Jake & Logan Paul Therapy Session (Hosted by Danielle Bregoli)

Goodmorning ! anti prank sorry no it’s an anti prank
ray is not sharing with you but I’m gonna get you fruit okay okay what’s up
Stan I missed you guys what’s chance what no where is he oh
he’s getting food bro he’s definitely girls house yeah yo you
know it’s bad when those who take off yeah he knows he definitely knows he
knows I’m vlogging you know I mean I guess we’ll just wait for him to come
home but um Paula’s got a surprise for them we have a surprise for them
but before that good morning Jake Pauler’s I hope you guys are killing it
as always make sure you get seven of make sure you are dabing on them haters make sure you some healthy
breakfast oh no there’s a smile make sure you’re smiling make sure you’re
working hard and if you’re new here I’m Jake Paul this is a team ten house
additional it everything open up in Barry but why they’re saying I forgot to
do the letter that I but I didn’t forget because about to tell you guys something
else sub Justin so need your head back there are secrets procedures bro listen
to your dreams so basically guys ray knows these four jacked gangsters like
legit gangs real gangsters I’m not even acting so we’re gonna have them come to
our house and act like they’re going to beat my ass because of something like a
compliment and then we’re gonna see what how the
whole entire house react we’re gonna see if Anthony and Tans are really down to
end of a comment but yeah we’re always like we’re to kill people for you I’ma
be crazy if the Martinez twins tough it up now we obviously I were to see what
happened i’ma get the Martinez twins to sail I do
that thing cause it’s just so much better when they do it already ready hit it
I landed that bad I was getting them to do a transition
and they asked me what wave is much in essence I love you guys you can make my
soul happy yeah where are you wearing yeah yeah let’s get him he can’t find me
I couldn’t record oh well well where are you ropes and stuff bro wow you’re all
dressed up I’ve never seen you wear jeans were you wearing that that’s right
I had your back yeah house where are you frog skins food oh yeah you gotta get a
game that breakfast my good where you went to breakfast out like how are you
dude there’s a parade I would have a home at 10:45 is that my belt in your
jeans because you’re trying to get fresh no
it’s weird you didn’t like put anything your hair yeah sometimes Who am I trying
to look like you just woke up yeah so just to clarify you weren’t at a girl’s
house who said girl’s house I said food it’s
weird you came just like sprinting in almost like you did it want to be in my
vlog which is really weird because everyone beautiful yeah well can you
explain that a little bit I got a hoop because I just ate oh look it out let’s
also talk about how I gave them 48 hours before the Romans travel again it’s you
know look it looks good Oh bro don’t check the poop yeah more line smell test
after you’re done just make sure we think you’re lying I gave you guys 48
hours and it’s already trashed again okay I just gotta wait two gangsters are
here alright so we have two of the guys here we’re still missing two more what’s
up guys Jake nice to meet you from it boy is about to be lit and it’s scary
right for what the prank oh it’s so hard we
waited for Mike Flores okay Joker’s make you local are we crazy thank you bitch
laboratory for real literally okay sure so the full squad is here so guys the
game plan is you guys are going to be pissed at chance because he’s like tall
he looks like the squirrel from ice age you guys are calm and yo you didn’t take
a picture with my daughter you’re gonna come in through the back door and
they’re going to be at the front door you had something knock on the door and
then you can walk around the side alright this is about to go down this is
called do your friends got your so that is where you see what your
friends are probably made what are you betting money on I think we’re going to
swing for you bro I’m 5050 yeah it could go up in the air but like it depends how
they act it depends on how bad you look like you’re getting beat up am I getting
beat up oh they’re coming to save you right I
don’t know I don’t know either all right let’s go yeah bro okay bro
okay somebody’s out you know shows you can’t
just combine Phil call the cops whoa this is illegal
no surprise it’s a break no I don’t know what ours is like I don’t know what’s
going on yo I think Erica is still in the room Erica erica tell them you know
I jumped out the window Tony I respect you Tony you got a nice pool that was
like sup you pulled a knife I did I pull it out on you in there like right when
the night came out like all right bro though it looks heaven they were walking
up the stairs and I was like all right do I just I’ve got a drink I opened the
door there’s always people outside so I was like all no man this is a day we die
no did you jump out of the window I follow a chat out the window did you
think it was real yeah were you scared gonna die both of us where’s chance
first of all good my life flashed he was just playing video games
I was just cause you play around my name only was the biggest chance didn’t even
get out of his chair everyone else was like what’s the knock on the door like
why super deli but I respect Tony the mostest go he got that the nice pool he
was like no one had anyone’s back maybe Tony other than that everyone scattered
everything I was just like this bro this is what committees do you go I was like
I was like acting like I was scared look back and you go in the balcony no
problem I’ll give you a perfect nipple right this is what I see I’m over there
on myself and I seek aid like yo alright son by myself map of the guy yo Tony
darling I was so no that’s not cool bro I think those are the cops coming by the
way also about to jump off the balcony into the galley and good old ombre
owners oh oh that was so good boys oh there’s people like that in G gave I
saw them I was like holy Erica just said she was running and her
bra started to come off as like call me ha ha guys so I am very impatient I’d
like to do things fast and get stuff done basically if you guys don’t know
this already if you’re a new J crawler I got a Lamborghini two months ago I
ordered it from Italy and it’s coming in four months and it’s like a super rare
car there’s only like five of them that are in the world right now and they’re
just demo cars no one owns them and the rest are being made in Italy we have to
wait for months to get it but there’s one right here in Beverly Hills and my
boy at Beverly Hills Lamborghini was like yo come on through we have one of
these cars here you could check it out and I’m like really impatient so I got
to see let’s go so it’s literally a spaceship of buttons like what is
WAIS this is like such a tease the first to fit next to you in your car it’s
actually gonna be Cade I’m going to Italy to pick it up I’m bringing Kay
because he can film you guys don’t have film and also because I like you Kate
and yeah we bond and talk about cars this is the key so this is how you start
it up flip oh snap time rev it up okay so I’m here at my brother’s apartment we
haven’t like sat down and had a conversation yet to resolve our issues
and so right now we’re gonna have a therapy session almost like a dr. Phil
session which is kind of ironic it would you’ll see it why it’s ironic in a
second I think it’s going to still be a little bit awkward but good luck bro
it’s kind of weird man dude do people use those at night oh yah me Logan
doesn’t want to speak to you yet so if you could sit right over there okay
we’re just going to talk about the repossession yeah what do I sit you can
take one of these little things I understand why it’s like this intense
because we literally shot a whole music for two music videos yesterday together
what okay we’re just doing here oh right there okay thank you for coming oh yeah
you’re joining come on what you call me Dickie am i dorky yeah why am i dorky
she’s definitely the better-looking how’s everyone doing good because you Jake good to see you too all
right guys this here’s what’s going down I figured
since Jake and I were beefing and stuff and we may or may not I settle it in the
music video this to be the first time that the internet sees us together
interacting for the first time we answer all the questions about all the other
drama all the diss tracks that are going on all the that’s all set adults falses
voices all the false is that because there have been lies in all of it
addressed the haters I just everything I don’t no idea free talk I brought in the
most qualified person on my line to help us do that you want to introduce
yourself yeah introduce yourself it’s not me bitch I’m me this is bitch I’m
new and I went ahead and I don’t think you’re capable of doing it yourself
wrote down some questions little sidebar we are not going to have overlapping
questions so half of the questions will be on my channel and have to be on my
brother Jason so today I’m gonna mediate these two dorks I mean brothers and
they’re gonna let me color again and they’re gonna sleep in the same bed and
cuddle of the break there where is the love I feel like the hate on YouTube
this past week overpowers the love and we got to bring it back here you’re
right Mary we do Danielle we don’t know where the love is okay but we’re gonna
we’re gonna find it where did the peace so I made a music video I was like yo
I’m gonna make a music video a song and post it all in one day and it was
horrible and you could tell that he made it in one day it was bad for someone who
watched it and with the intent of like this kid thinks he’s a rapper but you
didn’t say like it was perceived as being taken seriously I know I took it
seriously so I was like yo this sucks I made videos like I made fun of this bro
let me tell you the Jake Pollard’s know every word and jam it because I still
will say it may not be the best song but it’s lit and it has meaning so that’s
what we’ve started and then I was like yo if he’s gonna roast me then I’m a
roast him I saw a tweet of you saying you’re better than Kendrick Lamar do you
honestly think that I hope no no no so what the tweet said was sorry Kendrick
Lamar I’ll let you have your spot back on
in charge did you let him have his thought that when the Jake laws are done
yeah I genuinely felt sorry yeah I don’t know why – I’ll just a hype individual I
get hype I’m just like going in you ask – I’m your emotion Jake you I’m an actor
no you act on your emotions and so you decided to make a diss track against me
bro and then you brought up the dog what is
God so I can’t rap right correct first up first up to this situation and
I was like okay what do I want to rap about March clothes I stuck up step side
up third step I just dropped some new merch
and it’s selling like a god yeah it is like like I’m like like LeBron he’s a
god at basketball right I’m zone calm calm calm I knew where I’m zone calm let
me tell you kids if you ever want to be a rapper you got to get familiar with
rhymes or if you want to be a see rapper going around zone I just have some new
merch and it’s selling like a god , Church you rappers do that yeah these
mil did it right but you made it sound like one word I know I’m not one day bro
you can’t come at me like that it’s easy to come at me like that
I just got some new March and it’s selling like a god comma Church but you
guys can get this shirt it’s now available so thank you no please if I
promise you if you ever come up to me where it is you’re like this I’m gonna
slap you I would take a picture and post you on my Instagram I want to do so I
mean I like Jake I like my idea I think it’s a compliment okay next question is
like how that thing that’s on mine right it’s good all right what I want to say
as my last word or there’s been a lot of drama hate crazy stuff going on in the
past week good things as well but I want to say that if you’re watching this or
if you’re whoever you are if you make a lot of mistakes my friend and you’re
getting hate it on involve evolve law don’t let any of that get you as long as
you grow as a person and you learn from it so I want to say this past week has
really changed my life because I realized that I hate the hate there’s no
point bored because again it’s like this party comes in brings the other one down
I would play devil’s advocate I don’t mind it it may be so creative when you
roasted me bro see but was it what is it worth yeah well I’ll gain 100
but in AdWords when other people try to roast you or other people try to roast
me or there’s other youtubers rushed in each other like if you don’t know the
person then like any are not friends them and you’re not brothers with them
then it’s different and like again you don’t know when that heat is going to be
directed towards the wrong person and they might end up damaging themselves
emotionally or physically which isn’t good at all and I’ve learned to to move
past senior fuckable sentimental bullshit yeah but but seriously I want
and I want to say again the fuck up all right can y’all just like say I love you
in the tongue don’t think yes I love you bro I love you my bro
and I want you to know that I’m so sorry for things that I said I just want to be
friends so let’s make man let me resilient that’s my boy right there
that’s one boy don’t use the internet and hide behind your phone to talk about
your problems or talk about your beef with someone handle in person with with
Danielle drizzly media yeah that helps a lot thank you so much for your help
today all right well um I was great I think a
lot of progress was made monkeys can browse she freaks me out at
any moment she could have struck you she did strike you what we were talking
about how we with Jay Paul are swung out I love you bro I love you too yo you’re
our music videos are killing right now yeah bring it like you this is such a
happy moment my life Jake polish as always dab on and haters keep on smiling
I’m working hard as affect virtually commercially in by allocating polar
merch coming soon I will see you tomorrow because is every day bro
please make sure you’re subscribe to keep up with my life on a daily basis
and you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super
lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to
right now and if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our
group channel is called team 10 check it see you guys tomorrow


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