1. I never heard this album before, just a few songs from it, 'Three Days' I thought sounded like a Slint song from Spiderland, but this came first, there's another song by King Crimson tho that came out in the 70's which clearly influenced both, I'm having a day of booze and music, happy days 🙂

  2. Can anybody tell what album and title that intro is where they say that nursery thing that goes …a pig goes oink, a cow goes moo ….and the Devil goes?

  3. We use to leave for school early so we could ride around getting high in the 1980 Mirada and listen to the whole album. Solid gold right here!

  4. my classmate jumped off a bridge and died before he showed me this band….. then my girlfriend died in a car accident with me and CLASSIC GIRL is my bad omen…but i can't live without this song!!!

  5. Perkins is a BEAST.

    So inventive, so funky, so musical.

    He’s got some killer feel for Silk Road fills and ornaments.

  6. DAMN!!! I am sooo glad I have the original vinyl to listen to of this album. Someone even gave me the t-shirt for with this album cover. I wore it to a U2 concert and got a weird look from every stupid person there!! I saw this band in 1990 late in the year – Dec. I think –at the Eagle's Ballroom in Milw. Such a good time. Good music. Gone now, really.

  7. This album molded me into the person I am today. Haven't listened to it in a while and brings me right back there!

  8. This is a very special album. Jane's was and is a major influence. As a kid a world of possibilities was opened for me

  9. 📂Documents
    └📁 Jane's Addiction
    └📁 Bad Songs
    └⚠️ This folder is empty

  10. The soundtrack of my life at 16/17 years old.. perfect combination of creativity, aggression, sensitivity, freakdom

  11. This album is nothing short of epic! Such good memories listening to this album with my cousin who is now departed. He was the one that introduced me to this band.Whenever I am really missing him I will listen to this album. This music takes me back to sitting in his living room digging the sounds of this great band. Good times….

  12. this album is a complete religious experience! if it doesn't move you in the deepest part of your sol then you didn't get it…..listen again. three days is in my all time top ten for favorite songs, no question…..Perry Ferrell is a GOD….

  13. When this came out I was a serious progressive drummer and in a band I replicated this whole album on drums and many others like John Bonham and Neil Peart whom I studied from age 12 and forward!

  14. I saw these folks several times. Birmingham, AL, with 24/7 Spyz was probably the best rock show I have EVER seen. Dave Navarro may be the BEST rock guitarist/sideman of all time. Perry may, of course, be the best front man…Eric E., greatness – Stephen P. is a badass.

  15. Hands down one of the best ever recorded. Not close.
    Then She Did
    I'll beeeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!!!

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