ISTV HEALTH CARE Topic : She Matters Part 2 3 MAY 2019

I still being video man put on poof Tom Knox City see quickie health care on the time derivative pixie my monkey show talking Sam Ziggy was avinasi matter hyper metal cyber Dookie topic to mommy second official in terms of the name mom and dad when a negative a to thank below the bar a Walkman I'm labeling me on destroyed normal kid do you mean me I may I'm super me heavy give me to be chhotoma hand bureau hyper geek with my mom Julie Segre Jabir Akbar as they repeatedly gosta a topology we live in luxury busy must get the multi experiment lakes in be Reba see dr. Tom Tom saamne Duke senior can sell granulosus knee that is an atomic wedgie yeah ma space specialized or if they septic and the cosmetics the specialized of the Tony other highly Buffy e7 a scimitar cyber city founded president little poopy leave any money put us who lay it over tell me the super Hydra picnic silly dr. Langston will I be there but I'm not Jerry Brown Siddha doctor mamani be short see in a Nevada I am no my eyes Abdalla call me my mom Uniqua key command ma'am I served re forgetting Mahathir sensitive a telephone number make PJs anyone what is the dr. V number of calico me I'm so you always assume bad message me I'm kind of a pasta quickly ice to be healthier pizza momentum and position Madame de kinda before crap my underpants a mama it's not romantic so a dynamic economy parody Pawnee Iowa City Missouri residue mikata bucks apiece what Carragher Trotsky become mentally holy among the quickie hiya divided city kind of MEMS would be big red soy de mogi mirim just about to be no I bug Tony man is pouring money my second Mahabharata market and Angelica husband-wife with a nut tonight since that potential hypothermia do I know as a key onobu such big importer mamacita even husband of a wide awake i before Thomson laser Eva Massimo see an elaborately man's heart then Hannah me I'll do the nothing like a mnemonic I've already turned of missing the e sensing my bills in the cable Erica sue Messiah I deliver programs YouTube just faggots are flies Arriba we are a corner Amanda we charismatic OB nurses extension you're a snake venom of a history buff I'm a bit point um I am that was a highly powerful ye an opus that Polly problems he had machines in the device Naaman Brad comment though we can I hope we've been talking on me a little bit we know some some the high of the fingers at Pahadi Esmeralda of white deserves our birthday oh my god what why deserves for resign and zequinha and fixing me believe it up today by the way in fixing late Donna I don't the external can all late enough I wish I wish to say to the in fiction see Betty really unique of kanuda de la bandera fauna or you know our yoga I mean specific Petrosyan Erica luck Eva why dis are say adieu Erica the marquee specific treatment lago nicaragua queen item Jamna general cannula team of pardon and her what number am I on lap but problem given a machine occurs every supinate overlap after a certain extent ax power and power make me do boo they point out a la merced person is having a Sadducee i'm not but i he devices city with a new contender things a yoga treatment chemotherapy Nina he was having Saturday I say he role later a hypotonic Walker pregnant a decision of a are they going to pregnant oh Linda I'm almost at the Shaniqua I know much about a year or so later on we shall I go kinda but Rovers I mean the trouble of Allah my under D a device now but they follow me right yeah no biggie or Bob Parker ah daddy as a gynecologist Simona may I'm not sure to me yessiree Bob coming I'm a pillar for Maori government open a gynecologist Amana skinny part see why were Tama Hawaii I'm sumaru a vegetarian Connie I'm gonna be ok MIDI port to correct a meeting it seemed a dancey dance I you say I had salmon sake I'm an undercover Cisco mahi Savannah's see matters women screaming I was a 360-degree woman's health care P ever see the woman's health care see the night contains everything not only is a gynecological care for you aesthetic beauty enhancing of the aesthetic beauty for all of our bodies you must you hang up easy I have not a Humber can hold up with a lanyard BCC I have now cosmetic giant I'll resume innocence it seemed an anatomic never broken and piecing see that I D consonant erasing bottom of the hierarchy or my name is the moment you don't know whatever manner you upon acquaintance even have tongue prepare a pussy acronym Ananda new I vomit on the net when they get lack of beauty doesn't apply the heat best of Eugenia Malone do you know either for the last night about playback I do go dr. Cuddy it's my token essence la in color a color and I must assume Nene hi Donna Cueto / skin specialist really quad step ratio Netanyahu I use denied a dermatology got and Ahmedabad in attica dermatology is a very vast a science ID I'm a gynecologist and that I respect and Rosie Philco added up is just for the facial Beauty Collection rejuvenation of the face and a certain body part study I he I now resigned resignation kilo a quickie plate from before italic ba meseta at oppa appendages UNK rahab szeliga Yahoo but I do every different and comprehensive overall healthcare purity highlight happens abandoning – can be tackled our city only is a localized yeah see him attain LaRocca aesthetic beauty and hence the way I look at the name of the plateau sir edmund tellus a little antenna – skincare say died yoga meditation Lambrini or a module is Johanna – nice transcript is iike did not anadi the matter is a similar to what about the DA things and a a dugu I never see devices in safe synergy hire a vanilla is you karate para the metallurgy MD mocked a mudra Basu skin technically no Attica Romberg that this analysis in a bias Lucy credit Baraka adieu God ie taking care of the skin car a woman whose skin is restricted to only what these arms came to I think I do a good deed I guess I a heresy and dope asking me at Oak Park and he talked to see you know the quite options that they happening as a woman Amana laying it over structure my mama as a as a Tampa Reba seven has cement acida I know you said my portable portable easy um I have a part not the hairy one okay I need I'm somebody who respect other speciality I know it's comprehensive health care behave is here fishy and see I couldn't fishy laughs and I know overall I miss training Tori the nunn-lugar idea especially take him up on telepathy I don't deal suppose numerator I reckon we looked around with Hagen Eva or diabetes say a Harrogate emedicine and that's Hagen a bra because they are dispersed at the pool I need a would harm to the human I need a mover over aging gay – mind I will ship a derivative a ciggy overall woke up today in a toga toga me especially vacant since he did that I really did a unbel I the pizza and a dragon I even in my bill is a time lies use explain about that money Putin is quite easy to run a camera under COPD deep embedding navarre opinions as high period around 50 30-40 lowering hi William many quiet person parties in Yemen where Korea Korea Honda the Hector is Ito in alacra a dragon again ee problems Hannah and North America someday lock burocracy any link of the layman in karakurizer Lena Tillet observers really piss in part it is in a humble happen and have done for that not cutting away the gear Hannah was a case for a hunting you really ain't the patient yeah and that I have you know II don't know Calle I'm thinking no but they were mother in a money fruity pace in we're good people it was really a quiz everyone is related so what is Hannah row but then it's somewhere quick another man and me I do a bit since you guys get common thread I'm gonna put up on Big E fresh ones an aside that's it once common traits yeah you know Craig Edina but since you gotta patients you know she feels belong a quick comment trainer must have already in a month has a heavy d-o-t the equity Maria my lady uniformity of mine I had enough fishing he must had a possible by Withey and adoption of an attack on ok she's listening to me say BCCI Marui about Raduga we send out I know ok well I hit questions across very tell me what is happening by Donna honey Lou in a bogman hooked up I do got a nylon boost the nap point point point in us a table I do God just blog and I'm gonna wrap on that I see I do a raggedy I hit him sumon amongst a table with an arrow in the top 50 TV Poston aquinnah Manny Buddha Bobby Romani as the Lakers eyes Arriba the relations between doctors and patients and time okay soon a minute Torres a river and kinda he passes on my see me repeat Pima young can allow her nd totally Travis a massive part see the bottom whoever I'm talking the cried a whole kidding us ie Hondo you cannot say hey hopefully deliver I don't know I report on medically a handbag eco give Mother a test of apollo matzo murray metallic silico wrinkly really potent a doctor transiting is selected Apogee Palmyra died comedy de snippet cry I believe it oh another diet is a satoru become goosing as I asked in Toluca Musa typed a Viet Nam it Kenny legged Oh No and the meditation Taiwan a pelican howling abyss incident I he died a he's havin has she met her servants clinics yet it's a comprehensive eye care we're in a PVC Humberto gynecological treatment period next time I the overall health care say we want outsource poor area but expedited appeal a next up I coulda died what that Quinn a top-secret agony Hepzibah acronym money Padre full-fledged ahora presume Octavia see implemented three as you must be cosmetic is the table before but by next month I also have a paddock Edie died when our job at IT almost and Blanche I have a quick on a DVD York Yoga is an important part car meditation if polyps yeah elie-san a tie-dye CD he died generate additional model either a dietitian among the Iroquois I do not dietitians appear iike each and every meeting Maki when the foot act inside the semester they have number oh oh yeah for the sincerity enough she didn't father labor who suppose equipment is in a mess it up some calmly Toronto all the key Edmund burrowed that he's a raga Nakamoto Piniella yeah and I'm a documentarian toxic I know really a hunting already come joy country Shia Iran bargain-hunting Acharya duality comes we should a critically happen the cannibal a secret food exceeds Cohiba qua and he yeah when I get here we go like that open the way I do harm but that means not charriba no McGee a he he never be a downer but Sheehan account over hello father amount to come to order come to Agra I did I could sense an SME CD I hope you see any medieval away becau – um Naga City Plan C P then my in control Yoga body union of body mine inertia which is a very important part car I do not coincide a yoga Heidi yoga postures you know in each other that is for the control of the potty another neighbor patina you August issue in a bottom Sheila raga una llamada and up to a certain extent and become above all do battle be Duga no death valley oregano you instruct at the table for meditation meditation say a mind control never copy other than a meditation see mainly disinherit at least not rocket science now make the community what is meditation see I'm a cocoon we get there Carl a about quitting a poem on ocean he hadn't already if I feel completely I see complete way I don't require anybody's appreciation God enemy and what that I talk about progress who me and a meeting our opposition why Ibis yeah see I'm a gardener when I am complete human being a busy man the supalen dhaba outside canonical form the perimeter a particular say comprehensive care owner we see well do the diet you you have able to turn the Supplemental why now he was a sink when he tog II menstrual man in vector a man you see that with salad over died craft a beacon pyramid and the premature Cindy mentioned man ended in a few missing he hobbled Bernanke tell Erica supermarket I had my leg require recommends women on the D iron-containing say I'm continuing pussy carry I'm the pizza Biba a to kupuna I didn't hypothetically vegetable they tell you oh yes indeed am containing I didn't Yahweh either pretty ironic negative on the bomb was used hi nahi vs key exam de was a young a name money protein containing they know Purina and the ending the second you know condom and and them hi Donna Nadine and canal hey Aquaman hi my mother said so and as he gave me full mana so mine Apogee I'm condemning poaching she died the aquatarium yoga menopausal woman say I'm working a quickie menopausal seasick issue really working on this menopausal romancing is that show a say-so has deeply hiya pop ah-ooh-gah dreamy isn't miss village so i contains phytoestrogen we know akanda is chosen have celibate inhibition of turrican we are but one rule about who died or any hormone therapy I need therapy didn't occur it shows a intelligent economical never assertion is Sarah Eva Pyrrha me bucko he forms the cognitive part the PC mom Wicomico Matanzas Troezen Camaro I Donna he shows his harem of in a minimum business have a never admits choosing a misconception madaba baby menopausal and a postman frozen metal Davina instead of aqua phytoestrogen distortion containing food icon testosterone continues you're gonna side upon my baby but Mike wake up we see the police Trojan America at the ginger ginger Eureka blank milk goodness we're at the e log ba plan melissamia with him so we have been cmp a Duga pineapple Zumba see Genesis club but I'm immune under par vinegar Sumer Singh see supplements is a bigot over generosity liquid solid and the iike form a destroyer see so yes he's a bigger dog walker so yeah when I knew how I see no Isaac wind up at a hippies in many hybrid enough Athene delayed a magnet on bureau I do yeah I'm the guy in this way a seed Equinox kononova phytoestrogen rock with aa limited amount and you come today savvy you and I for the element element yet we try preserve insane and many solutions Aviva and the line upon whether had a got buffer dr. Amanda Hong Kiba question do we assume oneself Avira Cuba took a lot real hour ago mimin are power up to e but do he answer man thumbs a given the question Hanahan wrong he will look occurring or evolution laser a picada the la sombra answer to sue a cada comes Eric he has two months activity become boozing Dyneema had a century BC Aramco sue Horan dr. Nizam question among beer Akane Madhu maemunah tobira a to dr. Maha panic who the legacy singie machine Cee I know she that ma'am map and a lucky widow quick rub Kerala govt has everyone voicing America introduced item Sam Santos Joey cannibal on oh hi mizuka in ilocano – pyramid googa my aMDA my doing something with what is Hannah Witton welcome the only ready for anything differently i'm towanna cancer will not recur sue I am important person attending I was hired by companies Aggie as a mooing attorney as everyone mother among them to do stop you yeah Maya Hama Davina Yuri Michael is remaking is a quickie in Motor Company you're not a seer Pacific Navy pieces name Adam Shaw was on a demo Massey Meson de Mesilla to Miami genuine bottom Cuyahoga straight Manipuri see he is sort of alarmingly Sakia harmony not sha Qian Bonita – who IEC cosmetic aesthetic and a cosmetic I need Madame de Oliver and is it can be that equity return Athena Athena contrabassoon – ro he said Haggard but in Africa no bananas he lady riesen with some haha way back because a plus point for it what hidin in them they companies young I promise to it greasy minor pilot must have went in October money you remake at least my the economy Israel Missoni Israel Masonic Ahmadi operatives Hong Kong developer at oppositional my dear friend a deadly deadly city my second honey engineer by profession a technical person Massey from South Korea sure sure sure whatever qua Ayesha I am an official a constant eggy chief single Buddha told Amana fifteen years today my Nana's evil devices with the frequency all it all completely dominate built our is yeah an expert in the field Italian my Sigma project by rhenium I saw him said Bassanio gamma inside that three days layer trainings yeah I know for the Visayan reservation I am very confident about it but at opus in parsing of silicosis India I know my logo Madame de la put up confident old raggedy I fighting the hybrid a special Maggie on the work energy mass suicide Pacific tip trainer de pareja de Hargitay and we don't need no more gonna create our now three days where she may be trained on the rhythm of the black Pentagon must not Samira Derrick awesome will see cannoli Marcia quick in mode key india g md name and is indirect some is a is an old friend tapa company the living in the shootin work the winner a me a very sincere person bathroom and chin Binet was using my David is Maggie an uber office Halliburton lining around the night hung but then why I mean I understood mass rule but I have to tell you up and I'm gonna moral support I don't got technical support people in a solution I I took aqua mixing the video how to read an India of energy as a heat mode came as the engineer named engineer in more preoccupied by a pen and the airbenders issue I spent a bit of knee soonerlater god I'm by no Avenger on my channel put in a full support habitat God whose action way I don't support presented video whatever you do we are there for you a beginner wasn't a support yeah my map and Iggy young so amusing hi Terry company Ziggy I'm sort of immune hey Reba my Amla kid Cory a key man a grassy table believe oh man the interaction with Santa Sabina see the implicit live intelligible body attack from Savannah okay so I will cut out that it put my arm around Cena don't worry former BC original as nation and to correct all the other problems of the vagina like Sui when you another with an F no kumuda you know cadenza prova de Beauvoir thank you when I'm long gone and every mother would like another bogey sinner we can t say see now from having any peace I know Susan never said I won season the give us a Chanel once a matter of a treatment Paragon the problem bra yes treatment baby say I know who devoted he may already know comes over that he helped over the now along home soon cuz im busy come here I do only three months later girl for the messiest only the book once it's and I along with the president wasn't with it she he was easier har mother she said a word on the now she is his son rules mind I would much our other sister only owner and even with avocado solution Lakota she was a little immature a salmon a lot of a massive octa fish in Manhattan Iroquois this is Kate Lee is from –mode I'm the clinical manager for SFSP today some just to turn our immune system and this is a mode instead with the full of one flapper needs to be the full of McAra official Amica for the coop kala Tony and then some of the best car isn't treatment my my given no color to them running wide open again with Java Java she'd over though we know we might avoid she loved whether Murray said there are enough even a manhunt at the one delivers under connect any economist name of makeup you out there anybody second movie this is for my and plus this is report skin rejuvenation and tightening it's a culinary generational elastic esteem so it is using the viola so small for the smaller area and like the face and the larger can please plus is for larger area like the body and me and the breast lifting see is now queen from for manemma cocina Matt Iseman now battalion personal you face Keeler's unit them rejuvenate a video tutorial on America developed a certain extent see him Fisk easily which was not aware any witness minor myself office let my lifting Hyderabad although when I do she is not gonna put the surface area Tokido even the breast lifting GI I do got other parts of the service Cara Lambert could come back could kiss my neck down okay tomato juice correct away seen a coma who has missing some are common especially for women have skinny never giving in a significant freely no God design municipal a skinny basically in a gynecologist I'm or whatever Priscilla with the England and rock efficiency and then the PC the PMO in a fully recover mana could know anything other L other problem I know treat erosion up in a mile in a while at the bar could you cannot get them laugh are things one that was a massive what I know whatever affordable already correctable yeah I know skin specialist power with them the now I need no matter high tide head over seas their radio frequency RF take myself one of the best in the world at the sheer anger Pragathi I mean I I yippie seems incident now are you have patient higher money per year aqua increasing she died in a car nervous aluminum bar I don't know I never see actually a vagina rejuvenation gonna say and if you push it on my put me on cirhappy up okay laughter never am happy at cooking yes this is the first time in India we have the real supply is the full treatment from top to toe in one flap of all change our countries yes first time in South countries not only in India city house it does daddy give it up doctor minguk are you a Libra my skin see and we didn't know one day mother you can overcome a result succumbing a main highway click on other similar with October tokahana Simeon Gina on a countywide rmsea reaction Misaki very hey I mean I don't buy that aqua but the cargo would attend navicular to get Zumba since in the pitching that varied America might overhear argue in anonymity sue mana and on Beaver Island enough furniture on dopa when am i selling them to attract my body and doubling with the demon is in my debt Cena's second day will begin ever so after one victory he never comes I never do October attack and Rita I see the develop with a might even enough a technique and Rita monetary Kali Pahadi here began with our simulator terrorists we have a loss of the clinical study lots of the clinical purely visitor study so it is a clinically proven devices and we already have the probe the FDA see II and all of the countries we have the fruit is dead there it is perfect about it with the clinical proven in us see this is the leading technology and you see signal in Korea the the mitosis and the necrosis they treat hundreds in one day in within within one half a years to be restored a ship more than around the six key devices in Korea sister we have a there's lots of the machine is there lots of technical devices in the Korea but after we launch in a mode it is there all the dermatologists are moving to our devices because it is a very effective instantly that the research after treatment Sam n once well we can't reduce chapter two including no lifting okay my name is Ori Michaelis I was I'm in the industry of aesthetic complications since 2006 I live in Hong Kong in a nation of more than 18 years and representing and managing technologies from all over the world from leading manufacturers some of them from Israel I've been with the in mode more than a year any mode is the fastest growing company in the aesthetic industry and currently the biggest in USA markets we're studying all over the world including Europe including all of the big countries in Asia that means Japan Korea Thailand Australia we're getting into China and we just now entering the huge India market and we're glad to be here at dr. sivana she matters clinic dr. sivana as everyone knows she's a famous gynecologist and wants to serve women for their well-being and quality of life or treating any concerns they have all over the body all the way from face through the the tummy and if they have any other problems after they have babies deliveries and for example we can take care of stress during incontinence with our urban ecology technology so dr. sivana is our first client who has invested and adopted our remote multi application platform that she can offer any kind of application for women all the way from face facial rejuvenation and skin tightening all areas of body titanium contrary stress your incontinence so basically women was different types of concerns and wants to feel more confident and better have a better quality of life she can come here and get all kinds of applications even her with the usual devices we can't spend more to pitchers like Porter face we can go away from for the prospect and redness and ourselves we can expect a brightening of the color tone and also lifting for the body area we can expect this for the removal of them and hiking port on the arm and tummy and instead using treatment with this area and all the shipping is so warble you are and the more tightening and for me and therefore the after delivery we have they're sending out our tummy and so many and selecting our legs but it's you with the our devices after treatment and instantly and long-lasting we George we can expect many of our technologies rely on the bipolar RF technology which is safe for all skin types we treat many people in Asia including Thailand and Korea and Japan and China Vietnam all over the place which is similar skin type I think to what we have in money for state so we are highly confident that our technologies can be useful and effective and safe for all the people in Manipur state I am Sameer Haneda been appointed as managing director for in Moodle yeah and stock reason if I say my experience about energy based devices then last six years I have spent treating financing not treating but then facilitating for treatment of women health issues with energy based devices if I say about in word platform which which now we are launching in India and saw for the first time with dr. sivana be first customer this is the only platform which you will find giving one-stop solution for any problem related to woman from head to toe you can treat men but primarily the concerns which which we are treating where when we say stress unit incontinence so now this is a concern which only women can have forced I haven't so why we are why we are saying woman I will give you a valid reason reason being women empowerment has been something which is now coming up since last almost 10 to 15 years which is getting strengthened and ideally they should be given that quality of life which they have been deprived of in last time staying post independence if we say then last 50 years they have not been able to get that so to empower women with a better self-confidence better looks and better healthy lifestyle I think this is something which which all of us need to work on everybody is working on and this is one step added to give women of quality lights makutano dr. Dickinson easy Masai gear my mama barber seeing a dragon a Holloman signal piecing especially Marvin has similar setup my name is Lu go pussy I said my man was about Bhima money be sure to spawn be Heba yeah Mauro it was impossible my preserver to sooo important is I have been able to me I do the inaudible exactly you know you were poor and he sings at PE ma'am report in Hyderabad University ma'am ma'am I didn't do what see here I'd like Malaga important my mom so Highbury musical number import pleasure at the Imperium Romanum was interesting when were in college no sitting in a high dr. Agha as a gynecologist Samara as a woman Moyna Manipal in Pomona high depth alikum wa omoide lady buckin flicker a women in Boca the moon because it D currently I do carry heavy Niecy matanza has led by a man she met Justin everything invoked or geography include Oh from Nigeria Carrie hi winning sensitivity for friends I say okay Union would save us we had about a TV movie vu at the back I put me in a very tight spot height arepa the vahana virgin a competitor a yam nothing by IEC seemed open a table Sheila given Okuma game I keep on the converter now a mug assume I am NOT Purohit arepa I did weena in a book mobile you cannot exam so he could him among that he could a young Liam a veteran who's using matinee money for jojomo at Obama poor even a quiz money Mookie says it's a lava never Audrina poor a toga Asahi and FEMA Tasha mainly basic t aqua his social norms society cultures the new broker yo grupo madame de imagem approval banana society see Nana booboo de creville Tory Queen Amaka walks away food particles seemed over Tamara nope image I have a CD CD parties a together when you see Jesse said cerca de money she jeridolp I understand but because it is side-by-side tiny Edina bc o clock by the now Nancy no peony Anubha human Paula buttoned up your duty is to look after the family higher I got mine said that you look even in a human part of Mattoon de human then later God do ma'am quit now holding pen oh yeah Pat them on the tip oh well Nikki overhead again you see more the my indication Oh howdy ever because her mind has been programmed today she isn't brought up with that now ikuyo glock purchase your cuisine pinna Park and have a little thing like the mothers can evaluate it I don't know how much Soda my cousin Donna like Titanic 100 block on do that I see shadow heís already economy one have it Adam you make Paula I'm Adam the D to undergird you know homologous a but you mind the rule enter October than an hour became Akiko I look I'll they're not they're not a tissue maybe Tom beardy I remember should be laid in a corner she will mercy so she'll give me so she'll give see – ebony society rules and an onset human beings they have we also share in email– we now we move on to the more talking among amoeba diversity society the human tragedy they've been losing women there now society the human ability bhakta she'll know I'm making one on the labor matter cartel a mossy you sure she'll known that Lane of a minimal neuropathy I could you see equally are we I need approval me McGee approval me be given as a clip amoeba Monsieur Thomson laga me karana a topic are who controlled another perspective of a city Guam like nonetheless cheeky me on the jet lag a team I will give you support then another a raggedy Nancy Mohawk of any hiking have you see that aqua deficiency victim over welcome I would take see paraíba it was Heidi tapa me Anton de semana as can be Sheena P Davis support ship amoeba we are our own victim then I am or of any hiding Abidin at whatever sequin is honey an umbrella suit how's it amazing but than that I've to a certain extent a quickie me approvals their car a but I'm not going to spoil my life for the approval of somebody she actually cooks the time ever I don't know who's you okay I know Tina's Hamas been on seeing in the kindness that over net raggedy I Toria yoga I after certain extent idea Palmer Chautauqua Nia do gamma Sita for know Tareq approved or Evelyn fine approved Andre jockey hayashida a man was he said shall I eat at the etapa controlled on the corner it was like a do boo seven saleable coding boxia consequence history no color it's a novel in a corner yeah II like for example a Tomatina idea almost a he every step of life then I ended up missing I'm gonna see another now almost everything idea doom what am sooo Canandaigua Daria but a do we consequences to them Lambos way adorable soup corn sequences o'clock to me high nine it on over to put a timetable do i atop of me it is you God consequence is a key banana Angelica no Priya waffle ever Monsieur Toby go no it's an ironing ba K no time in Vienna yawning BA up to a certain extent I saw ya llegamos a condo pure a dancing zoo acquaintance Hector and we can oniy I learn the jump length of the Portuguese any issue we are the team of our own ego I see a bourbon hanging back or seawater Yankee dramedy I gonna support from ready they a wagon um key but it woke you do actually do barbecue never can more wider world I said are you a name table with a nap in finally to tell you see it is the wrong thing Wiley there are always three four ways and there are always three four loop but which we can choose aquinnah I dig he a quitter Carney enough conversely Laura Paris to store whenever a Dena million is a diner via D other muna balance Amazon Amir Agha Kuchipudi and non bana Natasha better man for societal change a man hunting's who Nepean ibaka vida happy if he was a select I mean we should have worked out a new bishop a Saturday no postulate I mean well I certainly already know by donna moonda book where a block tominaga a diggity visual do it with Agent P me put my hammer toe Katara I'm already gone changes in everything nada I'm the family when a permanent God or do the promotion condition because even in my papa or in a moveable I see Matty I know later believe I did not even she machine machine is done but uh who was in a pod or a girl in our society Venus a colectomy goodness I gave me I'm on a me and my control to learn about learn about the now society suck up every quitting my taste miserable human poor society say very little isn't named division way but we know some horribly controlling systems a easier is a just a fighter with two Minotaur Lally Haruka throat of Rome to monitor girl and bus is subjective I'll give up hard hyper I hear a kind inequity controlling system okay I'm kind of car never Ziggy's shit again the parish little we are ever sada society in you own the land with land by the Ithaca I see him and America to do their stupid freedom of Amir Agha controlling couldn't lift our gurdy I'm gonna do much I knew I couldn't cover it was really bug I can college system or anything believe awfully saggy fills it up professions like that Samara a loogie advice P the counseling – woody vodka vodka hey yogi we recommend to it Yahweh I have said I didn't know who doc what I see concealing see there can I be seen and I'm a me and obviously congealing there carnauba and anhydrite and the counseling there garlic considerable is that new hybrid concealer see Monica she catches Harry but he can't just stand out of the norm hey I'm ability to hire back I do sake actress never takes it to work and I'm gonna go but then Manhattan demon thank me whenever the issue with Anna ID MBBS curriculum the body equity circuitry paper Sierra Basu I'm not really with an anonymous Canada hi Donna no biggie I am a cyclist easy toes area Jim doesn't know of an inanimate domicile only they're gonna I finally say that area Tina up to a serpent a Duga ina ignored I am a psychologist away hide in a sec a true problem know anyone dilute economy have an attic over at least I'm able to isolate her own personal medical practice under Callaghan e natural Karim must know he consilina panagon only assume about the i iike a tornado got Brad psychological treatment already very similar Tyra I need approved by the Pope quite high really seeing as I am I do Sapporo any scimitar seven assists in matrices and oh you're imposing see at man actor was it not a color Paula did Javier darker oppa a quickie Mona won't advise people about counseling though we have our psyche mammals use it to be Reba Highway nobody Tammy deposit support only way to reunite them why I see the Nutter would acquaintance sometimes over the zoo upon yet o foreign country title my mom the speaker who imposes a terrible car mightily massively Cena as a doctor Ramona some delay other Muslim does the speaker may be a comment or cry cry state such that periodically he technically I think OS because a public speaker is now mean at the Mokpo society now I say recognize don't mean a high tariff on the Bandera public figure but he might or opposite spirituality him on the net spirituality what is the power of speciality SCM special spirituality and sexuality Akana sexual powers a spiritual social powers way is one of the highest power never see him alone sada wait did he define the people succeed I'm gonna finish with these emerging data about the demands everybody calm ado the Nutella at a it open up could mock the gay right I know they say every month putting what they know China they say nowadays at Keeney's September ba de Paris tequila II German tequila you like a two-book luminaire Paulina and then some problem I'm living it's a problem they were showing about septic Wow I think he murder in a pond they are ever the ACF sexy stretch mean it means wait don't tell we have a motivational talk did disagree the hydraulic or any some conquer favor anything MD December Manta enhancing a couldn't look by hey she never born couldn't walk in the wall gang we have accorded a aditya birla headquartered at least radically woman's day V McDonough what if it's Naruto okay if friends are killing Italian no we know that we have gone through so much in life a direction and said who it turns on today it in every app Android I am this one time is 1:30 and then I took the now how you are taking with so almost difficulties in life I'm gonna go ahead and let our about forty percent open up Penida additive a targeting on zero day government I do a to pursue gonorrhea can Kalapana call doing among the can total for yoga governmental sector the hi regatta nurse daily instituto de nata de coco – youtube name okay talk to sing he stressed many as many technique like cortana last item the key solo don't worry yoga was using was a coastal mime in the parlor iike a scimitar ski can't rake Lorna episode episode Raina dr. Sonya stress management in a bra for governor programs at energy I didn't let another part a statement is you almost on the states of India Taliban and in almost all the topics I invited a mainly women empowerment quit over awkwardly gynecological we technically up we like him around and open ellika stress management talk about a spirituality see almost a time of the Mumbai anything romantic well yeah I'm say Mia mana labor any except that expertise expertise the network so that's Donna Marie Lane about new piecing you ever problem mama some Nancy meta says that o in wind worked over la cara cara cara counseling donna and the motivation thousand a spiritual high believers apartment I didn't believe a tapa tapa leper country that Halloween I see I believe my arm contract signed and notorious dependable I mean I want to lay video man wrong even ma'am I mean query money forces that mother man um God how do we look at the hanumana fuck me a museum come on I thought you know I was a motivator be ready hey knock ye lambda must see zakappa the walk whole new I bar miss anti-labor exam Papa so it done a monkey exciting papyrus is a doctor and Tom be given to me suddenly look Cressida her or even need not seem at just about Yahweh is anybody in every night's my tummy their music Pallavas she's a hostile de tipon Drogo doctors again drop I talked to suppose I pay close to anything when invite her of the nominee probably she's I was already stressed man is being it's already workshops every my is it have no Isaac dr. Don but you don't think same as every tony gynecologist I better not a tauntaun veeram Singh de he may I'm the counseling P Reba spiritually / yi speaker go with my on the video copy of see important eyes a river loquacious talked to say it's Monica pay money for you know p.m. Anaya dr. Rama woman my samsung be my septum and I forget I had of even numbers Eroica know she'll Ashida that's how you met in the dumb black Soraka queen female sexual dysfunction ma'am ladies see rules he hired medicines in an easy relation penis on you tompa tomba crap masa magnum Asahi's onigiri urbanised oppa what man can be reasonable oh man oh she loves optimum pyramids it kind of important said that very very convenient and beyond okay now CEO in what a platform for atari co-ed not grateful tia appendages my mail reversal i he meant focus to use a gynecologist okay for my visa never call my busy energy mental state for mommy's you know be very body indications d correction number is you I equate don't let cannot recover a debauch few men sexual dysfunctions well boobies an electro fee proven of the sexual functions massively for my busines Latvian other sexuality issues here among the D it's a very important part of a married couple slang the I'm gonna sexuality issue higher gonna my unseen and Eppley I could buy end of the night sexuality c0 may among the pool along you know I wish solution we are we actually the India said yes a Hamilton in equina sexual issue share I'm not joking I am now a topper outlook Amanda Leone hey terracotta okay now kamikaze baby body the part temple dug up under Section positional easy comments to drop see it was written is a quickie guidebook Monaco Jack combined to nanjiang comments on e highest ah-choo minor Iran Balearic a macaque never because sexual relationships Ukrainian peena-pod a mineral Buddha Jana Muruga is human Isaac oh why is TV here Tonga we present and a nanny anomaly man started but it's the truth I'm gonna scientific 39a the me I don't know I'm Jerry but I'm no good no money yoga Aquinas sexuality I am like I am with Abu Salah Krishna British man lapa yoga movement and beginning actually India assets was essentially freaking aqua the new partner preliminary poor Madame de sexual satisfaction look tiburtina personal reasons it man Tina Qaeda ever merci de pinna society 'no and now to the burning arm of bond is Punta Piedra a Duga I know that ya know can flick of Managua under God actually did not acquire but an electrode in aqua not a quickie society the diverse no Tito provision agha waina I'm not almost the separation distance a lock was yet Kapali I'm they already know even developers group female patients Inc I am NOT silly silly silly enough I don't remember how much ado God main blames it was really gonna be the dilemma repeat the telepathy gonna childbirth luck but he hormone enteric what did he say meaningful I am Christian home Adam say that when I like city of the ways I hadn't gone mr. the my scenario I see look city of the vagina Akbar well Rose I gonna talk around for the key exception filling wallop are they gonna blame she may be the comet OB but Missy new piece in Edina I'm gonna see the giddy actor Honda I get or resign and exit in LA again an opporunity childbirth like Eva I'm gonna go cubicle on Pope Pius even pretty I'm taking the table the patient passionately family given up whatever la Cuba for 100 but she may have said happening Mathilde a quickie energy vase devices and a model counseling is also a very important part and peace in Israel I said we are an important person see a quick invader Carla yoga gentleman to tour of the marina technical help Laura got Cena rejuvenate or apology man yeah aqua de husband you agree the since it's a no he didn't listen and see if boy in body there see the soo-jung came as a record enough has been written sip say he'll do whatever the image in Ohio nobody acquire but he moves you know I ever more anything I want you to stop looking holy look at me see knock winner scimitar this solely dependent at the cotton one of the important factor intimate I'm in heaven you know I could put my Sonny they had a gamma do now me precious summer talk with what I call what I do knew about it I don't know intimately the idea was you Adorama are there was a viewers in the zoo Tommy what seems to me I seen a and I was having organized easy but I in Harlem on my mouth doctor god I have sexually Susie via Quigley society in about 2 min Annette come on the toga why hi Roy ever but why don't you about hidden problems her unspoken problem is is they lie about hi dr. Bhagwat not seem antsy they give em a quickie see since I'm a to me my Z see Martina later even money poor Miyagi husband and wife Kim elect element of sexual satisfaction Miami luminescent logo do you see massacring with Anna Mae I'm table you'd carry Goomba evil Erica super YouTube top in Paramus amok mom and daughter day before armed when Emily I used to be health care and quite a thorn in the talks about motoki noted that we YouTube to talk up analyzer of anime any time the America but Dewey name never corner before any comment ever had a visitor telephone numbers to comment below but do we man the geek a feedback logs able to inform jealousy even wiser other way bossy de elroy Pacita like when I'm on a premium do Tammy graver I do not over da no Sheila product and Tecna Kareem a seasoned undetermined me marry me and Lincoln Burrows she matters mmm-hmm PC to acquit have she met Recep invested is she mad reserve material Nando political cannot require new PCs you the Obamas is important when you pee you mean come friend you please here Cronus's okay no more enough new p.m. when you're typing niyama tornado will be sadder carnico a Duga aquinnah the piecing the only gynecological and Kannagi problem cotton antenna PE upon ba magic minuto another corner opposite simmer the soup man lam temple be or Duga Quinnie aesthetic in the cosmetic kinda close hijo de passe actually to change the patient profile the piscina marco ye financial security like a pasar Pilate at the idea Palma who knew poem or question Amara Madonna hey I see a quick delivery Donna Donna bleeding problem not enough I did why nobody except this to be a sexual province you it is also an important part of my life I correct I was a get a tow-rope anemia and she arica a signal onion onion now I need to deliver team Savannah's she matters went to see team zero – man – better deep with amnesia Mokpo in a blowing over yoga anomic atoms retina when a block way no Erica I'm not a healthy human being healthy in the mind-body or national flopper in a healthy human being a mother Prabha no work don't mean everybody a quickie someone's giving up a you a coupon cannibal put a cadre my cousin he's I walk alone do not want talkin I'm gonna put me on the bigger the river message news except narsimha does not Toby liebe when he I'm not care about posting Jeanne Yurman Eliza quickly dr. Sapna was equal Sigma ye Delhi the soup Tahiry was have not seem attorney you need amar that blames unbeliever the money purusa unbeliever c7.r scimitar siggy president in a polymers present I serve Tirico other than a turnip a year cosmetic and aesthetic see doc we specialized her with a Nam Young with ominous a bottle gears on top pirata guidance my mama to her mom's the beaver could be a council member PB the not opossums the most important agency Hanuman a city inspector with my Mongoose Peck Toby greatness inspector Binyamina ma'am – Oh mrs. gambi will see and Korea is to be here Carrie I'm at the money for me I mean some sort of civilian targets a coupon Doceri Masika 11 when I see the Mach 2 D healthcare policy at our solution Nevada was okay Mattoon e EP short a madam lacking in the question a Mahometans my Aurora passes at times around gay arrival question I'm Tom I am the IP short saggy question is not an theorem in the Sahara five two straws any supplement essentially another baby menopausal in the person luckily mom welcome home DYI but I mean three things appears yeah I chosen okay yeah I'm gonna be with ya justify you Brenda with the plan yes or no yes or no continent only yes or no when our community really I'm not only is it justified yes or no okay I say we give up easily by allocator on the positive side hip or number sedan and were wound on the sweater a murky yes or no a dumb question Xavier overtook Adam so then a monkey I still be quite busy okay good old house over the Reba LED TV give my food away I said and I think it's a mastery he'll get her on the boat on some lessons again but Annie Bechard madami Friday making a Madonna Torretta a MIDI Saturday V tell me I hope untrammeled everything I need a movie if it has of a program knee I see them on today may I put a walk around a thank you very much [Applause] you you

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