It’s Match Day for 134 students at Penn State College of Medicine

It probably seems odd that someone who has gone through four years of medical school then gets an envelope that assigns them to a place where they’re going to be for the next three perhaps seven years of their lives, but that that is the way that it’s done. I think that it’s a pretty dramatic process. It’s certainly very anxiety-provoking. I don’t think many other job offers come in quite like this. When students are about to graduate from medical school they interview at hospitals and residency training programs across the country, and then a very complex program matches students and hospital physicians across the country. There are thousands of medical students that today, at exactly 12 noon, found out where they’re going to spend the next three to seven years of their training. It was awesome. It was like the culmination of three and a half years of hard work and planning, everything coming together. I’m going to Brown for my prelim year and Spaulding rehab at the Harvard affiliate in Boston for physical medicine and rehab. I’m going home. Beth Israel in Boston. I’m very excited, it was my number one choice. I just want to say thanks to Penn State for being an amazing place to train, and thanks to all my friends and family for supporting me.

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