you know I have an unusual background but I can talk somewhat about the Mandela effect what I know to be true changes I know that there's a lot of Mandela effect changes that are mentioned on various different channels and people have made note of these and you know most of the people presenting on the channels are non physicians dido that some of the people that produce the content do have contacts within the healthcare and I know that they're contacts of the healthcare usually don't want to identify themselves because it's very difficult to be in a profession where you need to be know everything that's going on and it's must be a very strange sensation to find that things have been fad changed so I what first thing I brought up with smq was the change in the anatomical location of the kidneys that's one that I am very certain is a true Mandela effect change the kidneys have in fact moved more superior that means they moved from closer to the head than the foot superior if you are standing it to move up is basically to move in a superior motion and they move more immediately that is closer to the midline of the body that I know is true it's very strange because I broke out I was helping one of my daughters is in college and had an Anatomy exam so I actually got my old net or human anatomy book out which is the gold standard and how the pictures have actually changed so it's somewhat disturbing when you're a physician and you're mandela mandela li affected if i'm saying that right or not to see that the anatomical positions in these you know world class anatomy drawings have in fact changed and so it makes you wonder you know are you numb remembering things incorrectly and i had to think about this for a long time because there's been a while since I think I took gross human anatomy during the gross human anatomy i dissected three different cadavers that's what you call a human corpse that's used in scientific study and what really brought home to me that the fact that the kidneys have moved is not the actual de sections but looking at cat scans I've looked at hundreds if not thousands of it pelvis cats cans and they a cat scan works is it takes cereal picture cereal x-rays of the human body like cutting slices through loaves of bread with one into the loaf of the bread being your head the other end of the loaf of the bread being your feet and you just look at all these slices and that allows you as a physician to reconstruct what's going on three dimensionally and I know that going from top to bottom starting at the top of the abdomen with the liver the bottom of the lungs and proceeding down to the pelvis it used to be you had to wait awhile for the kidneys to show up on those serial cross sections nowadays if you had a cat scan they'd show up right up right away because the kidneys have moved up much higher and much closer to the midline and I know that it was different and it seems very difficult to say that but I recognize the truth and the kidneys were anatomic anatomically in a different position also as I had when I first talked with smq a I over the telephone I told him that he used to do kidney biopsies were relatively easy because the kidney was so exposed now actually studying the anatomy it would be quite a challenge although doable still to do what's called a pair cutaneous or through the skin biopsy but it wasn't like what it used to be because I can remember doing a biopsy in the 90s you with an ultrasound and you had full access to the kidney when your ultrasounding the back too didn't really matter so much where you put the needle as long as you didn't stick it into one of either the renal artery or vein and nowadays you'd have to actually be very careful where you put that needle also seeing how the kidney is closer to other organs where it didn't used to be is very very strange and it doesn't make sense from the standpoint of how abdominal cancers would spread they never used to be able to spread to the kidneys because the kidneys were never in that close of proximity now you would have to worry about that so a lot of changes is it locates as it relates to the location of the kidney this has happened and you know I've heard a lot about what causes you know or potentially causes the Mendel effect and I don't really have an opinion I am glad that the documents are being brought forward from those FOIA requests and they're being analyzed and people are thinking particularly this channel constructively about what's going on in terms of what's causing this digital reality and causing the path to change but it is it is fascinating to see and I know that the Kidney change is real a lot of the changes people talk about like the harping on the left I'm not really that convinced about because the hearts always been in the midline of the body for me slightly pointing to the left where the left ventricle sits and I understand that and it holes in the front of the skull I believe those were there I'm pretty certain where the nerves for the facial nerves exit I'm not a hundred percent certain but I'm near 99.9% certain that the kidneys have in fact changed position which is very very strange and I don't have really any physician colleagues to discuss this with is because if you tried to discuss that with anybody who doesn't is not affected they wouldn't get where you're coming from how is that possible the anatomy has not changed and the reality is I think it has I've also thought about other issues in medicine which didn't make any sense to me at the time but now from a Mandela effect make a lot more sense and one of these is the cause of peptic ulcers or ulcers in the stomach or the first part of the small bowel which is the duodenum we've had ulcers for a long time we had him in the 1940s the 1950s the 1960s in 1970 so on and so forth well it went from not having anything to do with bacterial infection at all to all suddenly all bacteria caught are almost ulcers are caused by the presence of an abdominal bacteria called H pylori which you probably have heard on and I always thought that was kind of weird that I couldn't believe that doctors missed that back in the 60s and the 70s because you know when you have a pathologist when they look in a surgical removal of a stomach and many were back and when partial gastrectomy were the only treatment for chronic ulcer disease that's before the days of h2 blocker such as tagamet or the up inhibitors such as a Mithras all were around people who had recurrent ulcers had their stomachs taken out they had up what's called a partial or a total or subtotal gastrectomy and I couldn't believe that they never saw any evidence of bacterial infection because when you have an organ removed from surgery the pathologist looks at it under the microscope and so I I always wondered why all of suddenly h pylori became an issue for the causing of ulcers when it hadn't been ten years before and it's not like it's a new wild infection and I couldn't believe dr. this pot miss it but I think that's in fact Mandela effect change that something changed some of the other you know I've noticed some other changes from things which were rarely around which became quite common another example would be autism very unusual diagnosis it all suddenly it exploded out and somewhere out of nowhere in the early 2000s which really isn't clearly explained I know people want to link it to vaccinate vaccinations but the vaccinations have been going on for a while it would just seemed very unclear and if you talk to I remember talking to a pediatric autism specialist and she's like oh isms always been this comment and I'm like thinking to myself no and then I'm beginning to think that perhaps that that was also a Mandela change the one that I'm most interested is the one in the most controversial of all which I will just get to is the opiate issue as I had discussed with smq AI was very open that I went to federal prison and was there for a number of years and I pled guilty to prescribing and opiate without a clinical indication and this whole opiate crisis sprang up in 2012 and I wandered around the prison I went to a very nice federal facility sort of like a club fed type set up so I had plenty of time on my hand to kind of walk around and I wondered why the opiate crisis took off in 2012 because these medications like ox code on like oxycontin which is an extended form of oxycodone like opana which is a pre chemical precursor to oxycodone like morphine liked a lot and like fentanyl these prescriptions had been around forever and so all the time that I was incarcerated I kept banging my head against the wall thinking why now did this opiate crisis take off why didn't happen in the 80s why didn't happen in the 90s or even the earlier 2000s and it's true these medications can be addictive and there was always a low-level issue with some people who couldn't tolerate them develop addiction and those people sought treatment but the majority of people could tolerate opiates relatively well in the setting of chronic pain treatment which is one of the aspects of my previous practice and I remember reading articles back in the 90s showing that the long term addiction rate for opiates for patients being treated with chronic pain was very very low under 5% I remember reading those articles I remember seeing those put together in a syllabus and now all that appears to be gone you can't find those type references anymore and so the other thing that I noticed when the starting maybe around 2010 I noticed something really interesting happened with these opiates we're still kind of puzzled it used to be when patients would start oxycodone in the early 2000s let's say pre 2008 they couldn't tolerate it they had a tremendous amount of nausea and vomiting and actually it was not a preferred opiate and a lot of people would have absolutely nothing to do with it and the thing is that that was always a reason why people didn't want to abuse prescription pills is that they really weren't they're hard to keep them downs particularly the one that's we've gotten the most scrutiny with the medical attention that being the oxycodone oxycontin and people felt really nasty for five to seven days on it one thing that I noticed in the last couple years of my practice is that the side effects of these medications started disappearing and it was the most bizarre thing in the world I was thinking for all these chronic pain patients and I treated a lot for a great number of years all suddenly towards the end of my time practicing they normal ever had side effects to these meds and I was thinking wow that's really strange at the time but I didn't have any way to make sense of it and so I went to I signed a plea deal went to federal prison I had a lot of time to think about this and I had while I was in federal prison I was unaware of the Mandela fact I had read many books about a great many things read many hundreds of books while in federal present really expanding my knowledge base about everything non-medical but I had not really had any access to any books related to the Mandela fact it's only after coming out of prison that I'd sort of been led down a pathway to discover the Mandela effect and it makes a lot of things that I had seen make sense for example when I was incarcerated I saw a Wall Street Journal article some ones are about 2015 and it showed the distribution of breast cancer cases in the United States and when I went to medical school which wasn't that far away from the time the article was written it was that breast cancer was a disease of principally older women and the vast majority of cases were in ages 70 plus of course you you know you hear about the unfortunate cases of the 20 or 30 year old women getting breast cancer and you we have the obviously the Race for the Cure in which they usually do around Mother's Day and it's important to do all the research and everything but I would looked at that dish that graph they had the Wall Street like gosh that's really really strange how breast cancer changed so much in a relatively short period of time and you know I discussed this with smq over the phone and he says well maybe it's an environmental factor and I'm true there are environmental factors in play but the reality is that you have such a large number of older women in our community that are the ones that had in the previous decades there would be contributed to this older incidence of breast cancer that they're not getting breast cancer anymore there's more and more older people and you should see more and more cases of breast cancer and older individuals and you're not you're seeing it in younger women an older woman who is alive in the or a woman who is alive in the 70s and 80s and carrying the risk of getting older and getting breast cancer there's if things had stayed the same you would still have a lot more breast cancer in the 2010 in older women you don't something changed I think the issue was that that was a Mendel effect with our bodies our bodies are changing these diseases and their distribution are changing I recently saw something that was posted about the Sabella which is a bomb which is located behind the knee is sort of opposite the patella which is in the front of the knee I've never heard of it we studied normal Anatomy in medical school as well as a ton of abnormal anatomy and I've seen thousands and thousands of nice never heard of Abela and I was communicating with us and Q on this one I guess what really brought it home with me is on my iPhone if I type in patella it knows it's spelled correctly that's the front bone and the needs always been there you type in favela and the hike phone doesn't even have a suggestion for it which makes me think it's probably relatively new discovery so I think that the Mandela effect is real I think that most people are unaware of it I think that the you know past is very changeable and Owen other– medication that I noticed that came out there's a medication class called ACE inhibitors these are medications used to treat blood pressure common ones or light drugs like enalapril which is also called base attack lisinopril banaz approp one Aprill primitive ill and the thing is when these medications first came out they had a problem something called an ace cough maybe some of the people in the audience have had that it was it would cause people to chronically cough it's dry non-productive cough that number was 25% when these first medications first came out that means you put a hundred patients on them 25% would have that cost that number while I was practicing I noticed dropped from 25% to about maybe 5% the medications were simply better tolerated which you know makes me I know the medications didn't change would have to argue that the people are changing and it's really weird when you look at something from that perspective that you don't you expect the path to be stable you expect your body to be stable you expect your body's physiology or the way that it functions to be stable you expect the body's pathology or how it functions in the setting of disease to be stable and you you go to school and you learn that and it's you know the truth at least as you are taught and you know I know that smq talks about a lot about scientism I was raised in a materialistic universe both my parents have PhDs in the hard science we come from a science families that's a background that I bring to the table and trust me in the past should not be changing locations of things should not be changing sizes of land masses should not be changing things that were once islands and now peninsulas should not be changing and as I've explained smq I don't understand why only a small percentage percentage of this small percentage of us can in fact see that this has happening in the world in which we live and so I thought I would just share my perspective as a physician yeah I can actually now even find my own own mandel effects I don't know if that's something that you can do because you're affected but I actually found one all by myself I remembered the co-creator of The Simpsons Sam Simon dying in 2005 2006 I remember seeing a story on him in the news and thinking how terrible you created want to be best and I'm not a huge Simpsons fan by anything but you co-created one of the most successful cartoon or shows and you've got this great house and I used to Malibu or Pacific Palisades and how terrible it was to be done or to die of cancer I mean you have the whole world going for you and when you have disease that doesn't matter if you're rich report if you have a disease that's kind of a common level where of all human beings and so I thought I'd just Google out of curiosity and see when you actually died and I knew this was that he had died in my timeline if you want to use how check refers to her I knew he had died well before I went to federal prison and so I googled him sure enough he died while I was in the federal prison and I know that those are two different things and it's very hard to explain that to someone who does not understand the Mandela effect but nonetheless I know personally it's true and so that's basically about all I needed to say I'll be happy to take any questions well I really I really appreciate what you've shared there it's phenomenal and amazing and it really pushes forth our our efforts here and what we're trying to do and this is absolutely something that's that's very much needed in this kind of dialogue that we're having right now is is absolutely essential for for the Mandela effect community as a whole I have to ask you in terms of in terms of the patience and when when you were when you were under investigation and when the authorities were talking to you about the way in which you were dispensing the opioids at that time did you have any idea that this could be even a particular probability or anything like that well when that was happening huh as it relates to the Mandela effect being a possibility yes even if you did have a name for it no I really I didn't understand what was happening and at the time everything happened very quickly and it seemed all very strange I mean the fact that nothing in my practice was really ever hidden oh I know all prescriptions I write are traceable I can maintain records they seemed like it came kind of out of the blue and of course if you do anything that you deal with the federal government they are very very powerful law enforcement body and I didn't really have time to process it I just quickly signed a plea deal with the US Attorney's Office and took care of my affairs and sort of just exited this stage got put on the sidelines for lack of a better reason better word and I guess what really perplexed me the most while I was in prison is that I had essentially no civil litigation falling out from all this purported criminal activity which I thought was very very strange because I had huge melt practice policies and a huge personal umbrella policy and I'm thinking gosh for all these you know large number of mr. scribe pills where are all the civil lawsuits and you know we have a two-year statute of limitation in this state and they just didn't happen so I was thinking that's kind of weird I mean but again when you are in federal prison you don't have access to the Internet you know you do have family members that will send you books you can get books from Amazon you can get newspapers so you have some communicate and you have access to an email system called truants where you can connect to the outside world to some degree of course everything your mail is monitored your phone calls and email is monitored which is fine I mean I understand that but I had no way really a processing you know I felt like I just got on a cluttered and now as I return to the community I'm kind of picking up the pieces and trying to make sense of everything that happened not that I can go back and change it you know I apologize in front an open court for my role in any activities now I'm moving forward in my life you know I'm gainfully employed doing everything I need to do but it I've always wondered kind of while I was incarcerated what happened how did things get this way because I would look in the you know we didn't have real mirrors in where I was more of a polished metal surface for obviously for safety reasons and things like that I can look at myself and think wow something happen I really don't belong here uh that being said you know while I was there I followed all the rules and you know didn't get any trouble or caused any problems or anything like that and that very you know productive stay for lack of better word but it was very strange but speaking of the mirror that reminded me something that I had last seen a normal mirror before being incarcerated and then when I got home and I talked to smq about this is I can see actual changes in my eyes and the reflection that they were never there and I'm a shave every day every other day depending on how motivated I feel and it's weird my reflection back in the mirror what looks back at me you know that's I guess we won't call a personal Mandela effect like the brown of my eye the pigments ain't containing cells of the iris are all kind of scrunched up and I can see it but I don't think my eye doctor can because I got great insurance with my a job working now in heavy equipment industry and so I took myself to the eye doctor trying to explain with my eyes are all not right when I look at them in the mirror and you know there is a pigment dispersion glaucoma disorder I don't have that I measure my eyes are normal to the eye doctor but they're not normal to me and so I can tell that something is just off and I know it wasn't that way before I went away so and I know that it had changed when I got home I don't know what happened in between because I had no way of knowing no chance to look in a regular mirror and now I see it and it's still there I know something has changed in the world maybe that's just my personal reminder of what I've been through or what we're all going through I don't know what it all means but I'm a someone who's interested in learning about the mandel effect you know I'm learning about you know concepts of you know digital cons our digital consciousness I read Jim Elvis's book which was very good I'm currently reading my big toe to Tom Campbell complete trilogy it's a long book but I'm enjoying reading that trying to understand better the world in which I thought I live in isn't the world in which we all live in no I totally I totally understand what you're saying and I completely I completely sympathize with the situation you're in and I think the most frightening thing probably for all of us is exactly your situation and I often wonder because the Opium problem now has gotten so massive and so big and so out of control I'm almost wondering is if the powers that be new the Mandela effect existed like we see in all of these FOIA or documents they know a lot about reality that that mainstream science doesn't seem to share with the public and I'm almost wondering if they did these kinds of roundups of which you're a part of as a sort of political move in order to show that they're doing something about a problem that is arising from the human body changing itself obviously that's speculation on my part but it's almost as if you are part of a larger blunting instrument in order to sort of misdirect the attention of the public so when these changes start happening they already have in place the narrative to say we already have begun you know processing doctors and and arresting providers and and you know all of that in place and I'm just wondering if you were you know sort of wrapped up in that but as this continues and as this go on as this goes on do you see a time or do you see let me see this do you think that do you see an escalation now do you see it in terms of the human body in terms of what people are reporting because I'm seeing inside of like just our chat with just um just a little over a hundred people watching they're talking about like anything from allergies to you know that the mesentery system and all kinds of different things that you know that that's personally happening to them do you see this as things like that like the peanut allergy like autism all of these things do you think that that's part of a broader escalation that one day they will not be able to pretend like it just isn't happening I'm not sir you know I've listened as I told you I wasn't about 80 to 85% of your content and one of the things that I've really taken home from what I've listened to both you and I listen to the lost-and-found been as well is that there really isn't a future there's a now so I don't know where the future is headed but I have a sense that things can the technology exists such that things can and perhaps will accelerate in terms of you talk about round up a doctor so I'm a wing of 40 inmates we had six positions that's higher than the percentage of physicians in the hee general population I will tell you that and the if you look at the statistics of the Federal Bureau of prison inmates they cut across all walks of life doesn't matter your ethnicity your race your financial background your educational level you can have former you know Co heads of NASA and with people that are you know living out the stick stand making methamphetamine you see the whole range in in that in that institutional setting I don't know where this is all going as I told us in queue AI that you know I am some a concern that it's it seems like only a small percentage of us percentage of us are somewhat marking that we can see it's actually happening whereas 98% of the population just goes on business as normal I would think that the you know I guess the rockatuer fault or something that talk to us I'm Q about that I remember that thing in Ireland and it being owned by the British and I remember even had a special population of I guess mountain goats or sheep that were trapped there in EM bread I saw a special on that and now it's strange Peninsula where a tip of it is the tip of the peninsula owned by England which would be very odd considering that it's attached to the bulk of Spain it would make sense if there was an island out there that the British still held but to be holding a piece of the peninsula it doesn't make any sense but it doesn't seem as if the general community even cares or even it's like it just the people that are that are sort of blinded to the change they just don't care and that's what I really worry to talk about the direction in the future with the things that the body accelerating or the geo shifts or you know strange things in the environment like though those neon-colored eucalyptus trees that never happened before all the purple rabbits or whatever you want to choose people just accept that as normal when in fact it really isn't normal and that's what really scares me so I don't know what will become in the future I'm trying to just focus on being the best person I can in the now understanding you know the world in which I'm living trying to do is much good and this is how used to be as opposed this which I do as much good as possible but I'm trying to understand better the world in which we live but I don't know about the future I don't know how much you know higher authorities are or not involved I don't really have a good sense about that I'm still in an exploration phase at this time no okay that's that's very much yeah that's fair what you said about that and I do appreciate your point of view and I and thank you for actually listening especially that's a very power of now way of thinking about things and it's very helpful to get through kind of the day-to-day things that may that may come up and cause stress or irritation or whatever so in your opinion are you thinking that the population that's not paying it or the population that doesn't seem to notice do you think that and you know obviously we're all speculating at now at this point beyond your personal story that happened to you but do you think that there could be the often times you hear this concept of downloads of not getting the downloads of not getting do you think it's a matter of just with what you've observed it's a matter of us being different or it is something that we all have inherently and it's just a matter of the population either being in denial or it's something that they don't want and they just just have a gut feeling what are you thinking about it well I think that just from a a personal standpoint sometimes is easier it seems easier to me just not to believe that these changes are happening like if I had to choose we have on the fence a little is this a change or not but I feel that quote feels better unfold to just accept things as they are and not think it's a change so I don't know if that's sort of in to some degree what like Karl Marx would say like the opiate of the masses is he referred to religion is this this thing where people are just content in their own world and content to continue to receive the downloads content to in some respects be passive I was always taught that if you saw something wrong that you acknowledged it and if you could do something to help the situation and do something about it that you did it but it seems perhaps that it's not being the society is not being guided that way these days that they're just accepting things well in case I brought in an example with with us and Q over the phone is this we there was a hiker that disappeared last summer of Sam Sayers it was a you know a younger woman who was hiking up in the Cascade Mountains and disappeared and you know there was some initial press about it but what really struck me odd about that was of all the reports there had nobody bothered to even reference all those missing four on one books by David police which is really strange in that there's a huge volume of literature associated with these people disappearing the National Park and you would think that some newspaper reporter journalist editor would say hey why don't you see if that's anything related to that and you just don't see it it's like they're just expect these things to happen and nobody wants to look any further which obviously if you're that pearls family or that pearls boyfriend or just a general member of the community is a way that's really feeling wrong that if there's something happening that we should be aware of it we should talk about it more but that doesn't seem to be what's reflected in the sort of the general community consensus thinking and I think the same old thing will happen to Sunday with the Mandela effect I mean some people beyond the level of looking at the pop culture things you know with the life is a box like a box of chocolates or was like a box of chocolates most people are going to be content not to look beyond that and I think that that's maybe setting us up all his human beings are not all but the majority to be just super passive to whatever changes are coming down the into the so-called future I don't know your guess is as good as mine but I think that you know more people need to be active in the community and remember what happened because our books change and it's really bizarrely changes the garmr I'm the kind of person I could read hundreds of pages of text I spot the typos like when I read novels and I remember reading a copy of Jurassic Park one of my favorite books I like the mathematics of the book I read a coffee near the the end of my prison stay Mayan read that same exact paperback book near the beginning it's a little bit more beaten up while you read by a hundred inmates I'm like a chef okay so when he tied those it didn't have that before but people will just come to accept that as normal and I don't see why there should be any typo in a book we have spell checkers I mean they may have occasional ones to put in there to make sure there's not you know an issue with plagiarism of a book no people scanning them and reprinting them or putting them in some other digital format I get that but I don't think I think the vast majority of people simply just don't care they're distracted doing other things and they're being kept busy in their own little digital universes we're kind of missing the big picture and that I think is very very disturbing at a deeper level okay so that's about the general population but what about doctors like you that have – there's bound to be a population of doctors that are out there that that have noticed in their own practice in order to perform a biopsy or something like that properly they've bounded to notice don't you think I'm sure that that small percentage is noticed because as one point the chicks brought up repeatedly is that the mandel effect doesn't appear to discriminate it doesn't matter your ethnicity your religious background cultural background so I'm sure there's a small percentage of physicians that are noted I'm they probably can't say anything you started saying things like this they would certainly revoke your license and ban you from Medicare and Medicaid but that's already been done to me so I can say it I can't currently practice in the state in which I reside and so I can say it but they couldn't say any physicians I think are pretty resourceful people they'll figure out something's wrong and they'll adjust and so but I think I don't think that they would ever come out and say it publicly but I'm sure the numbers are there I was as I told you I thought I'd be interested to see what percentage of the physicians that are incarcerated or mentally affected I suspect that's higher but I don't have any reason to know that that's only a suspicion because I think I know about the Mandela effect while I was serving time with that population to assess that I didn't have a name or an understanding what was going on so unfortunately I miss the opportunity to get that information so but I imagine there are physicians out there there are physicians who realize that things have changed that aren't getting the downloads and they're probably adjusting you can adjust I mean you can figure out okay well they used to be here now they're there I just even do things a little bit differently one can do that it's not that hard physicians on average are very capable human beings and most of them are very caring compassionate and good at what they do but I don't think that will be a very vocal communication at all because these people have you know lives and practices and mortgages and spouses and kids and don't want an interruption and their income stream and don't want to be ostracized saying that you know and that's small one to two percent that's not a large enough majority really to change consensus thinking and something is deeply rooted and with this much objective materialism and even though I don't like that some cues word of the use of the word scientism I see that though more and more as I progress as I go forward and my thinking as them as it relates to the Mandela effect because some of the things that I'm you know being told by supposed experts aren't necessarily true yeah and that's you know that's for luck of a better word or a better phrase because like I said we have to first build a language around this and oftentimes it takes you know something like this you know and and someone like you with this kind of authority to come out in order to advance this so perhaps my hope is if there are other people in official capacities and it's been affected you or or it has affected you in some way please come talk to me you can stay anonymous I just need some way to figure out that you are who you are and that's it and then you will stay completely anonymous and that is an interesting point that you brought up in a population I never considered would be engineers or doctors or folks that have lives of other people in their hands and they're incarcerated if maybe perhaps they would have a higher instance of the Mandela effect or being Emmys or even admitting of it because you know something had happened and that was tragic and and the reason why it did is because like you said our our bodies have changed or or the mathematics that were even starting to argue over that's changed and just a physics and everything everything basic is changing now so eventually that's going to that's going to come out I think in I think it can't be stopped it's like do you remember a couple of years back when that the plane disappeared he's right you know a lot of people thought we could have been mid-shift and you know we had a geo ship happen and the plane simply disappeared now unless you were into the Mandela effect world and into it for years that would just seem absolutely completely and utterly absurd it's absurd and now that were this far into this and talking you know amongst ourselves and and inviting people like you of more authority into this it doesn't seem that far out and in fact I would need a better alternative then it's just gone it's simply gone and that's it you know I just don't know and I I think you could eventually get to things like if it's going to change the human body and it affected you in a way I think eventually it may get the things like and this is I I wanted to stay away from the scaring of people because every other YouTube channel does this but eventually it will go to a car a car brake brake fluid isn't working the way it used to or or something on airplanes aren't working like they used to that's my fear in the future airplanes as some cute sure don't look like they used to and I want even though I was incarcerated for a number of years because of the nature of my case I went to the federal at one of the international airports in this country where they exchanged federal prisons I was there a number of times IRA once seeing all those planes with those others one of the winglets on the end of the plane mmm every plane had one because you do when you drive in the you know in the federal prison bus you're obviously you're shackled and you have handcuffs on and leg cuffs on in a belly chain but UK your eyes you can look through a window and I remember looking and this is again before I knew the Mandela effect I'm like I saw the airport and I'm like wow all these planes are different how did they all get those winglets they didn't use to have them I used to get the one when I was I would want I would fly a lot for I used to oversee a lot of hospices across the country this is back you know a while ago but I would often fly and I usually got the seat near the wings I could look out over the wing and get that emergency exit seat over by the wings a little bit more legroom some tall guy arrow I always looked out across the wing and there was never you could I just would imagine what it would be like to be standing on their wing while I was flying or walking off the edge of the wing and you know and they were those wingless they weren't they're the only plane that had them and I remember this was a 747 series 400 had them back in the 90s and 2000 I remember that because that was the one playing them online that always stuck out where you couldn't do that and when I run one of the times I went to the air with my camera it was 2015 or 2017 seeing all these planes and I know that those planes are all not new planes because you don't buy that many new planes that quickly as aircraft in our country have been in service I know these planes are changed and it's bizarre but it's like almost like I looked at like there's almost like being in a on a in a different world when I saw the air problem that's really strange I kind of said that to myself you know and kind of kept it to myself it again I had no way of that observation that I made in 2015 or 16 or could have been 14 I went to that that federal airlift a number of times I can't I had no language I had no knowledge I had no way of explaining what was my gut understanding that something was very different it had changed and I hadn't been locked up that many years of the whole aircraft industry has been changed I served there relatively short sentence and from this day on a span of typical federal prison sentence lives so let me ask you I know you've you've been listening to the channel quite a bit and we talked about that and you just and you just mentioned it as well what do you think about the CIA FOIA documents talking about the nature of reality and how how existence actually works from the the Gateway process that the CIA was employing in the eighties I think that I think that that's probably correct and here's my here's my here's what sort of brings it home to me I watched a lot of that ancient aliens series while in prison they played them all day Fridays and I didn't have to work in the kitchen on Fridays and we had it when the TV rooms and what always fascinated me were these amazingly heavy stones like in though in Baalbek Lebanon our Lebanon those stones away a thousand tons or tons in Mycenae Greece that way you know 70,000 pounds or whatever 35 times and I'm thinking to myself there's no way we can move those today with all the heavy equipment we have and sure was no way they can move them 5,000 years ago and I was stumped by that and I and I can see why the various people on the show are saying well those were aliens brought technology but as I've come to understand the nature of a digital reality in which we live in if if the digital reality insists that there be pyramids present that's easy just to put the pyramids there and that's why they're simply there they're part of the world all those heavy stones that nobody could move all suddenly they're there and that makes sense and as I talked to you about on the phone is that when you live in a digital universe and you have the Mandela effect it's sort of this concept of Occam's razor you get one an Occam's razor in medicine if you find the correct diagnosis it usually explains all the symptoms and as you don't have you shouldn't be looking for multiple diagnoses because most the time medicine one diagnose there's only one disease going on very rarely is it two or three at the same time so when I look at the life as I live in terms of this digital reality these downloads and having that it's sort of like an Occam's razor it explains a lot of things in one fell swoop you have an explanation for a great number of things new species appearing that we're never there before in terms of different kinds of whales and those different kinds of bees and all of stuff all suddenly they show up out of nowhere well as you can just insert them into your environment it's no different than finished living in a fish tank and all suddenly someone's stick something in the fish tank but a castle you know one of those little castles on the fishtank oh it just existed that's in some respect I think how we're living that we are we get these downloads that they change over time and I don't know if that's something that comes from God for example if that comes from these extra corporeal beings that are talking about some of the literature I don't know I don't know what's causing it but I think that it explains an awful lot because you don't when you have these downloads you don't have to follow all the rules of physics like you can able to have a well-positioned neatly fitting stones that wait that's nothing that anybody could ever lift something now you can do that in a digital type environment so I think that that's along the lines I think those documents that have been released are the beginning of developing our understanding in our language and I think that as a community there's a lot more work to be done and I think that the importance of your channel smq is you're going beyond the latest discovery of you know residue from some you know TV program or what have you I think it's you know trying to think about what does this all mean what direction are we going as a people what does it because I just thought about this this morning if people are fighting over digital reality whether they're fighting over money or fighting over land or whatever the case I mean we're fighting over basically small pieces of information for lack of a better explanation that doesn't seem to make as much sense for you know it'd be one thing if I guess if people were you know going to war over land or occupation or natural resources but it seems like that a lot of that's created digitally and it's actually subject to change and I think that perhaps that can be embraced as a good direction if people can recognize that that's actually what's happening and assess the true reality of the world in which we live and it's not what we think it used to be that is very interesting you say that because I just thought of this idea of what if the Mandela effect is some kind of new form of warfare and and they whatever is happening it ramps it up as kind of you either hold a country or you hold something for ransom and then you introduce a new Mandela effect as a warning or a or something else I you know it's interesting this is why I do these kinds of interviews because you've got me thinking completely different everything is information you're absolutely correct right down to every every binary bit of our bodies as information and just the slightest change you're right that's a Mandela effect and that could be a warning shot over the bow somewhere and just the countries that we have in existence now you're ultimately talking about really PR at this point especially after reading the Gateway process Wow that's that was that's really great stuff I mean you had a C had a couple of episodes or maybe it's more than a couple in World War two I actually ran a fair amount about that in federal prison and I actually watched the youngest at 12 DVD Ken Burns series on the war and time Ted time on my hands a lot of the stuff that you have been discovering about the you know balloons and stuff like that wasn't there it's been added after the fact and it's very very strange but again I don't all I have is you know speculation as to what it all means I'm just recognizing that something as well it's kind of like well you're in practice of medicine the first thing I do is make a diagnosis before you decide what your plan of treatment is or is not going to be is first recognizing the disease processes but I feel at this point with the Mandela effect that I'm at the diagnostic stage I haven't common idea what's going on I have no direction in which to proceed except to be open-minded and so I do strongly believe that your recruitment of other you know authorities which the word you use or experts or other people that would be able to provide some additional information and insight to improve the understanding of the commune because I've listened to your chat so I can see that you're approaching this from the standpoint of not being selfish not about increasing your numbers increasing you know a little revenue you get but about actually doing this for the right reason and I think that's what's going to prove the test this was going to be proved to be correct over the test of time I think that's the direction to go well thank you for that I really appreciate that and honestly that's that's I'm coming at this from from you know I need to know I have to know and that's the point of the channel and I've always been interested in this kinds of things but IIIi must know I just I've got to know this is too big of a thing to not know and to not understand and the idea that you could take something like computers or computer science or information science and actually it'd be a perfect overlay for what they're talking about and whether it's the Gateway process or the psychotronic FOIA documents it's kind of startling quite frankly and it's um you can almost see the way in which people if they know if they knew the Mandela effect or whatever this thing is is real you would almost want people to be distracted you would almost need them to be stripped down to reductive materialism because that that ensures that you have a captive audience that that offers very little and it asks very few questions and it takes some something like you know like you and I we had our own individual Mandela effect experiences to wake people up and to make them see that the world it truly is absolutely nothing like we thought it was and that's what makes that's what makes it all even the more critical for for for us to do these kinds of expeditions like this someone asked and and someone was also talking about the the extra glands and the in the guts at view at did you did you know about that one well the mesentery was always a structure in which the intestines were in case basically it's some connective tissue most people there's a fair amount of adipose tissue in there there are some blood vessels I'm not sure while they're considering an extra organ or not or a new organ I don't know if that's just a change in semantics or not has the mesentery been present sure I've had my hands on I mean obviously wearing gloves and stuff it eats existed but it wasn't recognized as an organ in itself and I don't know if that's just a change in words because I figured out it did more than it did I don't know the answer to that question but it certainly always always been there but going back to what you were saying before the question was I have one simple question for you smq is recognizing the existence of the Mendell effect does it change how you conduct yourself in today's world myself yes it does very much so I'll sometimes someone will I used to argue people when they said that I would say something or or I would argue with people if they I thought they had said something and I just chalked it up to either their bad memory or mine I don't argue about that anymore I don't argue about events because that happened to me and it's been ramping up for me in particular over the last eight to ten years and I no longer argue argue those points now that's helpful in a lot of ways but also to I know that in a lot of ways that it's in my own personal life as it seems to be ramping up personally for me that's why I was asking you if if it's ramping up for me because I write code all day I do worry about the breakdown of information systems because oftentimes the systems that that I work with our life and death systems and I do worry about that I do worry about the basis of the the languages that I speak several computer languages and I do worry that subtle syntax will change overnight and immediately will have massive life and death processes break down immediately and I do IIIi think about that I I wonder about that and so far so good but getting back to like what you were talking about with the world war two I used to be so much of a swashbuckler in terms of research if I found something that was intriguing or something that was irresistible and I just I had to read and dig and go and go and go and I did it with Augusto and I did it without fear and once we started getting into World War two and it almost looked as if the Mandela effect or the consciousness of the Mandela effect was actually using us for I don't know these nefarious acts as power purposes because it was obvious that you know everything that was happening it was for the benefit of the Axis powers and it was for me it was something that I'm not used to doing I pulled back and I Anna and I asked the team nicely and and you know everyone decided we just stopped looking because we were afraid that it was that old concept because we were paying attention to it it was responding it was reacting differently because indeed the Axis powers it was starting to shift and turn and I was getting anecdotal but nonetheless it was enough to shake me up of you know a different people like there was a Canadian troop that was actually storming the beaches of Normandy with the rest of the Axis powers now this person had told me her grandfather his story had changed and he was fighting actually in the Pacific to save Australia so that means our forces were weaker on d-day and our force right and I thought and how's it as insane as it sounds what if by our looking into this and whatever it is that's clicked out knows we're doing this has decided to use us as instruments of whatever of evil or you know and I I never in a million years would have considered that as rational thinking but I pulled out and stopped looking and sure enough it ended there I go back glance every now and then and Axis powers there there's no more bombing or there is an increased bombing of California there is an increased bombing of the west coast yes so yes actually it has changed I've become more cautious I've become more I don't know just yeah that's the best way I could put it so yes it has changed my my personal behavior in the way that I approach the world yes very much so you know thank you for sharing that I do appreciate your personal perspective on that yeah it was uh it's um it's a it's a very real thing to me obviously it's a very real thing to you and everyone that comes back week after week I know it's real for them as well and and that's why I really enjoy this tight-knit community that we've created here over this time and we're able to attract people like yourself people in positions of authority people who understand things that we don't understand and you're able to give an account that has Authority to it so I keep these two an hour and that's one of the beauties about this and I'm going to start to wrap this up but I want you to if there's anything else that you wanted to get out there and I certainly would love to have you back on if you'd like to come back on if you feel comfortable if not I don't want to pressure you in any way but if there's anything you'd like to wrap up with or anything you wanted to get out there please please do now now I will be happy to reappear in the future I want to continue to grow with this community and to anyone who's listening out there who would like to come forward I can tell you that my anonymity has been protected and preserved and I do appreciate that and as some qai has been true to his word on that so if you were feeling like you might want to say something I feel very comfortable that I'm you know in a protected position I want to grow with the community and I'd be happy to appear again at some point in the future it's a I think it's it's in the benefit yes it does help me personally to explain what's going on but I think the real benefit is to the community as a whole so I want to thank you for allowing me to be on the show well and I appreciate that and I think that's a wonderful way to close out the show I also want to thank for the super chats I want to thank Ziggy Wolff and I want to thank Michelle's opinions thank you so much yeah the white Sun isn't right Oh before we go what do you think about that by the way that's a that's a great question I it bothers me it just bugs me to no end I see a white Sun and I remember a I grew up at the oceanfront at the at the beach on these guys I remember a yellow Sun just beating down on my skin and I used to love it what did it has the Sun changed for you by the way it used to be yellow now it's white but you know what I'm ok with it me too and that's ok when you I think when you realize you can't understand what's going on you find out that there is a supportive community out there and I think as we you know grow the community and I'm certainly happy to do my small part in that and I appreciate the efforts of the people that are really turning eventually to become the leaders in the community it does provide some solace that it's okay and not something to have emotional stress over not something to raise your blood pressure not someone to get in an argument with a loved one about that that's just part of the world it's more than the simple materialism we were all taught in school that's well said I think that's a wonderful way to end this conversation and doc thank you so much for agreeing to this thank you so much for talking with me all these other times and I you know I'm I'm already looking forward to our next conversation on the channel to everyone else if I don't talk to you before Saturday I certainly will see you then I'm always on Twitter I try to reach out as soon as I can I don't keep my notifications on on Twitter or the YouTube or anywhere else but I do try to look least a couple times a day for everyone else to the doctor thank you again and to everyone else we'll see you saturday if not sooner thank you very much


  1. winglets can be rivetted to existing wing tips for fuel savings pre the 2014 oil collapse. at $150 usd per barrel, airlines implemented winglets as a means for cost savings against high fuel prices. other things airlines tried to lighten up total aircraft weight was to scrape the paint job to bare metal….like American Airlines metal look.

  2. Great video. I have wondered about biological changes and how it would affect surgery and doctors who may make mistakes because of changes they’re not aware of. I have also noticed the increase in autism and nut allergies and that had affected my own family. I also noticed my eyes have changed and changed back again a couple of times! And one of my daughter’s eye colour completely changed. Very interesting discussion. Thank you. Just as a side note, as I was watching this video On my phone I went to my tablet to do something else and there was a news story in my life news feed about opioids – just thought that was a strange synchronicity.

  3. The mathematics of a book and people in their own digital universe … he said those things back to back and wondered the significance

  4. Do you wonder if we have ALWAYS existed in a reality that shifts or did we somehow get moved to an environment where it is now a possible phenomenon?

  5. To me NOTHING proves we have a CREATOR more than the MANDELA EFFECT. But again I think the CIA is so inherrently EVIL they would never give US any tools worth having. I still think the so-called GATEWAY doc is a mandela in iteself. Also I have to ask IF our creator is 'perfect' then WHY all these anatomy changes that seem apparent as UPGRADES. Improved larger lungs and kidneys. Hardening the rib cage by connecting it at the sternum and so many more. I actually had crecked ribs and SAW the open front on a cat scan. NOW the ribs are connected at the sternum. If they were like that before I very likely might not have had cracked ribs. Are we being given every chance at survival or what? Are we so bad off we NEED that now? I have a lot of questions only the creator can answer. The heart DEFINITELY HAS MOVED though. I have seen many anatomical maps and shot at targets with red hearts over on that left side. Its definitely moved to the center and now people are taught to SHOOT at center mass!

  6. This is a fantastic interview. I personally can't get my head around the movement of the kidneys. At school in the UK in the 90s, rough kids would 'kidney punch' kids they were picking on and it was widely accepted where the kidneys were and how much a punch could hurt.

  7. I suddenly developed severe allergies at the age of 40 to any alcohol (beer, wine, etc) or anything with preservatives.  This was so strange because I had zero problems tolerating alcohol since my teens.

  8. I also theorised that the pineal gland could of possibly been activated and the conciousness boosted by natural ways in nature by meridan n leylines being in someway being boosted by an earth frequency or energy source activating pineal n counciousness awareness by crystals in the soil rocks and injessting water that is infused by the spring water rock minerals and food grown in infused soil somehow boosting pineal and awareness as well as earth beneath you let lines meridian lines boosting the conciousness awareness ie Mandela effect

  9. This guy really gets into it, great memory on this stuff. I never really thought about the opiate thing as Mandela but he's right man, makes sense

  10. Great interview .I did on my previous channel and uploads do several videos linking missing ppl paulides with a theory of a nature woodlands portal or dimensional gateway but unfortunately not many views also I put forward a theory of mountain areas woodlands with a crystaline rock frequency and ley lines causing a vibrational frequency causing a portal or dimensional shift portal.i tried to look at possible why's and what's of the effect wasn't really into finding the new effects flavour of the week.i like that your channel does the same line of enquiry watched your channel from start and love it thank you

  11. Hey SMQ ID REALLY LIKE YOUR opinion and prospective on this. Its about the Notre dame fire and about how yous were discussing "predictive programming" with the I pet goat 'll video. How are you missing what's right in front of your face??? I've been listening to yous go over the cia doc and discuss how this reality really works (love listening to your take,and perspective on the M.E & reality btw ) and they pretty much tell you in the doc that they manipulate reality by putting the reality they want out into the mass population. I'm really thinking what we've been calling "predictive programming" is actually them "programming reality" by putting an idea into the mass consciousness. And waiting as we bring it into reality !!

  12. This interview was fantastic! I’m grateful this doctor was willing to come forward & I hope more professionals & authorities are willing to do so as well.

    The information covered here really made me start to wonder about my own health since 2012. (I’ve had A LOT of new, chronic health problems pop up, especially with my digestive system…)

    Thank you so much Doc & SMQ!

  13. although the Doc didnt go into further basic detail about breast cancer [actually, cancer itself], let me go ahead and add to his hypothesis that indeed it may be an ME.

    Oncology 101, basic knowledge has proven beyond any doubt that the probability of getting cancer when one gets into the senior years of their respective lifes increases dramatically.

    it has to do with the "breakdown" or dysfunctionality of the central dogma (DNA, RNA, protein synthesis, etc). in the case of DNA and cell division (mitosis), DNA replication "copy of a copy of a copy….etc" eventually causes it to become dysfunctional, and undifferentiated.

    so, he does make a convincing argument that indeed it is quite odd that cancer in female senior citizens didnt stay the same or rise.

  14. I agree with him – something seems to have deadend human consciousness en masse. They just dont care about things they would have cared about in past decades.

    Nazis used flouride gas on concentration camp prisoners to sedate them and keep them from physically overtaking the few guards with guns. Project Paperclip secretly brought high ranking Nazis into the US government following WW 2, and mass water flouridation started. Coincidence? Could be.

  15. Great hearing a doctor talk about changes to the body. M.E.s have been noted in animals forever (as long as we have studied them), but scientists called them example of "spontaneous evolotion" = fast unexplainable changes to a species.

  16. This is probably my favourite episode thus far and I’m only like half hour in!
    PS…opiates are the reason I lost my wife, house, cars money but thankfully not my daughters. I cleaned up quick enough to avoid losing them thank gawd. Hearing the doc speak of opiates is and isn’t surprising…I know when I was receiving treatment for my addiction we all just had an unspoken bond with each other. It wasn’t that we were all junkies lol, but we were all deep thinkers n stuff like that. Very interesting topic that I’m going to look more closely into. Thanks so much SMQai and Doc!

  17. Hey, remember that puzzle game where you're shown 4 views of the same picture or drawing and you have to figure out all the slight and subtle differences ? I wonder if this "game" was once a Time Traveller's exercise.
    I think WE are the slight and subtle difference in this reality.
    I play saxophone in the park as high school and college kids pass by, homeward bound.
    It's quite the giddy scene; kids getting out of school and a man playing saxophone. I love it.
    But I'm the joker in the deck from a different Earth. How charming is that ? I'm not even suppose to be here , or am I ? 😜

  18. Great episode! To give some insight into the guest's questions about opiate tolerance, addicted individuals aren't necessarily offset by initial side effects (in fact, I've known some addicts to say they enjoyed some of them, like the vomiting… as strange as that sounds. Some addicts also like the "challenge" of consuming stronger substances, depending on their psychological motivations). Pain management patients (in general) don't have the bio/psych/social elements of drug seeking and drug taking behaviors. The "current" opioid crisis has grown out of control for a plethora of reasons (Economic, breakup of the nuclear family…the variables that contribute to addiction are vast), though the population who become addicted after being exposed to prescribed painkillers is around 10% according to NIDA (though about a quarter of them reportedly abuse them with/without a substance use disorder diagnosis). It's primarily a social/environmental problem that's compounded by the element of chemical dependency (most of what is on the street is fentanyl). People are in pain, but the source isn't physiological. I don't intend these statements to lessen any responsibility on pharma companies or prescribers (though both of those topics hold a lot to unpack on their own), but from a south Chi native who's father was a drug dealer, who knows street life to recovery life to a current profession in addictions counseling, addicts will ingest or administer anything you put in front of them despite side effects or known ingredients. They could wake up with their kidneys on their heads, shrug, and go about their day getting high 🙂

  19. My "little Mandela" reminder is Words For Friends ; you know – the board game Scrabble on your phone.
    I was fully aware of all the usable 2 letter words in our language. Now I'm absolutely flabbergasted at all the subtle changes to the English Language. Now "ee" , "io", "vu" , "emo" are just a few words being used by my opponents, but I'm still not allowed to use these words.
    I'm I playing people from a different reality where these words are recognised as actual words ?

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