IQVIA CORE-enabled Clinical Development

everyone is talking about the promise of Technology data and analytics for clinical development but you want proof not promises Mike lluvia delivers proof by increasing enrollment reducing total trial timelines and improving visibility through the power of the IQ via core the IQ BIA core is our innovative way of integrating unparalleled data transformative technology advanced analytics and domain expertise to power solutions to help you discover better and faster paths to success our core enabled approach propels your development program from trial design through study execution protocol amendments are costly yet nearly 60% of trials have one or more our clinical and data science experts use non-identified data and advanced technology to optimize your protocol before your study starts we analyze your protocol comparing it with real-world clinical practice and competing trial designs we identify recruitment barriers plus extraneous procedures across the study duration to help you avoid delays and deliver within your budget during site selection our experts apply real-world data machine learning and predictive modeling to identify the best performing sites to help meet your enrollment targets we look at standards of care across more than 90 countries tapping into our patient data to pinpoint the precise location of the patients who match your key eligibility criteria this allows IQ via to increase enrollment up to 30% over traditional methods of selecting sites patient recruitment is one of the biggest causes of trial delays our clinical monitors use site level enrollment forecasts based in real-world treatment dynamics to help sites accurately predict recruitment targets and develop strategies to achieve their full enrollment potential we can reach beyond the site by identifying physician networks with eligible patient populations and provide advanced technology platforms for physicians and healthcare providers to easily refer patients electronically to nearby study sites through faster startup of the right sites and faster enrollment we can reduce trial timelines by up to 20% our centralized monitoring approach combines advanced analytics and automated technology to give you a holistic view of the risk assessment of trial sites and increase focus on patient safety because our platform is fully integrated and end-to-end workflows it also triggers actions for fast resolution by the study team with predictive analytics we can identify sites trending toward non-compliance and avoid potential issues before they occur and artificial intelligence is helping us see which patients are at a higher risk and increase focus where it's needed to safeguard patients in your trial hike Euboea reduces study risks and can deliver up to a 25% cost reduction over traditional monitoring approaches through the power of the core IQ BIA propels your development program Ford from trial design through study execution experience the proof but the power by Q via to work for you you

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