Introducing: VEDA! The Uncompromising 144″ Shorty

This is Veda it’s a completed 144 Veda has a lot more capability just like our 170s off-grid with air conditioning
the large fridge so let’s take a closer look at Veda This floorplan is similar
to a 170 inch wheelbase floorplan with a couple things shifted around but there
is definitely a ton of storage in this vehicle and the biggest compromise that
these clients didn’t have to make was bed length because they were shorter so
they’re planning on sleeping across the van and what that allowed us to do was
to have a very comfortable large bed for the two of them it’s a couple traveling
in this unit but a lot more room forward to work with in a lot of the 144
inch wheelbase designs it’s really limited by the length of the bed if
someone is taller and really wants to stretch out so it’s about 69 inches
wall to wall internal once the wall panels are on that you have width wise
so you can think about if you would feel comfortable sleeping side to side or not
it’s one of those questions as you’re putting the entire concept of a layout
together that is one piece to the puzzle and they have a counter extension that
you see here that cabinetry wise there’s still a lot of space in there galley
including a sponge tip out that’s very convenient and handy right by the sink
but as the cabinet ends there is an overhang here so they’re going to sleep
with their feet towards the passenger side underneath this countertop for the
person that’s more forward in the vehicle but have a more permanent
counter space there is a significant amount of room to prep and chop
vegetables to have an induction cooker which they do
have it is portable they can put it on this galley or take it outside similar to
how many of our 170 inch will based clients configure their vans this same
high quality Moen faucet that has a pullout faucet and sprayer to change
from stream or spray and to my left this is the same refrigerator just as large
6.8 cubic foot Novacool that the 170 inch wheel bases have you can see it’s a
similar stack you can call it if you compare how we typically build this area
in a 170 where you have the refrigerator freezer microwave and all of your
Silverleaf controls on top and here though we have an even larger pantry
which is accessible from the aft side of the vehicle more where you’re prepping
the needing to access the cans closer to the counter and the reason why we put it
back on here is this design has all adjustable shelves within the pantry so
we’ve made the side stout enough where with the backer they can adjust whether
the change between cereals or beans different canned goods or mason jars
lots of flexibility with this pantry and as you can see it’s huge I’m 5 foot 1 I
should have taken the measurement there’s got to be a tape measure around
here somewhere voila okay so this pantry has internal 5 inch clear it’s 64 inches
tall so again lots of flexibility one of the biggest pantries we’ve built even
bigger than in our 170 s in most cases taking a look at the space in the back
of Vita and how its configured you can see that there’s even more storage this
overhead is accessible from the inside for sheets bedding bedding linens
pillows and this is a huge space there’s also
accessibility from out the rear doors going into the upper cabinet in this
other cavity where you can put your outdoor storage like chairs any maybe
more dirty equipment if you want to keep it separated and keep the rest of the
interior of your band clean so indoor and outdoor upper cargo storage. What our craftsmen really pay attention to is making cabinets stout making them sound
attaching them such that they don’t rattle we try to really focus on keeping
rattles out and in this design internal to the cabinet in part of that structure
that we don’t want to compromise or give up but to give even more flexibility and
access for potentially longer items we’ve cut out a thru way between the
cabinet partitions that you can stick something that might be longer to extend
or pass through some of these different cavities up front there is a paper towel
holder door so this is a solid cavity here and 3d printed paper towel holder
paper towel goes on and you just toss it up in the cabinet it’s a magnetic catch
so when you yank on your paper towels that won’t come tumbling down and owner
several builds back I had come up with that idea and many people have
incorporated it into their design other folks don’t want to take up a dedicated
and partition separating the cabinet but again these are all possibilities of how
you think you’re going to use the vehicle and that’s exciting part of
configuration planning and as I’m standing here I just again surprised and
impressed with how bright it is in such a small space the some of the materials
that these clients chose you know like countertop does help reflect and bounce
the light around but there is so much LED lighting in here and over the
kitchen galley indirect over the cabinets overhead all the Lighting’s on
dimmers they wanted a warmer LED light anything that’s going to make you feel
more comfortable like it’s your home that’s the exciting part about
configuring these vans whether it’s a 144 or 170 and the joy of seeing how
many of the 144 s want to live with less bring less I would say Veda’s unique that
it has so much that’s similar to a 170 but it can be or it can be something
different like Bucky or some of the other designs that you’ll see coming up
so whatever your vision is just making a van that’s comfortable for you that’s
that’s the excitement and that’s where the process begins having our team
members work with you to make sure that your designs fit all of your dreams and
what you’re thinking about. We have a slider door on the side screened in so that when your Mercedes door is open so these clients decided not to
reupholster the front seats they left them as they came from Mercedes with
fabric and above me you’ll see an aftermarket shelf installed which we
also put into Dugan I won’t do as many pull-ups with the baby this time and additional lighting in this area and down below conveniently and out of the
way is the table right behind the driver’s seat so you can set the table
up mount it and have a comfortable seating space even in this short van
where you have room you can eat up front when the seats are swiveled work if
you’d like to pull out a laptop and have flexibility to be inside if it’s a rainy
day or you’re just enjoying your morning coffee and taking care of those first
few emails for the day as you can see here the screen door which we install in
our 170 s worked very well how it mounted and attached to this galley
bringing in beautiful outdoor breeze especially today so in addition to the
breeze we have two Max fans one in the aisle and the second fan is in the
bathroom which is just as large as the 170s it does not have the extra
bump-out for the sink but showering I have a lot of distance a medicine
cabinet with mirror that you could put all your toiletries in an extra toilet
paper sanitizer for the tanks this client opted not to do a split door
design but it could be there’s no reason why it couldn’t to give you extra
maneuverability in the bathroom for showering again lots of lights and hooks
if you want to hang wet raincoats or other items to drip in and go down the
drain let’s take a look at the cargo area and Veda in the back so under the bed behind this wall and
partition are all of the batteries that are making all of the systems run that
makes an advanced RV an advanced RV so the silver leaf will monitor and control
the batteries you can have the auto restart all the systems run just the
same as the 170s that you’ve probably researched and are familiar with still a
lot of open storage room left and available under this bed and again you
can see up top the cargo area that I was referencing
when I was inside for some of that dirtier storage it’s been an exciting
build to design with these clients so Mike thanks for joining us so we’ve
taken a look inside and now we want to take a look outside great well thanks
Brittany every one of these is different this one here has our nerf bars on it
which I’ll show you in a minute what’s inside and outside but some of the
configurations clients don’t want any bars on it
some of them don’t want any tanks underneath we put tanks inside we have
from 40 to 20 gallons of fresh water it’s amazing how different everybody’s
needs are from a full-on bathroom with it with a toilet in the shower to a
bucket toilet that it’s a plastic bucket whether with the toilet seat on it some
of the configurations that Britney has showers in the rear that have just
curtains some have built-in showers that are private some have storage in the
back just about anything you can imagine actually one client does have a closed
shoes and a dirty clothes go on the back and I think when she’s done fills up the
back with dirty clothes she knows it’s time to either go to a campsite or
home we have full timers single full timers I
don’t think we do we have any double full timers and a 144 not to date not
to date but that’s coming I’m sure so what I want to do quickly here is show you a
little bit what’s in this one these are manual valves for the gray and black
tank this is fresh water and then in this compartment we have all of our
plumbing this is insulated it’s sealed it has a skid plate on the bottom and
it’s heated the cord for the macerator dump is connected just pull it out push
it back in when you’re done and another thing that we work upon with these is
access for maintenance and so if you have a macerator failure here
there’s a trapdoor under here that opens up and allows you to hook up a
three-inch gravity drain so we’re trying to think of every contingency when
you’re out in the field or when you’re traveling and something breaks you have
to have access to it we hope things won’t break the way we
design them go ahead and most folks with these 144 s want to be out in the middle
of nowhere great point that off the grid way out there and some have a deadbolt
lock our good secure system so that when they’re at a trailhead and far from
their van its they can feel secure so we’ll put this up in the air now we’ll
take a look at the underside well here we are underneath Brittany first thing
you might notice is this has VB air suspension on it second thing you’ll
notice is we have our structural tank support and our heated freshwater tank
which we’ve gone down to about ten degrees Fahrenheit we think it’ll get
colder it didn’t freeze at ten degrees but this is the thing that’s that’s
unique the grey tank is enclosed as is all the plumbing in an insulated of a
skid protected aluminum skid protected enclosure and as I mentioned before this
is the trapdoor that comes down so that you can actually use a gravity drain if
your macerator fails so we tried to make this as rugged as it could be and
also give you the the 40 gallons or 39 gallons literally of fresh water so
that’s over here and then this one has a black tank inside and a grey tank below
some have combined black and grey tanks and it just depends on what the
customers needs are and how they want to use the space sounds good and thanks for
taking the full tour inside and out


  1. I have been very impressed with your design philosophy, build quality, and great innovation. I am still a couple of years away from making a purchase decision, but ARV is at the top of my list. Thanks.

  2. Hi, all! Enjoyed this video as I continue to dream of someday joining the ARV community. One quick question: have you posted info somewhere about Bucky? You briefly show the layout sketch in this video, but if you've made more available elsewhere I've missed it. Thx!

  3. Another beautifully custom-designed coach!! Only ARV delivers advanced coaches that are artistically executed and tailored to the customer’s exact needs and specifications — with style, elegance, and craftsmanship.

  4. I am following your company’s product with keen interest. Your class b rv is a cut above anything that the others build. ARV rocks. I see an ARV class B in my future.

  5. I’m 13th in line for my build to start sometime in 2019. I have a lot of ideas already in mind. I will have a blast when the time comes to configure 😁

  6. ARV great job guys !! Perfection as always!!! Thanks again for sharing your amazing technology and designs with us…….

  7. ARV is always on the cutting edge of class B development and this is an outstanding 144" design. Glad to see you guys getting into the compact class B arena. The only issue I see is the emergency access door for the gravity waste discharge. It would be a pain in the * trying to remove those screws when the van is on the ground. Some sort of hinged quick release door with some sort of buckle latch would make more sense. But I think that's the first time I've ever seen anything in one of your vans that wasn't perfectly executed, in my opinion.

  8. In the future when my wife retires we were going to purchase an Outside Van. Now we are leaning towards an ARV. Such unsurpassed build quality, innovation, and pesonalization is out of this world. WOW !!

  9. No one ever comments on a big issue with sleeping side to side. Should the person sleeping against the door need to go to the bathroom, they have to crawl over the person sleeping on the forward side. Thus starting husband and wife spat the next morning when the person being crawled over wasn’t able to go back to sleep!

  10. Its great to see ARV attempt to meet the needs of a growing "van life" culture. The fit and finish is clear in this video. There has been an explosion of van conversion companies hitting the market not counting the innumerable DIY van conversion "how to" blogs and videos all competing for a limited market. I'd like to see a future example of a coach built for families. There are so many European manufactures like La Strada, CS and Possl that provide compact, well built and designed camper vans some even with fiberglass roof cap extensions. I especially like how Europeans design their pull down beds on gas struts over the cab area to maximize space. I'd love to see the artisans at ARV try their version of these incredible campers Europeans get to enjoy. All the best on the pregnancy birth of your child!

  11. Wow, that is an amazingly well thought out build. We have done something similar with the bed and galley but of course they fit and finish is not ARV quality. We also chose the 2500 instead of the 3500 but we don’t have quite the weight of Veda. Well done and thanks for showing off your beautiful design and craftsmanship.

  12. I put a 69" cot frame in the back of my Sequoia, and wondered how well it would work, since I am 70" tall. It turned out fine, as I never sleep fully "stretched out."

  13. It would be nice if it came with a twin bed size option. I would like a double bowl sink and a single burner stove. The pull out pantry is really nice. How much does it cost? Does it have solar on the roof? Do you make it on the Ram Promaster for a gasolene engine vehicle?

  14. I know this video was a while ago but I'd advise curving the edge of the counter over hang.

  15. PLEASE demo with taller people and cover all the indoor spaces, perhaps show a floor plan. maybe list the specs.  a little faster pace.  Not dwell on beauty adjectives, we can see for ourselves,  has anyone ever put an inside vertical fresh water tank?  if so how many gallons.

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