JHU Class of 2021 Admitted Student Video

“Dear Kwame, Congratulations on your admissions
to Johns Hopkins University.” I take this letter everywhere I go. (singing)
The first thing I packed to come to Hopkins my freshman year was my trapeze grips. At the spring overnight, I was sitting on
the quad with my dad and we saw a bunch of kids doing slacklining, and my dad immediately
said to me, “Oh my gosh, that’s just like you.” Then it was a big deciding factor that really
made me feel at home at Hopkins. (singing)
I found this blue jay feather right before I came to Hopkins. I found it while I was camping. I thought it was really cool that there were
all these blue jays there and I was coming to Hopkins, and that’s our mascot. (singing)
I knew that if I brought my ukulele, I’d find people who, you know, like my friends, they
play it, they’d teach me. And it really encouraged that spirit of exploration
and discovery, and it made me want to go out there and try new things. (singing)
When I came to Hopkins, I knew I had to bring my art portfolio. Every different rendering has all these different
memories. It was like bringing everyone with me. It really grounds me, it really shows me that
I’m going somewhere. I do love it here, so I’m glad that I packed
my fencing bag. The men’s and women’s teams practice together, so there’s a close bond. We eat together, we study together in the
library, we go to yoga together. It just evolved into truly my family at Hopkins. (singing)
I got this plate a couple of years ago, actually my dad found it in an antique store. I found this over the summer on eBay and I
thought, “Well, this is the perfect complement, now this is a part of my life.” (singing)


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