JCU Medicine Graduate Outcomes

this study aim to look at what proportion of jcu graduates were in generous careers we know that a lot of the graduates are in general practice in rural medicine were also interesting the idea of generalists and specialists so how many are generalists serving the needs of the community we did look at good data that we’ve got from our graduates and national workforce data on all national graduates under the age of 35 unsurprisingly many of the JCO graduates of GPS and rural doctors what was really striking was a number that were generalist specialists emergency physicians general surgeons pediatricians obstetricians so practicing a specialty but in a generalist way so what we discovered was that 24% of all jcu graduates are practicing as general specialists that’s compared to 12% of the non jcu group in this study when you add that to the GPS and rural doctors you realize that 68% of all jcu graduates are practicing as generalists in one way or another as compared to 49% of the non jcu group so it’s very interesting the reason for choice of specialty in many cases it’s been the exposure through training so people have been exposed to role models they’ve practiced in these areas in some cases that like the scope of practice the work-life balance in some cases of course people want to practice rural medicine so the geographic component as well so there are many reasons why our graduates are practicing in this particular way a different practice or different style of practice to the rest of Australia and that comes right back to the section processes of the college and the curriculum and then the experiences that students have on the way through and then any training importance of this is it demonstrates that the school is meeting this mission to meet the needs of the region so we know that North Queensland and northern Australia needs GPS and rural doctors we’re also providing the generalist specialists that regional towns need so up and down the coast we’ve got towns like Townsville cans Makai Rockhampton Bundaberg and so on they need GPS and specialists but the main need for the region towns is the general specialists [Music]

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