JayDaYoungan – Muddy Situation [The Real Jumpman 23]


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  2. Chorus]
    I knew it wouldn't be long greatness come with patience
    Yeah, the feds tryna trace us, it's too late, we relocating
    Go pick up my medication, now I'm in the Matrix
    Fill my cup up then taste it, muddy situation
    Just come fuck on me baby
    It ain't no time to be wasted baby girl, let's go crazy
    I just want you naked
    She say she ain't never had a nigga like me, I'm amazing
    I get to the check, no Nike, fascinated with blue faces
    I just pray to god I make it, I'm so dedicated
    Chasing bags, my heart racing
    Work hard, no vacation
    We can take a trip to Vegas
    Just keep it real, don't fake it
    Twist the backwood then I face it
    It keeps me concentrated

    That fuck shit, I hate it
    All that fake shit so out-dated
    Swear I'm so underrated, they keep telling me I made it
    Dread head but no Jamaican
    Face was wrapped up like Haitian
    Ain't have shit, wanted paper
    All this shit took was some patience
    Got up on my feet and got suck to the streets
    Every night, momma be prayin' for me
    Keep it real, that's all I do
    OG's was influencing me
    If you know I wouldn't do it to you
    Tell me why the fuck would you do it to me
    Try playing me like I'm a fool
    Don't want to be with me then you can leave
    I gave you my heart, don't break it
    I love what we created
    I hope one day we embrace it and never let 'em take it
    Sippin' daily, I be faded, muddy situation
    Since I started, they been hating
    But that's just motivation

  3. My nigga was so throwed can hearr from voice i vlapp dis shit everyday💯💯 only real undastand comin from nun🔮

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