1. Why should a burger company have to be experts in healthcare for it's employees? Get healthcare out of the workplace. Medicare for all is better than healthcare being managed by your boss. Waste of resources having all these companies provide that expertise.

  2. How can you talk about a tech cold war?! Your economy is intermingled with China! Starting with supply chain!

  3. These words "I am what I am" has shown up before does anybody know where it comes from? When children kill themselves because they are being bullied to their self-esteem just how serious is it? Does anybody think there's evil in the world? Between God and Santa Claus who would be most happy today. I wonder if Santa Claus has any bodyguards? God made a promise that he would not flood the world destroying human life that lives on it. I'm glad God is not me, "I am what I am" and if my existence was under attack I would probably try to defend myself. I'm glad God doesn't live in the self-esteem of little children. With the power of his Spirit and I was the evil trying to destroy him I believe I would be pretty paranoid living on the clock today. Even paranoia can say "I am what I am", I am pretty sure the same goes for evil as well. I am glad science discovered that God was not real and turned this world over to Santa Claus. Everybody loves a giver!

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