Is Marijuana Harmful to Health?

it's April 20th 20th of April for 20 or as some like to call it weed day I guess we're doing this this is healthcare triage to be honest this is an episode I thought about bailing on many times there's just no way to talk about marijuana without somebody completely misinterpreting what I say some of you were gonna call me a fascist for saying anything bad about pot at all others are gonna attack me for not coming down on it hard enough so I'm going to cloak myself as I always do in the power of data marijuana works by affecting the brain it's a drug like many others with different effects on different people the active ingredient is called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC THC bonds to protein specific receptors in the brain to produce a number of results it can have a mild sedative effect and it can also lower your inhibitions marijuana can increase your pulse lower your blood pressure and increase your appetite it can also interfere with short-term memory lower your reaction time and make you unsteady on your feet but so can lots of other things that we like to eat drink or smoke the real question is whether it's dangerous enough to be made illegal and that's where the screaming usually starts there's no evidence that marijuana causes a physical dependency like heroin does some argue though that it can become psychologically addictive some will argue that the smoke is carcinogenic and causes lung cancer or respiratory disease others argue that regular use can affect the immune system still more argue that increases the chance of developing a psychotic illness but as I point out again and again in many of these videos lots of things in life have both a benefit and a harm no one should be under the illusion that marijuana has no harms the question that we should care about is how much harm is there a marijuana and does that harm outweigh the benefits so much that it should be made illegal and now the benefits there's a growing body of evidence that marijuana has use in many medical conditions to improve quality of life and you need only talk to one of the gazillion marijuana users out there to hear about its other benefits as well moreover there are lots of things in the world that can absolutely harm us that are totally legal the two most obvious choices are tobacco and alcohol both of these substances are regulated but legal in most of the world they can provide us with a useful benchmark against which we can compare marijuana don't blame the messenger I'm just telling you what the science says to the research two years ago a study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association investigating the effects of marijuana and tobacco and pulmonary function researchers followed a cohort of more than 5,000 men and women over 20 years they wanted to see how smoking tobacco and marijuana affected lung health what did they find not surprisingly tobacco use had significant negative effects on lung function marijuana used though had none no lung effects at all they couldn't even show that very high use of marijuana was bad for lung function although the study wasn't powered for that specific analysis their conclusions and I quote from the Journal of the American Medical Association marijuana may have beneficial effects on pain control appetite mood and management of other chronic symptoms our findings suggest that occasional use of marijuana for these or other purposes may not be associated with adverse consequences on pulmonary function tobacco totally does have adverse consequences on pulmonary function almost in the same week the CDC published a report on binge drinking in adults in the United States the results were sort of shocking more than one in six adults in the United States is a binge drinker of alcohol those the do binge drink do so on average more than four times a month and when they do they have about eight drinks on average more than 28% of binge drinkers were young adults 18 to 24 years old who had more than nine drinks on average when binging but elderly binge drinkers or those older than 65 drank the most often about five and a half times per month excessive alcohol use accounted for an estimated eighty thousand deaths in every year of the study the estimated economic cost of this damage was more than two hundred and twenty three billion dollars in 2006 along another study was published in 1990 that described a cohort of more than 45,000 Swedes that were followed for 15 years there was no increase in mortality in those who used marijuana after controlling for other factors another study was published in 1997 American Journal of Public Health that followed more than 65,000 people in the United States aged 15 to 49 years old they found that marijuana use had no effect at all and mortality and women and no effect on non AIDS mortality in men either so let's review tobacco adversely impacts lung function and perfectly legal binge drinking of alcohol common dangerous costly to society also totally legal marijuana no impact on lung function no impact on mortality almost always illegal I'm not arguing that marijuana should be sold in the aisles of drug stores or supermarkets but here and in many other parts of the world you need a good reason to make something illegal there are lots of things that are dangerous but regulated we don't let kids buy tobacco or alcohol totally makes sense the same should apply to marijuana we don't let people drive under the influence of alcohol totally make sense the same should apply to marijuana which has been shown to impaired drivers significantly as well there was even a meta-analysis published in the BMJ in 2011 confirming that and I believe the results but it's hard to continue to make the argument that the freedom we enjoy should cover tobacco and alcohol get not extend in marijuana there's plenty of evidence that the former are unhealthy and are consumed in our own risk the evidence against marijuana is thin


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  2. I know people who have smoked marijuana for over 40 years they have no medical conditions never had any tickets never had any wrecks or no health problems whatsoever alcohol All My Friends Are Dead it's your choice

  3. Even if smoking has damaging effects on the lungs, there are other perhaps safer ways to consume it (i.e. Edibles and Vaping). However, in the field of medicine there is always risks you have to take to get the benefits out of anything. Considering drugs like amphetamines, alcohol, and even antidepressants like Zoloft have been proven to have more riskier effects than cannabis it self.

  4. Hy I am 27 I smoke marijuana 2 joint daily at night for sleep did it affect me or my brain pls let me know health care..

  5. Cannabis stops my mind from racing,no copd, cancer,immuno deficiency. No psychosis. …been using it for over 43years.Excellent way to deal with p.t.s.d

  6. The way I see it, the good out weighs the bad. So, pharma wants to keep it a medical use only to collect soooooo much money and prevent ppl for using an natural affordable easy fix. They want you to buy there drugs instead, like a drug dealer trying to dominate business. Alcohol, and smoking is of course legal so you can develop an illness so u can have no choice but to go to the doctors and use Pharma's meds. Sad to see alcohol and smoking tar legal and it has no benefits.

  7. I wonder why almost everybody compares marijuana and other things? Is it necessary to be under drugs? May by it is better to be healthy and do not consume any drugs?

  8. Imagine the worse thing weed has or does

    Now multiply that but 100

    We are still no where close compared to a death in the family because of “alcoholism”

  9. Cannabis causes people to drive more carefully, not the opposite, it only causes problems for a first time user who is not used to it.

  10. And about driving under the influence of Marijuana, it also depends on the person smoking, my brother and I smoke, he drives perfectly fine under the influence, me on the other hand not so much. It all depends on the person, we should get a stamp on our license that indicates whether or not we could drive under the influence, like a little weed leaf or something.

  11. It really depends on the person consuming the drug, I’m not addicted to marijuana, but one of my homies is highly addicted to it. Like the man said it’s psychological, he became very dependent to the sweet ganja. As long as you don’t abuse the substance, you should be fine

  12. I smoked for years then Jan of 2019 I smoked a joint and I got anxiety, my chest got tight it felt hard to breathe I thought I was gonna die but then I took breaks and yesterday I smoked 2 bowls and I was chillen, marijuana still shouldn’t be smoked if you’re under 25, let your brain finish it’s development first

  13. Anything that can Kill you faster is always legal in the USA population control su.s it all up

  14. Just some constructive criticism , Don't be so preoccupied by the way others interpret your meaning or agree / disagree. Most people are gonna oppose you even if they really agree just to add opposition.

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