Is Our Medical System the “Church of Pharmaceutical Mysticism”? – Dr. Robert Scott Bell

Ty Bollinger: I’ve heard you say
that what we have today is a “church of biological mysticism” with
the medical doctors being the priests. Dr. Robert Scott Bell: The high priests and
the church; you know I modified that a little bit you know I credit
my good friend John Rappaport investigative reporter. He’s written a lot and been an inspiration
in so many of these things asking all the questions that
no other reporter would ask and I now liken it to the “church of
pharmaceutical mysticism” really because biological — they don’t even honor the
biology that they claim to know but pharmaceutical mysticism, yeah the
magic pill, right? And this is something that is greatly
concerning because I grew up with these magic pills and they devastated me and I had to
work very hard to undo the damage that was caused in me, to
my liver, to my digestive system, to every system of my body. So
the other aspect of this which is very controversial although they do cover it is vaccination. They sacrifice children on the altar of this
church of pharmaceutical mysticism with the needles of Big Pharma
as I call it. They argue that the only way we can survive
childhood is to somehow elicit an artificial antibody
response by injecting toxic poisons that you wouldn’t put in the bottle of that same
baby to make them drink. In
fact, if you did you might be charged with a crime, attempted murder but yet they institutionalize
this concept of injecting little babies with this. And so this is really it’s a cult, it’s
a dangerous death cult, allopathic medicine. Now that’s not to say they’re not good
at putting humpty dumpty back together again; that is where they excel
emergency trauma medicine. I don’t take anything away from them in
that regard in their skill. But when it
comes to managing chronic diseases that they create it is an absolute disaster and you
want to get out of what we need to get out of it if we’re going
to not only heal cancer really but prevent it from ever having to
happen and it doesn’t have to happen.


  1. There are natural cures for cancer big pharma. had the Gov. make it illegal in the USA. Just so they can make money.

  2. finally!!! The word of God warns you about this cult. And I gave her (a church) space to repent of her sorceries (pharmakea) and she would not!

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