what's up TTC crew is Z and I'm back on deck with another video I just wanted to UM talk to you about an update so I'm sitting in the car getting ready to go to work in the city today so I'm actually getting on the train in under a while someone to update you guys so today is day 11 day 11 of stems so I thought I was going to be able to stop the stems because everything was going so well but unfortunately I'm still on it it's actually not unfortunate because the doctor knows best so right now I'm just trying to make the rest of the fall clothes catch up so that way we have a good amount for my egg retrieval so yesterday was day 10 I went to my fertility not my fertility clinic I went to get my ultrasound and monitoring so I had to get my monitoring ultrasound um Thursday and then they told me to come back Saturday and they told me to come back Sunday then they told me to come back this morning which is Monday so I basically had monitoring three days in a row so far so I from what I hear when you have monitoring every day instead of every other day that means that you know you're getting closer to egg retrievals so I'm excited about that and yesterday when I went to get my monitoring I was very gassy that's one of the side effects I've been having for the medication so I was very gassy and in fact when I did my ultrasound the ultrasound tech told me that I had to keep breathing take a deep breath in deep breath out deep breath in deep breath out and after ultrasound I asked her why and she said because you had so much gas that you know it was getting in the way of me being able to measure the follicles properly so she said that once I um took the deep breaths she was able to kind of the gas moved around and she was able to measure the follicles properly so after that I was kind of like dang that's how much gas I have so I mean I felt gassy I was burping a lot in the morning but I didn't know was that much but my stomach is definitely like swollen or should I say bloated um you know from top to bottom at first it was just the bottom of my stomach like underneath underneath my belly button that was bloated like when I'm on my period but now it's the top to the bottom so one thing I decided to do after that was I decided to drink more tea so I had my container of tea then I'm gonna actually show you that I brought yesterday when I went on the road so I could sip it throughout the day so I have I have it again today so I'm going to work today and I'm gonna be sipping on this so today when I had my um my session my ultrasound she told me to I told her I was very uncomfortable and you know she said to drink a lot of um chamomile tea she calls a chamomile but I call it chamomile anyway I got some of that this morning and so I made my tea I'm gonna bring that with me to work and I'm feeling okay right now it's like the uncomfortable feeling that I get is like it's off and on it comes in waves so like if I sit down in a certain position it might feel a little bit awkward I might feel like I kind of like a stabbing pain in one side so I have to kind of readjust myself and just find myself in a comfortable position I've known ladies on YouTube here who had like 30 you know 25 follicles and I that are mature and ready so I don't think I have that many I'm guessing that I have right now maybe about 10 12 that are at a larger size so for me you know I don't think it's that bad it's definitely bearable I was worried about how was gonna be at this point like was I gonna be able to you know walk properly was I gonna be able to sleep properly and I do walk a little bit funny because I do have that pressure down there but I'm able to deal with it so I'm grateful for that this afternoon I'll get a call from my IVF nurse to let me know if I'm taking the meds again tonight I actually only have two more boxes of the sachet I so hopefully the Secretary is what what's used to stop you from ovulating so if I only have two more of the sachet I'd you know egg retrieval has to be right around the corner because I know they when they give you your meds they give you more than what you need so every table I feel like it's gonna be in the next few days I still have two more gonal-f pens which each have 90 I you eyes tiny eyes I use so nine nine hundred units so if I'm that could basically last me six days but I don't think I'm gonna go that far because I usually a late on cycle day 14 of my cycle and today I'm on cycle day 12 of my cycle so that's you know scary because I usually oddly under 14 so when I need to have my eye you eyes um they would tell me to take my trigger shot my other drill on my cycle day 12 the two times I had I you I I had to take my trigger shot in cycle day 12 and then come in about 36 hours later two days later to do the I you I so I'm thinking they might tell me to trigger tonight and then come in on Wednesday morning for the egg retrieval that's what I'm thinking but you know we have our own thoughts and then whatever happens happen so I'm just waiting to see what's gonna happen waiting for the news while I'm at my um my workshop today in the city is there anything else I wanted to tell you oh yes another symptom I wanted to mention was that I had a lot of discharge or what you guys would call a WCM egg white cervical mucus so as of day seven of my stims Oh save on day six so from day six – now of my stems which today is day 11 I've been having a lot a lot of egg white cervical mucus like to the point where I'm thinking dang and my ovulating but I did read a lot of things from ladies here on YouTube bus was about – I did read a lot of things from ladies here on YouTube saying that you know don't be alarmed if you have a lot of you know cervical mucus that looks like you're about to ovulate because that's part of the symptoms or the side effects of the medication I know I keep saying symptoms the side effects of the medication so you know fingers crossed I'm not gonna be late before time so I had slight headaches in the beginning around day I would say Dave day three four and five I had slight headaches but nothing unbearable I took some Tylenol because my doctor said I could take tylenol um right there in the middle like day four five six seven eight and even now I was just totally exhausted like I think part of the reasons why I'm so tired is because I've been having to do monitoring like back to back to back and waking up at 4:45 in the morning to be able to get there on time so my usual wake up time is about 6:15 so I think that's part of the reason why I'm tired but also the medication and I would say my main main main side effect is hunger is the cravings like I will crave things that I know I'm not supposed to have like fast food junk food and in addition to that like I will basically eat anything at this point like I feel like I'm so hungry it reminds me of when I was pregnant like food when I hear the word food like my mouth starts to water when I think about food my mouth starts to water like food food food food food so like I was saying my hair done yesterday and I went to get some Popeyes of course because yeah I was craving Popeyes I went to get my Popeyes and like the girl who's doing my hair shake about 6 minutes after I started eating she came back from the restroom and she was like whoa you ate that food fast and I'm like dang she even she noticed like I was just inhaling the food that's crazy I didn't know I was gonna be so hungry on these medical medications um but hopefully that will taper off soon but maybe not because if I actually get pregnant after my transfer we'll probably be hungry a lot again um so I think that's it for my side effects from the medication yeah so um I want to show you all what I was drinking this is what I'm drinking right now Odwalla this is a juice 100% juice smoothie so this is what I'm having for breakfast I feel like I want to say snack because yeah I'm about to eat a lot today I already have a feeling but what I like about it is the spirulina which is one of the things that I'm trying to drink I'm trying to have spirulina and micro fertility so yeah I'm drinking this I'm almost done I'm about to finish this and jump on the train I wanted to give a shout out to a couple of TT seers that I follow everybody who I follow as a TTC person trying to conceive is amazing like you guys are putting your life out there you're putting your situation out there you're being very vulnerable um I just I just can't say enough how much I respect you how much I appreciate you making these videos not even helping me out um so first person is simply Tanika like you are the fertility fairy fairy godmother for real like your videos are super helpful like you have so much knowledge as a matter of fact you also live here in New York which is crazy because I live in New York and you know it would be cool to you to you know meet up and even have a chitchat you know but um your videos are extremely helpful and you know I know what you're going through right now um you're probably a little bit further past that stage because I know a lot of your videos are like were made previously but um I really enjoy watching your channel I will be continued to make content even like when you're cleaning up the house when you're doing your other channel where you're um doing your intimate fasting it's all good the other person is AG age Adrian's life sorry I think I must admit Adrienne's life yeah so she does a lot of um she's also trying to conceive she just had a recent egg retrieval and she was real cool like I don't know when I watch a videos I just feel comfortable I feel like she's a great friend and she had a lot of um she also has a lot of she comes on live and you know I couldn't shoot her a couple questions things that I want to know and I know that she's like she works like in a hospital or something or she's a nurse where she's actually gives medication so like when I was taking my IVF stims like I had so many questions about like the injections and she was like answer them like back to back I was shooting questions in the um live chat to where they were like you're writing too many comments but she was super helpful so I really appreciate that and um just said just that bustamante she also um just found out she was pregnant um she's been on the clomid she kind of went away on a vacation but she'll be back soon I'm excited about seeing her live videos coming up with her updates so I really just feel like I have a whole you know YouTube community a family of ladies trying to conceive I feel so grateful I feel so blessed even as I'm going through my days I'm just thinking like well I wonder what's going on with this youtuber I wonder what's going on with that one you know like wonder how their day is going I wonder if they're okay you know I keep them in my prayers and things like that so it just feels so good like I'm getting warm and fuzzy like thinking about it feels so good to know that there's other ladies who are going through what I'm going through and who I can actually communicate with and like we can share ideas and lift each other up and pray for each other so I'm super excited all right so I'm about to catch this train before I really relate to work so I will check back in once I hear back from my IVF nurse all right ladies from work and guess what it's official it's time for egg retrieval so this is what's gonna happen today is Monday I'm having my egg retrieval on Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. I am so excited you know it's waiting for this moment so my IVF nurse called me and gave me all my instructions how I'm feeling about retrieval um I don't know how many follicles I have yet I don't even know how many follicles I have yet I won't know how many eggs I have until the retrieval and so I'm guessing that I mean they can give me an estimate before the retrieval of how many follicles I have but remember that every follicle might not necessarily have an egg inside so after the retrieval I will find out how many eggs I got so excited so um yeah so Wednesday morning my husband and I are gonna go in and do what we have to do I'm gonna have to get my go under anesthesia for the egg retrieval he's gonna have to produce a sample actually we do have two vials of frozen sperm as samples because we weren't sure if he was gonna be available depending on his work schedule and we weren't sure what the situation was gonna be you know in the heat of the moment so he has we have two vials just in case that may need to be thought out we'll see how it goes so um so yeah let me tell you the instructions then I'll let you go first of all tonight at 8 o'clock exactly 8 o'clock I have to take my Aboriginal trigger shot so that's 250 micrograms of a vigil in the stomach and nothing else so no menopur no gonal-f tonight I am finished with the many pure and gonal-f for this cycle they said that tonight my husband had to do the do we had to do the do so that he can have fresh sperm for egg retrieval day and tomorrow is Tuesday I have to go in for only bloodwork no ultrasound I guess they want to make sure that um my estrogen levels are right and that my trigger shot actually worked that I injected it populating my HCG levels are at the right place then Tuesday tomorrow no medication in the evening and I'm gonna get ready for my transfer Wednesday morning so Tuesday night no eating or drinking after midnight and Wednesday morning we should report there at 6:30 in the morning um it's okay to wear deodorant she said but my husband and I cannot have any scented lotion or perfume or cologne and no jewelry no contacts I actually I wear contacts so when I have my egg retrieval video you will see me my lovely glasses um and that's about it so I'm excited that I'm not taking any injections and I except for the avid roll it has been a little bit of a tricky situation with the children and having to take the IVF medication each night so like depending on the night if it's a school night it's fine because I take my medication at 9:30 and they're already in their rooms and they're like not allowed to come out of their rooms once it's bedtime but once it's a weekend they usually stay up later so I don't really change I didn't really change their protocol their routine for the weekend so it's like I'm having to like be like okay you know mommy needs some time alone with daddy or like whatever I'm saying – kind of like distract them and like have the moment of like preparing the meds and injecting the meds which takes a good 15 to 20 minutes so yeah that's been a little bit tricky but you're working it out and just one shot tonight so I'm guessing tomorrow being Tuesday will be a regular day on medication nothing and I'm just preparing for egg retrieval so I will be back at you guys on egg retrieval day hopefully I can vlog in the morning with my husband like you guys know how we're doing and kind of walk you through that process and see how everything goes so thanks for watching if you haven't subscribed already please subscribe to my channel and hit the bell notification so you know when I post new videos and I will see you in the next update my ladies


  1. awe girl! thanks ! you are a great friend too!!!!! ❤️loving that you now are vlogging and that i can follow your journey! ❤️❤️ you are extremely supportive. looking forward to our virtual baby showers 😂😂🙌🏾

  2. I was super tired and hungry too. I gained like 15 lbs when I did my IVF😂 I couldn’t help it! I didn’t find the meds had too many side effects tho, I was surprised. The TTC online community is amazing!!!

  3. This video was super helpful. I was so worried about how I’d feel approaching retrieval. 💜💜 thank you

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