Jack’s Story – First Aid in Schools – St John Ambulance

I was sat having my breakfast. The next
thing I knew I knew straight away that something had become lodged in the back
of my throat. I heard him coughing really badly and I
went over to him and asked if he was choking and he nodded. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t, I couldn’t speak and it’s just that moment of panic that comes
across you. We thought it was a good idea for the school to take part in the
St John Ambulance Big First Aid Lesson because we believe that it’s a vital
life skill for children. In the Big First Aid Lesson we learned what to do if
somebody was choking so I gave him a couple of back slaps and I said I was
going to call the ambulance and just before he did, he just did a couple of more slaps on the back and thankfully that that’s what, that’s what saved me. Jack is a wonderful student but he must have been listening extra hard that day because the very next day he was able to use all of his knowledge, understanding,
and skills to save his dad’s life and we couldn’t be prouder. I think the work that St John Ambulance does is is absolutely invaluable. Indirectly, they saved my life at that day. One of the things I have learnt as well is that currently first aid is only taught in 24% of schools at the moment. I believe
it should be 100%. Jack is a very funny, mature little boy. He’s only nine years old and the fact that he was able to save Keith on that day was amazing. From my point of view it’s, it’s something that I could never ever thank Jack
enough for what he did to me. I felt amazing and when I knew my dad was going to be OK because he means everything to me.


  1. I totally agree this should be on the curriculum! We may never need algebra and if you do you can learn it. You can't learn first aid when someone is dying. I have saved someone's life with c.p.r. and saved someone choking. I've also seen several people's lives (including children and baby's) saved through first aid. IT NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS GOVERNMENT PLEASE LISTEN!

  2. Doing this as a school project and its awesome an amazing and all that he saved his dad good on him but my god they sound like its been rehersed more than 100 times and how can you listen extra hard???

  3. I'm doing this as a Socrates project and find it truly amazing i hope jack knows how mush of a star he is

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