Is Trisha Paytas Lying About Her Drug Addiction to Opioids?


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  2. In my opinion I think she was in defense mode and reacted with emotion instead of processing and thinking things through.. I can relate seeing as if I don’t do the same I purposefully say whatever I can to bring the other person down. It’s no excuse and she shouldn’t have said those things on camera, but we gotta look at every angle and aspect of the reaction..

  3. I am a mental health and crisis worker and I am specifically in addiction and opioid use.
    I don’t necessarily professionally believe “once an addict always an addict”. I have reasons based on scientific research why I believe this. However, for the MOST part I do agree. I really hope that Trisha isn’t lying. However you should always believe someone when they say they are struggling, because if you don’t believe them and God forbid something happens that is a lot worse.

  4. Please dont suggest short tapers with subxone or methadone! Everyone and Anyone addicted to opioids should go on a mantaince program. But people who are addicted, taper and a week later go back to their life after detox and end up using have such a higher chance of over dose, im so happy to be living in Canada B.C where they have banned tapers from detox and only use a mantenice program now with a doctor i see once a week, im on a stable dose of methadone to help with cravings and everything else. And its the higher chaance of getting clean, staying clean, and not over dosing if you end up relapsing. So many people are over dosing from relapse, and thats why we banned the taper in Canada Bc!

  5. I’m so scared for Trisha. She’s changed so much, and is clearly not well in one way or another. 😞

  6. Course shes lying. That's what she does best!! Pull the wool over everyone's eyes, plays victim to get views and all for the $$$$

  7. Idk why but Suboxone didn't really work for me. Maybe the dosage wasn't adequate enough. Being an addict is a life long dance with the devil.

  8. I don't believe paws applies here with her situation… By her own admission, she was taking Percocet around 3 times a day for a couple of months this time. When abruptly discontinuing the use of a short acting opioid over the relatively short period of time she described, she would most likely have within about the 1st 12 hrs, experienced the 1st phase of withdrawal (the early phase), then the peak phase would've hit within 2-3 days, then the symptoms would've declined in the latent phase up to about 10 days or so. You don't go from being ok to a little "rundown" to full blown peak withdrawal suddenly at 19 days, I don't buy it. Working in pharmacy for many years and encountering countless opioid/opiate patients that were experiencing abrupt cessation (either by choice or not), I've never seen what she describes. It's much more likely that she coincidentally contracted the flu shortly after she quit using the Percocet, remember her mother was sick just before she was. I think it's a diversionary tactic she's employing, with the added side effect of support and sympathy.

  9. Who are you to make assumptions about her or her addiction? Looks like you're a food addict…so worry about yourself!!😡😡

  10. Short term tapers with suboxone are good for some people maybe, but evidence shows (according to my doc, at least) that longer term MAT is best. I've been on suboxone for 4 years and I would be dead by now if I didn't have those first two years or so on it. Now I've been tapering off over the past year and am about to come off of it sometime in the next few months. I feel so much more stable now than if I had been tapered in a few weeks only.

  11. If she didn’t want people to comment on a personal subject of hers she shouldn’t post it for millions to see. Smh

  12. Trisha Paytas wants to troll on the internet but then ask why no one believes her when she says stuff like this….she did it to herself and now she has to reap what she sowed.

  13. You can be the biggest trisha paytas fan but this video is overloaded with facts and logic. Its just impossible to dislike

  14. Only issue with subboxxium is the fact that we have a new epidemic of people using that and getting themselves addicted to that. I hate to say it but it's like the "spice & marijuana fiasco" it was suppose to help people not wanting to use the illegal drug and was put out to cut down the numbers with ganja. But the fact is suboxxium is addictive.

    We have an issue with community programs making it very difficult for people who are suffering from addiction and getting treatment who aren't rich and have money. We have a issue. And we need to make it more public so the government will do more for people who are suffering.

    Lastly if you are suffering from addiction my heart goes out to you. Please hear my words you are amazing, great and you WILL get thru this. Get help even if it is a pain in the ass. And know there are people behind you fighting for you to be able to get the help you need and want you to succeed. You are better than you are addiction and DON'T GIVE UP!

  15. She uploaded the video the first time titled "opioid withdrawal". Following the backlash in the comments, she retitled the video "coming off opioids". Anyone telling the truth wouldnt bother doing that considering its supposed to be their experience and not some made up tale.

  16. She is playing the Victim Card again on her latest post ‘I’m pissed’ and going after you and Peter Monn. She is a lying SNAKE. She has no mental illnesses or Opioid Addiction…..she is just going off because she got called out on her BS!

  17. Yeah it seems like she is and it’s fuxking sick! To those of us that have really gone thru it. Not to mention those real pain patients out there that can’t get the treatment they so desperately need and deserve. Then she has enough nerve to make money off of it. It’s fuxking evil!

  18. The people accusing her of lying because her experience doesn't match theirs do not understand addiction as a whole. As a sw at a women's rehab, I met folks in a variety of detox stages from many different substances. Some people experience things differently and lie throughout – they just do. A woman might have full- blown seizures but say her drinking was not a problem or have mild "cold" symptoms from what she considered a terrible opiate addiction. Also, we have no idea what sort of accommodations shes made to put on an "I'm okay" for the camera. As an actual addiction counselor/ social worker, I would be hesitant to accuse anyone of lying – especially if I only had the internet as my resource.

  19. Most Dr's do not rapid taper though. They put you on suboxone and see you as a cash cow and keep upping the dose indefinitely, I know so many people in my area who have been on suboxone for 4 and 5 yrs and feel trapped on a drug that's now even harder to withdraw from then what they started on. I have to wonder about the morals of these suboxone providers taking someone with a vicodin and Percocet habit and making them a suboxone slave. I have never heard of anyone who rapid tapered except ppl who bought the strips off someone else and did it themselves. How fucked up is that?

  20. I really don't think it is anyone's place to believe her or not believe her. If you really think she is lying then quit watching, simple as that.

  21. With all do respect Chris, I think you should just stop talking about Trish in general. Good or bad. She just uploaded another video about you. This whole back and forth nonsense is just stupid. You both should just quit talking g about each other and just move on with your channels.

  22. Her mom was in a video saying sorry she got her sick with the flu and then she is on here saying its withdrawl…its a complete lie… There's no way you would be filming while going through that. No way

  23. Idk why she is mad about your video…..? You actually defended her and said what she said. You didn’t say she lied. I honestly dont even think she watches your video.

  24. I cannot stress enough that suboxone should ONLY be used short term. If you think it's tough coming off of heroin/pills do not take suboxone long term. It is the absolute fucking worse to WD from.

  25. Dude, Trish lives in her own little sociopathic pathological world..
    I 👏 don't 👏 believe 👏 a 👏 word 👏 she 👏 says…

  26. Love this channel ! I have been in recovery from herion addiction i am a Crpa in ny state and i love how you are educating people through your channel!

  27. She’s a terrible human. She can’t take accountability for her actions. She’s not withdrawing at all that’s a cold. I’ve seen first hand opioid withdrawals and the last thing a person wants to do while withdrawing is post a freaking video

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