Joe Biden Praises Greedy Drug Companies During Fundraiser

This past weekend, former vice president Joe
Biden, attended a high dollar fundraiser at the Dallas home of a, a cranio facial, uh,
surgeon, if I pronounce that correctly. Uh, Dr. David, Jennacove. And while Biden was at this high dollar fundraiser,
he made the following statement. He said, by the way, great drug companies
out there except a couple opioid outfits, you know, cause Joe Biden, like the rest of
his, we, we don’t like drug companies that are just pushing pills, pulling in billions
of dollars, killing American citizens. But other than that, according to Joe Biden,
Big Pharma is totally cool. They’re great. And he believes they’re great because they’re
out there doing this research and curing diseases and making advancements and keeping us all
healthy and safe and wonderful. And that is a phenomenal myth, right? I mean, if we could believe in that, it would
be nothing but sunshine and puppies and rainbows. But that’s not what happens here in the United
States. Joe Biden story is a lie. Big Pharma is not out there doing all this
research and curing diseases and making people’s lives better. Technically, that’s the federal government. They’re the ones who are funding this research. And then for the 84% that the government funds,
you’ve got the other 16% maybe that’s coming from the pharmaceutical companies, right? Actually, no, the majority of that remaining
16% comes from charitable organizations. So they’re paying most of that 60% but surely
the remaining couple of percentage points that totally has to come from drug companies,
right? Well, sure. Some of it does a little bit of it, but here’s
the thing. According to recent public citizen analysis,
drug companies themselves typically spend about $160 million developing a new drug and
they make that back in a matter of days, days, not weeks, not months, not years, days. It only takes them days to make back the money
that they actually spent on these drugs. So you would think then, maybe after, you
know, 14 days, how, let’s give him 60 days, maybe after 60 days they released a reduced
the prices of these drugs. Nope. And you know why? Because of the hundreds of millions of dollars
a year that these drug companies spend on advertisements and lobbying and part of the
lobbying was one to make sure they, they’re able to advertise these drugs and two, to
make sure that we do nothing about the rising cost of prescription drugs here in the United
States. That’s where the money is folks. That’s where they’re spending it all. Remember that next time you go in to get a
prescription refilled and you have to pay $400 for an asthma inhaler? Yeah. Most of that is going to be used to pay off
a politician to vote, to not reduce the price of that inhaler. Next time you gotta to pick up an Epi pen
and you pay $650 for it, most of that money is going to be spent crafting a wonderful
new ad about how awesome pharmaceutical companies are. Some of it’s going to be spent on lobbying,
some of it’s going to be spent on these front groups out there fighting Medicare for all. That’s where the money’s going because we’re
funding the drug research, not the drug companies. So Biden at this big dollar fundraisers out
there pushing big Pharma’s lies for them and he has to know their lies. There is no way any rational thinking person
left in this country right now thinks that drug companies actually pay for the R and
D because they don’t. We’re paying for it and then we’re paying
even higher prices when we go to pick up those prescriptions because drug companies have
to keep paying off the politicians so they can keep price gouging us so they can spread
propaganda telling us that that money is used to, you know, develop new drugs. It ain’t true. The federal government’s paying for roughly
84% through the National Institute of Health for the drugs that we use between the years
2010 and 2016 210 new drugs were approved here in the United States. 100% of the funding for those 210 new drugs
came from the National Institute of Health. Six years. Pharma didn’t have to pay a dime for those
210 new drugs that got approved, but you can bet they’re charging us astronomical markups
for those same drugs that quite literally cost them nothing.


  1. OMFG you guys need to give this shit a rest. It's like all of your favorite channels turning into the Jimmy Dore show during 2016. Pls stop. This is just petty & stupid click bait. What are you going to when he becomes the nominee? Vote for Trump again?

  2. Joe Biden will definitely not have my vote next year. God forbids if he comes to be the nominee for the president. He had his time it is time to bring in fresh face, fresh idea, devotion and conviction to take our country back and restore to normal. After 4 years of Trump shits we are going to need it.

  3. Besides being payed off by big pharma and was a past VP, Biden is no Obama.anyone who praises big pharma is being paid off.

  4. Biden needs to shut up and go home. His brain slammed shut on learning the realities of the 21st Century a long time ago. He has no earthly idea of what is happening in the real world to any of us and he apparently has no need to find out.

  5. I know there are those that think current polling is legit but for the fuck of me I can’t understand him leading with a majority of any demographic.

  6. And, while you give your tax dollars to big Pharma and the US government, make sure you bend over and take that Red ,White and Blue American flag right up your ass and have a nice day! ..SMH..

  7. I sincerely hope the general population becomes as familiar with Joe Biden's behavior as I have at some point prior to the primaries. Right now the network news is propping him up.

  8. The more he speaks…SMGDH!

    I had to use Heparin, twice a day, my entire pregnancy AND 2 months post partun. 3 vials WITH insurance was $1500. Mind you…not even 2 days worth of meds!

  9. Another shill for the system. Hard to believe any of the 2020 candidates will do the right thing once in office. But there's absolutely no question with this ass!

  10. Hey Farron. Can you point me to some stats on where the money for research comes from?

    All the brainwashed zealots I talk to show studies by the drug companies that of the 2.6 billion it takes to bring new drugs to market only 25-30% comes from tax payers. I know that's completely untrue, but need some unbiased sources

  11. Corporations don't cure anything, on the contrary, their drugs not only don't cure anything but cause other diseases on people.

  12. Tell me if I'm right…
    According to US government, all diseases must be treated (treated, not cured) by surgeon / drugs.
    Scurvy, a disease caused by lack of vitamin C should be cured by Vitamin C intake.
    So no, they will have to 'invent' a drug that 'heal' scurvy.
    And all drugs have side effects.

  13. “This is America” says Joe as he accepts money from Big Pharma, except this is NOT the America that the people want. This is the argument that should be made to Biden’s supporters, many of who are the elderly who need medications.

  14. People wake up to what Biden is! Besides that, Trump will destroy him! And we will end up with Trump another four years! Do your homework your research! Bernie Sanders 2020 please vote!

  15. Biden doesn’t grasp that things have changed. You no longer can go to big donors, take their money and maintain the status quo. The public is sick of it and wants change.

  16. If the Right can't have Trump they'll want Biden in because then nothing..or very little will change.It's Hilary Clinton all over again.

  17. My first hope is that Joe Biden will drop out and stop the charade of running for president.
    My second hope is that all of the corporate interests will give him all of their money before he does this. Effectively wasting all of it.

  18. Mr Biden will guarantee Trump for another four years. Meanwhile people are dying so these obscenely rich companies can get even richer. Living off the dead.

  19. Americas drug companies threatened to sue Canada, under CH11 of NAFTA most likely, if Canada introduced any bills that would help lower the price of drugs.

  20. I have said for ages that there will never be a cure for cancer or any other widespread disease as long as pharmaceutical companies are publicly traded. Why? The second a cure for cancer is found and released to the public, each and every "Big Pharma" companys stock will become junk stocks. As long as they're publicly traded, their only mission is to keep their shareholders happy. And how do you keep them happy? Keep pumping out new drug, after new drug, after new drug and NEVER allow a cure to be found for any major widespread disease.

  21. If Democrat is For Biden. You are just being politically LAZY! And you’re not inclined to learn about his political legacy and see how damaging to the party he really is!

  22. Hell, it's a lot cheaper to buy the meds you need off the streets!! For the most part the drugs from these big drug companies don't even work. You're getting screwed at least twice.🤔☹️

  23. Pharma??? Also translated (Sorcery). Their all on the drug called money 💰. I'm totally with you on this one. Nothing funny here. Maybe a firing squad will help these evil people change their minds, or maybe not!!!

  24. Reckon you could do us all a favor?
    You seem to have more contacts than us,so,,,
    Can you find out any of what all that info about Trump and Russian collusion that Adam Shift claimed to have?

  25. share with your friends and family.
    Many people who do not support him have never seen him speak!

  26. Big Pharma and big food companies want to keep us sick so they can profit. Biden doesn't care about the middle class. Eat whole natural foods. Avoid any processed food or with hundreds of ingredients in them. Heal yourself naturally. Boycott big food and big pharma. Bernie 2020!!!

  27. Have anyone noticed, that there are so many Commercials on different drugs!!! The Side effects are worse then what's wrong with you… Take something for a headache side effect- Kidney failure suicidal thoughts. Not worth it!!
    Everything have a side effect!!!

  28. The land of the freeeeee. Lol.
    I'll stick to living down under where when I get sick, go see my doctor and get a full work up, scans etc for free then go get my $10 round of antibiotics. That evil Medicare for all doing Satan's work.

  29. Go home Biden. You’re safer with your senile dementia at home. For America’s sake, get out of the race. I hate Trump, but you’re going to turn people to a third party and get Trump re-elected. Please frigging go home. You do care about this country, right? Not just your own ego?

  30. My government has made prescription meds $5 for three months supply, NO MATTER WHAT THE DRUG! Now if my government can do that, why can't yours?

  31. Does Creepy Joe not realize he doesn't have all that long to live. What we see now is how he will be remembered. Sad, very sad.

  32. All the politicians we have in office right now should be hung and We The People elect Real people who care about the American people and not their pocketbooks! And a two year term limit for All elected officials!

  33. When you sleep with dogs…
    Corporations already own ALL the Republicans. THe Dems are mostly pre-purchased as well, but none more than Good Ole Joe, the smiling corporatist.
    "Sniffy" is Pelosi's choice and the DNC's choice just like Hillary was last time – they WANT to return to 1980 and refuse to believe it is different now – or they just don't give a shit about us any more than The GOP.
    The re FIVE I truest (and maybe Liz, while she too has suckled at the corporate teat, she is not afraid to bite the hand that thinks it owns ya – but the ones I actually can TRUST are The Squad and Bernie, The Squadfather…

  34. Any chance we have a recording of Biden kissing the collective butts of Big Pharma? Because that would make an excellent ad to show America the true character of this pathetic corporate shill!

  35. Having worked in a University and dealing with research with my doctors, yes, there was NIH grants, but, there were also R&D from other labs. (Some where Pharmaceutical). I had a tenured professor, who researches Sjoğrens disease. Sjoğren’s is a type of autoimmune disease and can branch out into a fairly serious problem. (By the way, although the correct spelling is with the accent, Google can't find it that way)
    That being said, I still think they are extremely greedy. I can't stand how much they rip people off. Medical equipment is just as bad. Rent a CPap some time. Buy crutches. Wheelchair.


  37. Biden's world: Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows
    Reality: Purdue after making BILLIONS on opiod meds is declaring bankruptcy to avoid paying fines from lawsuit.
    #NeverBiden #Med4All

  38. Biden is that one almost senile uncle that comes to family meetings and just pisses everyone off and you can’t completely be mad at him because he is losing his marbles!

  39. when did the republican party assimilate the democratic partty? was it when the 3rd way crew moved in or was it before that?

  40. Do you want the puppet to the right or the puppet to the left? How amazing is it that out of hundreds of millions of people Biden is the " best" choice? You are being screwed over so bad it's laughable

  41. Big Pharma is legal murder if someone made a bad batch of cocaine and it killed somebody they would go to prison big Pharma is still killing people

  42. I’m Canadian, and since I turned 65, I pay one hundred dollars a year for full coverage of any drugs I may need. Our drugs are relatively inexpensive compared to the prices Americans pay, and the quality of our drugs is the same as in the USA. Most of them are the same drugs anyway, despite what the politicians are trying to tell you.
    It’s another example of our politicians regardless of party passing legislation for the good of the country.
    Americans have a system where the politicians are owned by big business and block any policies that would cut into the profits of their donors.
    That’s why nothing ever gets done and you have the same problems you had 40 years ago.

  43. This dust farting hypocrite is at least as fake as trumpturd's hairdo! He is being pushed by corporate interests via corporate media. Asshole is as full of shit as is trumpturd, and possibly as perverted!!!!

  44. Joe Biden is exactly what’s wrong with America. White arrogance with a hint of foot-in-mouth.
    Next to Obama, he was funny, he was thoughtful, he was insightful. He’s a good example of the Peter principal. His ego does not do well as the man in charge. He should stand down and do VP again, which he already said he would not do. He’s willing to screw the election because he’s more important than the country. If there is a Buttigieg Elizabeth Warren ticket, Biden doesn’t stand a chance. When Trump sheets again and wins in 2020, everyone who did not give money to Amy McGrath to unseat Moscow Mitch McConnell Will not have a right to complain.

  45. Biden doesn't belong in this race — good candidates like Bernie and Warren and more should be heard — but this guy has the big money behind him – because he is more of the same — get the bum out of the game

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