Is Single Payer Right For America?

many people think our countries should move to a single-payer system of health care this basically means the government pays for all care by raising taxes advocates of a single-payer system believe it would cover more people at a lower cost but there's a fundamental problem with the single-payer model to expand coverage to more people the government has no choice but to reduce access to certain drugs procedures and doctors that we now enjoy we can learn from the experience of the single-payer model in the UK Sweden and elsewhere in Europe the wait times for diagnostic procedures doctor appointments chemotherapy and surgery are so long that their governments have turned to private care sometimes even private care in other countries and then there's the issue of health outcomes because of the long wait times to receive treatment and restricted access to specialist medications and medical technology health outcomes and single-payer systems are worse in the u.s. for almost all serious diseases like cancer heart disease and stroke in practice thus better bargaining power of a single-payer system usually means price controls and regulations that cause shortages and prevent people from getting the care they need in a timely fashion so while our health care system does need to change a single-payer system isn't the solution


  1. Total BS, this is just Insurance Companies afraid of losing their monopoly… we are coming for them.. the gravy train is coming to an end.. Single payer is the only way out. Let me sign up for Medicare tomorrow and I would do it in a heartbeat. My father had great care and very little out of pocket..

  2. Health care companies limit care and drugs, so saying the government acting as such a company would have to do these things is a truism.

  3. people in the USA die because they can't afford insulin and republicans think that's okay and that they deserve to die

  4. The cost of health Insurance and care in this country are astronomically expensive BECAUSE the government is so involved, because of the perception that someone else is paying for it, because of the extremely litigious nature of our society, and because we have been told that it is a “right.”

    If everyone bought a private catastrophic care policy to cover life-threatening issues such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer care, etc. and paid for regular doctor visits OUT OF POCKET, costs would crater. But somehow we’ve been convinced that it’s a RIGHT, that we all need to be insured to be protected against every contingency, and that it should all be paid for by someone else. Our own greed, laziness and gullibility are responsible.

    Check the upward spiral of college tuition. We’re told that HS grads MUST go to college to get ahead. The result? Bachelors degrees are a dIme a dozen, meaning that you REALLY need a Masters…..and by the time that happens, how many years have passedand how much debt has been racked up? All because the feds are now in the business of student loans.

    The ONLY thing that the government gets REMOTELY right is the military. It should not be involved in ANYTHING not enumerated in the Constitution.

  5. Single payer would not cause the issues in this video. Healthcare infrastructure is a problem that shows itself when your citizens can actually go to the doctor. Don’t confuse the two issues.

  6. This video is wrong. "Single Payer" in America is Medicare for all. That means public insured health care but private delivery of healthcare. That is in contrast to what I have read of Europe which is more public insurance and public delivery of healthcare. Moreover, single payer largely pays for itself. Whether you know it or not, over $250 billion/year is spent through the tax code by making employer paid health insurance tax free to the employee. It is effectively a large government entitlement program for private insurance. That goes away under a Medicare for all system. The burden of healthcare insurance would be taken off the backs of employers. Employees would be able to go from job to job their entire lives and no longer be concerned about insurance. That is a massive amount of red tape that would Medicare for All would cut out of the system.

    Its true Medicare for All is not going to solve all our healthcare problems. But that is a straw man argument. No single payer advocate claims it will. Its just a way better system than what we have now.

  7. I think this is NOT an educational piece, but a hit piece. My husband is an international medical student BECAUSE the US has some of the worst health outcomes among developed nations. We do ONE type of medicine with more success that the UK and that's emergency medical. That's it. They beat us across the board in other health outcomes. Somebody didn't check their numbers to write this.

  8. Why does no one talk about trying to get the costs of healthcare down? Today you cannot go to any hospital for any car and expect to get an honest and transparent quote for how much your care will cost, and it is only after you receive the care when you know how much it will cost you. My proposal would be to have the government require hospitals, clinics, and doctors to post the prices for every procedure and then get out of it. If people can shop around for care and go to a less expensive option then these industries must drop prices to better compete. We need to get to a point where the insurance companies aren't raking in the money while the government is subsidizing everything to drive the prices up. For example they started subsidizing secondary education and the prices increased exponentially.

  9. From my understanding, most, if not all, countries with universal healthcare systems don't have the shortage or extreme rationing of care described in this video. One can argue that happens in the US as well, but the rationing is privatized through the individuals ability to pay and formerly lifetime caps and denying of care based on pre-existing conditions.

  10. Single Payer isn't good for any citizen, only good for the medical industry, their lobbyists, and the politicians. Name just ONE thing the government does better than the private sector (and include proof) and I'll think about turning my family's health care over to a bunch of overpaid bureaucrats.

  11. WTF is wrong with you people? Why are you demanding LESS liberty? You are asking to be treated like children. You are asking for the government to take MORE of your hard earned money. You are asking the government to initiate MORE force against you. You are asking for tyranny. It's insane.

  12. UK to kill baby on life support.

  13. In the past week, I saw a Facebook post by a Canadian gentleman who was very happy about his upcoming knee surgery (both knees), if he doesn't get bumped. I've never heard of anyone "getting bumped" in the U.S. and I don't know any rich people.

  14. The problem with single payer is the type of incentives it creates. There is only one provider of insurance, i.e. a monopoly. Thus, the incentives in a competitive market are not at work to improve services, increase efficiency, and lower costs. As with other public services, there are chronic issues of under investment and inefficiencies. This is seen clearly in England and Canada where there are long wait times for surgery and ER visits.

    Prices are essential to direct suppliers and purchasers of any good on what to produce more or less of and what to consume more or less of. Without prices there are no signals and thus it leads to misapplication of resources. This is why there are wait times in ERs and doctors offices in general because there are no signals saying "don't go in for that sore throat, wait." Hence many people misuse emergency services for primary care. Until there are market forces brought into healthcare, there will continue to be these chronic issues. A single payer would be going further in the wrong direction.

  15. You data is so wrong!

    You say that if we would be having single payer healthcare we would blocked from seeing doctors or receive special medication….you do not know how the private health insurance work…they do the same…they have so called insurance networks…this blocks us from getting the best specialist, and they have preferred drug list that they do cover and those that they do not. If you want these specialist or need a drug that is needed by that person, he/she will have to pay out of packet. When it comes to procedures there are waiting times do occur in the private health care too.

    Single payer is the way to go as we already are paying $ 2.2 trillion out of the $3.5 trillion per year out of our tax packets. So why should we pay double?

    You are stupid and lack real knowledge about health care. Stop telling stupid information.

  16. I love listening to nanny staters who want to govt to take care of them from cradle to grave. You know that great Canadian healthcare system i hear so much about? People had to wait for months to get MRI's for non life threatening issues so they ended up suing the govt for the ability to buy private insurance

  17. it's nice to see this comment section, cause not many people are buying this bullshit. what the people who made the video need to understand is that you can get people to believe a lot of things, but you can't make them believe things that directly contradict their life, and the lives of the people around them. you can try to tell us that the person most of us know/knew who has no quality of life or is actually dead because of a lack of healthcare is better off that way, but you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of convincing us.

  18. This is why I am starting to hate living in the USA.. Because we can't even have simple rights like Clean Water, Social Security and Health Care… I can't wait for 2018 so we can vote the Corrupt GOP OUT of Congress!!!

  19. I just have one question, how can you look in a mirror? Every second we spend trying to explain to you why single payer is obviously better people die. If it where up to me, I would charge the makers of this video with first degree homicide because they planned out for days if not weeks to make this video, stumbled across countless articles condemning private healthcare for what it actually is and then blatently lied to further their political beliefs. That my friends is a textbook sociopath.

  20. American Healthcare is SOOO much better

    For a Saudi fucking prince kill yourself

  21. Single payer is right for America I am a nurse and you must not see the amount of death, sickness and suffering I see among Americans with and without insurance

  22. We can base our experience on nations like the UK and Sweden? Where it works great? Good, glad we had this talk. Stop wasting my time.

  23. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Actively misrepresenting all of this information in an effort to scare and confuse people away from a system that could save thousands of lives. I hope you sleep well knowing that you have made the world a worse place through your efforts.

  24. you guys want another Trump presidency? Because this is how you get another Trump presidency…. make no mistake about it Democrats and Republicans are in bed with this sort of mindset towards Universal Health Care all because of companies like the one who put out this video, pay them.

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