Jeremy Corbyn | Luis can’t access the life changing drug he needs

J Jeremy Corbyn I have cystic fibrosis ie no can be loss of other people do you do I have written jittery the main vertex they didn’t help peace will you be the one to help I am asking on behalf of everyone who needs these medicines we will be very grateful thank you from luis walker age 9 can you tell me about what this medicine does it made me not have to go into hospital so much and I would be able to breathe better when we go into a regime between two and two and a half hours depending on how is justice that day okay this morning have a lot of extra mucus so it with certain half hours can I say thank you and well done for your campaign because I think you’ve wakened a lot of people up that’s how our life changes for everybody when somebody speaks up and says I don’t just need it for myself what you do but also I need it for everybody else that’s great well done you do yeah before you go can I ask you a question yeah what’s the protein to use for but his house what’s your thing man United Man United why’s that God my mom supported this happens all around the world where a patent on a medicine lasts for 20 years and during that time the company can make huge amounts of money out of it and if we the public have paid for the research that’s developed that medicine we the public should get the benefit from it


  1. Please Be Aware – Known paid trolls reside in Labour's comments section. Feel free to ignore them & their bait. Smears & disinformation is not welcome.

    For a compassionate, forward looking PM, vote for Jeremy Corbyn when the opportunity presents itself.

  2. see that! the child wrote to former pm may and got nowhere! tory government do not care about the lives of children! #jc4pm also #govegan to help tackle climate change.

  3. Luis is about same age as Tim Parry when Corbyn's IRA bomber mates blew Tim to pieces. Jeremy Corbyn is criticised by victims' families after failing to condemn the IRA.

  4. I don’t understand how anyone could dislike this man, he has to be the kindest and most compassionate person in politics. JC4PM!!

  5. In 2012 the 'Health & Social Care Act', written by Andrew Lansley who had been bankrolled by Care UK, was passed into law by the then Tory/Lib Dem coalition government. It was passed despite facing HUGE opposition from both the public and the medical profession.
    The Royal College of GP's said:
    "We still have concerns about commercialisation, increased bureaucracy, and standards of patient care that the government has not allayed."
    The Royal College of Nurses said:
    "The announcement that the cap for private income for NHS hospitals will be 49% has left members with real fears that the needs of the market could come ahead of the needs of patients."
    The Royal College of Midwives said:
    "This bill is a massively expensive distraction from the challenges that the NHS faces in trying to improve healthcare at a time of severe spending restraint."
    Responses to a survey of the 'Chartered Society of Physiotherapists' showed that 80.5% opposed the reforms and 58% 'strongly agreed' with a statement that the resforms would harm patient care.
    84% of Psychiatric Doctors wanted the Health & Social Care bill scrapped.
    The British Association of Occupational Therapists said:
    "We are deeply disappointed that our concerns have not been listened to and that AHP's are notably absent from the process, in spite of government promises to put clinicians in the driving seat of NHS reform."
    79% of respondents from a survey of The Royal College of Peadiatrics and Child Health wanted "the outright withdrawal" of the bill, rather than to continue and push for amendments.
    9 out of 10 Hospital Physicians opposed the Health & Social Care bill.
    The British Medical Association said the HSCA would be "irreversibly damaging to the NHS" and called for Doctors to take an "Active stand" against it.
    The Faculty of Public Health said "We are now calling on the government to withdraw the bill in it's entirety, because it would be in the best interests of everyone's health".

    Despite this mountain of opposition and numerous huge petitions signed against the legislation, the bill was passed into law. It considerably increased the amount of private work undertaken in NHS hospitals. Newly formed CCG's were in charge of putting out almost all contracts to private tender, under threat of legal action for so-called 'anti competitive behaviour'. New rights to sue the NHS were given to companies on these grounds, rights that have already been used by companies like Virgin to extract millions of pounds worth of taxpayers money for private gain. Private companies are now also able to operate under the NHS logo, leaving whole medical practices or even hospitals particularly vulnerable to private take over. The Secretary for Health was also stripped of his legal obligation to provide universal healthcare to the entire nation. Over the years that followed billions of pounds were cut from Social Care funding – which has a devastating knock on to the NHS and NHS budgets (e.g. If an old person can't get a relatively 'cheap' home carer, they end up falling over and needing expensive A&E. Cuts to Social Care are NOT cost effective and actually defund the wider NHS. ). The healthcare system became more expensive, less cost-effective, waiting lists grew, services became more fragmented, purchasing became fragmented and inflated, consultancy costs and agency costs went up, legal costs increased, and a lower percentage of money went directly to frontline healthcare. The Red Cross delivered a pretty damning verdict on the resulting mess when in 2017 they issued a statement saying that the NHS was in a state of HUMANITARIAN CRISIS.
    Don't trust Tory figure fudging on the NHS! …Unless you eventually want to go bankrupt because of sickness like 500,000 Americans do every year.

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