Introducing the future of medical education at UF

so you know what I think is most remarkable about the way we learned is when I look back I remember sitting in big classrooms and being a very passive learner for most of what we did I think that's changed I think medical students are more active in the way that they learn I think there's much more of an emphasis on small groups on team building and that does require a different type of facility and that's a lot of what this new medical education facility will be the new building is really going to be a place that's going to kind of take our education to to the next level it's easier to trust a place that moves forward than one that stays stuck in the past I just think UF has a really great curriculum I know there are changes coming up and I think a lot of these changes are really beneficial and I know that you all prepare me to be whatever kind of physician that I want to be so that really helped me in choosing us colleagues of anything and I think the medical education building says a lot more about the College of Medicine than simply the fact that it's a nice building it shows where our priorities are you

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