Introducing the Carle Illinois College of Medicine

I’m Dr. King Li. I’m the dean of the new Carle Illinois College
of Medicine. The Carle Illinois College of Medicine is
designed to the world’s first engineering-focused college of medicine. We believe that in the future engineering
and technology can be used to revolutionize the way we deliver health care, to increase
quality, decrease cost, and also increase accessibility. And we need a cohort of physician innovators
and physician leaders that can leverage engineering and technology to engineer change in health
care delivery. We actually focus on the four C’s: compassion,
competence, curiosity, and also creativity. So we actually use case-driven, problem-based
active learning, almost from day one. Our students will be exposed to the clinical
environment. That’ll be enhanced by technology and engineering. We actually have a physical simulation center
that is built to simulate like an emergency room, in-patient wards, and so on. The second level we call the cognitive simulation
which is built around video games that allow our students to actually practice treating
patients in a virtual setting. And a third level is the most exciting. That’s virtual reality or augmented reality
training right. So you are actually transported to the virtual
world where you’ll be interacting with other students or trainers and actually dealing
with cases in the virtual world. Each of our students will have to come up
with one idea to change things in each of the required clinical rotations. These are the so-called idea projects and
out of all those idea projects one will be selected to become the capstone projects. At the University of Illinois we have the
culture where we actually collaborate and we have many institutes and centers that are
set up to encourage that, but the entire Carle Illinois College of Medicine is set up to
be the catalyst for health-science research in the University of Illinois.

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