Irish People Taste Test German Beers

I was all for German beers until I got dressed like they let me now. I resent the Germans It looks like wee wee. Hey smells, okay smells like beer Yeah, that just tastes like you know [when] you can or it’s a pretty standard beer like not bad beer That’s that’s not bad glass of piss. It’s yeah, it’s horrible. It’s really really nice. It doesn’t taste particularly strong round like that [it’s] not like oh yeah. That’s [17%] on a drink this so easily. This is like. I don’t keep drinking It’s getting nicer whenever I turn the beer. I just [jack] down it so fast that I don’t actually taste it Do you not normally drink beer? Yes I do? It gives me the burps Little lady burps, but remember each it’s not strong. It actually is 5.6, but say that’s a bit misplacing [me] [upon] [the] 1328 Teddy did you erase Durban I have to finish the drink? There’s a good bit of fizz not that’s there’s life in that all this is clouded vision is another no It smells like a Wednesday afternoon for me isn’t hurting With my nose the only taste like ours, but that one’s like freely dust is good Yeah, sorry. It’s weird [not] getting a pang of German you’re not I mean like this is sitting at home watching telly Huh, enjoying a beer even the beers I go. Oh, no. I still drink it all night. Yeah Where your dog food I? Think what’s hurting her a sure look with fine. Yeast is it like yourself [I] feel like a basic bitch now for liking this so much bottle fermentation I know I had to ferment the bottle I’m going to rethought they know they know their percentages exactly Yeah, their upgrading their variety the Germans are they. This is the same beer no, it’s too clear You know this this doesn’t look like it’s going to be flavoursome. It’s not pungent It’s very like It is a pissy taste. Very beer-y. Oh, that’s not good at all. No. Jesus in the end there boxes in the mouth to taste. I do like it so far like I drink it cuz it’s here. Oh beer It’s [given] me a headache, but like in a pleasant way, oh Felton’s pills in there, this is actually nicer than the last one. No that’s only 4.8% Eww. Hello, I hate it I wouldn’t say not nice, but it’s just not new these nice beautiful best served ice [cold] everything’s best served to an alcoholic Yeah, yeah, I don’t like it Different glasses. Their ergonomic. it smells like bacon beautiful [boomer]. I think you’re having a stroke The fizziest piss we’ve ever seen looks cloudy in yeah visibility 0. Can you taste the fire? cinnamon cinnamon Mm-Hmm, so there’s bananas in it. Oh, it’s the best. There’s not like fruit yet. Good, jesus. Yeah [greek]. God uh beer 7.7 yea devil yea Definitely some kind of spice in it. It is quite Christmas-y What does vitus mean? Vitamins Forget the pace we’re going straight for a diluted poo now. It’s not like shame suppose It smells kind of stony this looks like it would do damage on your inside You know it looks like when you clean out the oven tastes like breakfast. That’s good Oh it tastes absolutely vile. It actually tastes like you got a full [bag] Stuck in a blender. Yeah, what do you think. Shite. These are all right, but I couldn’t drink a lot of it It’s smoky like he doesn’t taste as much like shite as I thought it would There is a hint a shite hospital. Tom waits was a beer. Thank you Kick a shite there, it looks like a medicine ball from medieval times. Oh, you want to get rid of the baby I? Love how it doesn’t give any ingredients But just a big capital thriller. It says wait. It was the bacon you wonder worst yeah first We’re gonna get comments now gone I’ve never seen anyone dress like that drew me and then from Germany Only with the German accent [Data’s] another one of these videos run learned that’s not like [it]. So sorry [mom]. Oh is this oktoberfest? Is this one we’re dressed like this ah? It makes sense now


  1. I was worried at first that it may be only Hefeweizen and Pilsner as I was hoping to see a Rauchbier, and then BAM!, ya dropped a Schlenkerla on 'em!

  2. (,when they mention the new glasses) That is a stange glass lads and lasses, the traditional glass to serve kolsch out of

  3. the person that lite this set should be fired… Your lighting is HUGELY off as it is washing out your pale Irish people!

  4. I lived in Germany 5 years, and drank mostly locally brewed beers from the areas I lived in: Leimener , Heidelberger , Pockinger, Stuggarter Hofbrau..whatever they had at the local getranke markt

  5. piss and diluted poo :DD irish getting salty that our beer is good, no offense though.. i like irish beer almost as much as german beer

  6. The reason why Irish people knows it look like piss is that they used to drinking piss. 🙂 iIff you actually put piss in a glas and mix it whit alchohol irish folk would think it was fine.

  7. They should have been wearing black from head to toe, with black sunglasses. That would have been an authentic German outfit.

  8. The gal with the shorter red hair? Tell you what, hire me at half her rate and I'll hate EVERYTHING, also. Video after video after video after…

  9. Is it all Irish or just the people chosen by this channel who seem to think anything yellow looks like urine? Yes, beer does look like urine. Such an original and clever observation. The first 25 times. Yawn.

  10. something is wrong with my computer screen everyone is Casper White. oh wait, they're Irish. they don't tan, they rust.

  11. What's up with you lighting today…. Video is way too bright. Dail down the brightness a lil bit… Already dressed in white.

  12. Was habt ihr denn alle gegen Veltins? Ich meine es ist jetzt auch nicht meine Nummer 1 aber ist doch genießbar. Es könnte Paderborner sein.

  13. You should have gone for some Schwarzbier (Black-Beer) or Altbier ("Old"-Beer). Is is not old beer of course, they just call it that way.
    And dont drink "Kölsch" (beer from cologne). That is real piss…

  14. My culture is not your video dress
    (Just joking, we germans aren't a bunch of cry babies who can't deal with having th share their culture;)

  15. When I was stationed in Mannheim Eichbaum Export was the local brewery. I found it to be an acquired taste. But acquire I did.

  16. Never waste alcohol, I've drank so much warm beer since I started, it's one of the few things I do NOT waste.

  17. …what an arse…"Looks like piss"….what F'n beer doesn't?? Can't you find someone to replace that negative Nancy…he is annoying…

  18. You DO know that Veltins is brewed using stray dog piss, right? It's a secret ingredient also used by the Mexicans who first brewed "Corona."

  19. why are you promoting German stereotypes? not cool bro we have been trying for 40 years to get rid of them

  20. First off: The clothes you wear are not German, they are Bavarian. Neither is the beer from that area German.

  21. I am sitting here watching this video… Drinking a hurricane 25 oz. (Second one.) At 8.1% and a good high gravity malt liquor beer is doing me okay. And I have four more to kill sill. We Americans and our weak beers. 😝😝😝😝😜😜😜😋😋😋🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🖕🖕🖕🖕

  22. Why would you give Irish people Schlenkerla rauchbier? All they know is “neck it”! Their palates are suited to piss and whiskey. Stick to that.

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