IVF Medication Injections – Subcutaneous Injection

all right so now we're going to do our first injection and this is my not so volunteering person now she's actually volunteering this is Chelsea she works in our lab here in Las Vegas and I just want to kind of show you on somebody who would have a much better tummy than I would if I were to show you exactly how we're going to do these shots now I say tummy but there's actually two places where we can do this this is subcutaneous that means it's going to go in the fat two choices and I don't care which one you choose you can try one area and if you like it stick with it if you don't you want to rotate it or you just rotate it all I don't care doesn't matter where you do these subcutaneous injections are done in two places one they're done anywhere in the tummy and I'll show you Chelsea if I can just show here anywhere where you can pinch up a little bit of fat on the tummy now over here over here you want to go up here stay at least an inch away from the belly button it gets kind of tender in here so come down here but you can see all I'm looking to do is just pinch up a little bit of fat now the second place you can do it is anywhere here on the upper thigh usually on here depth a we can always even if you're little you can pinch up a little bit of fat here so again up to you pinch it somewhere on the upper thigh or anywhere on the tummy all right now there is no better way there's no I'm going to get better absorption I'm going to get better results it's getting absorbed into the fat so and eventually into our bloodstream so it's whatever you're comfortable with all right so now we've got our Lupron still all ready to go I'm going to find a place to do this and we'll say we're going to hold that there from each house okay pick a spot here and always clean it with alcohol now I'm really not going to do this so don't worry all right we're ready to go now when I tell you there is no fancy technique here there's really no way you can screw this up okay if that needle went in and you push that plunger down you did just fine so don't stress about that errors happen because maybe I didn't draw it up right I didn't mix it correctly I need you paying attention there but you can't really as much as we stress about it you can't really mess up these little injections so I've got my spot all clean and ready to go again you can do this yourself or have somebody certainly doing it for you you're just going to pinch up the fat and I'm all business about these shots I don't take it slow I just there go and no fancy angle and just straight in and we're just going to push that plunger down that's how you do a subcutaneous injection


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  2. No fancy angle? Subcutaneous is 45-90 degrees, And really 90 degrees is used for overweight people. This does matter if you don't use the correct need and somehow your injections were not packaged properly

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  5. Is it necessary to aspirate the syringe to make sure it doesn't hit blood vessals .also can we take posterio to deltoid muscle

  6. I Didn't let go of my pinched skin , it was only my first one though so ill do it different next time , does it matter ?? Ps your videos are great !

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  8. Do you still need to aspirate when preforming this? Curious Medical Assistant Student in Oklahoma.

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