1. This series is pretty cool, but the bright white "See Lecture Notes For Details" messages hiding all the interesting bits are so *infuriating*, I want to throw blunt objects at my screen.

    There are few things more annoying than waiting for the professor to finish his detailed annotation of the spotlight shining into your face.

    (Yes, I know copyright is to blame.)

  2. These lectures are brilliant!
    I love how I can watch them without even being a student at the uni…or having ever done any chemistry.

  3. In budo the a student is as good as the teacher is. This teacher has fine, same kind of ideas for example about tests.

  4. Wow, this is the best lecturer I think I've seen. It's hard for most professors to be this enthusiastic about their subject, despite the fact that they devote their lives to it.

  5. boring he is too talkative …as I believe barking dogs seldom …bite..
    also I appreciate him .. The way he interacts with students….

  6. These lectures are brilliant and in simple language so its easily understandable!!
    A big votes of thanks to the professors …………..:)

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