Is it safe for Indian Girls to Study MBBS Abroad?


  1. अगर आपका इंडिया में हो जाता तो भी आप यूक्रेन प्रेफर करते ???

    Question of the millennium.

  2. Hi yukti mam i see your more videos i want to talk to you because i plan to go abroad for mbbs so i want your suggestions about which country is better.please reply..

  3. I need to translate my educational documents and birth certificate to Ukrainian or Russian, As per the Visa requirement for student visa, the embassy doesn't do the translation,i will be grateful if someone can help me where it is possible. thanks

  4. Studying in Ukraine gives an option to those aspirants who could not make in to MBBS back home. But since it is with non competing students so the quality remains doubtful. Russian MBBS are not considered for JR ship till they clear tests here which makes it useless for many.

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