Joan Taylor was an WTS FANY (First Aid Nursing Yeomanry) with the SOE.

They were quite large,
they’ve got them up at Muckleburgh here actually and we were given a frequency
say to work on which and at the time that an agent was due to come up on the
scared as they called it and we would listen in and if we didn’t hear anything
then we would give a call sign so so much and listen for the through the
airwaves to for it to come over and sometimes interference was awful
sometimes it wasn’t too bad these sets buried but you could tune down fairly
carefully with even with messages where there was a lot of static to try and
pick up just that one note coming through but they were quite hard work
really that some of them and I think in the early days they were much harder
than they were saying Algiers when we were there but the sets what they’re
hella crafters and something else I can’t remember the name of them even now
my large and you learned yeah sort of that size well I’ve got you’ll see a
picture in there and then you as I say you tuned in to your frequency you tuned
until you’re where you’re scared was coming up and hope that you’d pick up
their call sign and then you’d break in and say you I’ve got you how are you
receiving me and then send back I’ve got so many messages for you or they would
say I’ve got so many messages for you and that’s then the messages were
transfer and it was all in five letters five letter columns

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