Jennifer Ashline, PA, Plastic Surgery Physician Assistant – Colchester VT, UVM Medical Center

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Jennifer Ashline, and I’m a plastic and
reconstructive physician assistant. (upbeat music) I chose plastic and reconstructive surgery for a variety of reasons. It’s very exciting that
there are multiple solutions to problems, both surgical,
aesthetic, cosmetic, and it allows for a bit
of finesse and artistry. It’s very rewarding for both
the provider and the patient. (upbeat music) You know, we had a patient
come into the office recently, a very young girl that was
suffering from a breast cancer, in a reconstructive process,
full of life, energy, and we as providers gain so much from her and her strength, and we’re excited to tell
her story to our patients and remember her when other
females come in just like her. (upbeat music)

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  1. Peace be to you all! PA Ashline exemplifies the excellence with which we Physician Assistants try to practice medicine.

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