Joe Biden says U.S. taxpayers are “obligated” to provide healthcare to illegal immigrants

can we play the audio of of Joe Biden where he is he is talking compassionately here about how America must now provide health care for people who are here illegally so I think that anyone who is in a situation where they're in need of health care regardless of whether they're documented or undocumented we have an obligation to see that they're careful that's why I think we need more clinics around the country and this idea that undocumented and by the way significant forces on dr. undocumented folks in this country are there because they've overstayed their visas it's not people breaking down gates coming across the border okay stop either way it doesn't matter here's the thing if you want socialized medicine then you must have a secure border we cannot do both you want open borders great private medicine but you cannot open the borders and say anybody who's sick come to America because then we're healing the world and we will not have the resources to heal anybody in a very short period of time that's just math and I know that math doesn't really work for socialists right now but in the end the gods of the copybook headings will teach us that too and to do indeed always equal for yeah I mean this is amazing you have a society that is trying to do both right I mean even libertarians and there are some libertarians who kind of not open borders but argue for much you know libertarians are only some of them might even say they're open borders but the reason is well we don't have to support them we can do we don't we don't we don't have to have these giant programs we don't want them right so if you don't have a socialist medicine if you don't have free health care for everybody if you don't have not a requirement to treat every person at a hospital that needs to be treated or educate right every kid that comes in all right financially it's still it's not as not a problem now there's other reasons why you might not want to do that but it financially it doesn't become as big a problem because well I mean look you've you're not giving away all this money right there's still employment and concerns and everything else but this is the way it goes every single time and then you have to put your you have to understand and I don't think many of the younger Millennials and younger who are suddenly embracing socialism realize what underlies that what underlies all of socialism is your dedication to the state it's the state as your God and that is really where this you know where this ends up you can sit back and say well I want this program and I want this program but once things start going wrong the socialist government that you've given all this power to has no other option but to protect itself at all costs and that dedication winds up killing a hundred million people in a century or so right we've seen this before there's a great new series on HBO called Chernobyl have you seen this yet I haven't I've seen this I've seen the ads for it but I will tell you this is a great way assuming that it's good I know you've seen it so assuming that it is is good this is a great way to teach our kids who did not live through the Soviet Union hmm teach our kids and our grandkids exactly what it's like to live in a socialist country now remember it's not really communists that you know the Communists though they didn't do communism right no that's right that's why it was the u.s. s our Soviet Socialist States okay so it was not communism because that's the higher law it was socialist you


  1. I also think politicians should not have any perks after office.. no free health care for ex politicians, no free security!!

  2. it's not 'documented' or 'undocumented,' it's LEGAL or ILLEGAL, period…a lot of people who are going to be future illegal aliens (they're currently allowed to be here), are documented, we take their info as they cross the border & claim asylum, then they're turned loose in the country (and they never show up for their hearing, thus becoming illegal), but, they are 'documented'

  3. Everyone that’s ever worked 40 & 50 yrs and beyond should be raising so much hell it would be pitiful I want free stuff,where is all my free stuff?

  4. Biden just said, Him and the Democrats have done nothing about illegal immigration since he has been in government for 40 years, since he stated they knew the problem has always been aliens overstaying their visas, not sneaking across the border. I never remember Biden or any Democrat leading any type of push to crack down on that problem. So if he has done nothing his entire political career to address the immigration problem, why should we think he could or even try to fix the problem.

  5. What a moron! We The People are not obligated to pay for immigrant healthcare! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO PAY FOR IMMIGRANT HEALTHCARE WHEN WE CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY FOR OUR HEALTHCARE??? Over 60% of 'American Citizens' can't afford healthcare! It's either healthcare or don't eat!

  6. Please notice that Biden is not opening up his multi-million dollar compound or offering up his wealth. Only a nitwit would believe that we are obligated to provide healthcare to the planet. If you live in Latin America, then I’m sorry because it really sucks. However, maybe Latin Americans should get off their duffs and make it better?

  7. turds like this have no conception of what it is like to live as a citizen in this country. swimming nude with your female secret service agent watching leaves little room for empathy for the average bill paying person. eat shit joe and go away

  8. No f ing way asshole we don't want these Invaders we don't need to feed them or help them in any way Stop helping them maybe thay will turn back

  9. Hello people in the real world of people on Medicare and no other insurance and are citizens, we can't afford most health care with copays and have to wait 3or 4 months for an appointment. Now the Left wants to provide illegals with free health care??? What about us citizens???? Who cares about us? Obviously not Deamoncrats

  10. Moo moo says; I'm responsible to execute anybody as retarded as this bozo saying I am responsible to pay for anything but my own insurance. Thats allways been my check deduction and allways will be my check deduction,and is that deduction out of my SSI forever.

  11. Biden is a douchebag politician with self-motivated agendas just like the rest of them. So discouraging

  12. After 42 yrs of working this bozo wants everyone from other countries too have free Medicare I want all my money back everyone should be raising so much hell what a damn lunatic.

  13. Biden has a box of depends to look forward to and an ever expanding probe coming to all CFR members past and present for conspiracy espionage and election tampering Biden is a deviant pedo who cant keep his hands to himself he is sick is senile and crazy as hell ! This type of person is whats wrong with our government you can run for President with absoloutly no merrit get fedral matching funds bet moon , loose clog up the process and what come out stinking like a rose ! He is the poster boy for the new world order .Global interests are ruining our country , and they laugh and give you the finger while thier doing it!!!!! If there is an ounce of human decency out there maybe just maybe Biden / Clinton/ Obamas would just go away like take your stolen loot and leave your money is no good here !!!!!

  14. I don't believe I have the right to force someone else to pay out for another person's health insurance people need to mind their own damn business

  15. B.S. We can't even get proper Healthcare for ourselves! I have VA Medical, it's useless. All they do is take blood and piss and give out pills and send you a bill if you do not have a Service related injury or condition. I have Medicare Part A (Free) but can't afford Part B, the premium is 12% of my benefit which would put me under $1000/month. (too many years in the Military lowered my 40 years of earnings). Yet illegal aliens get it all free on our dime?

  16. No, we are not required to give free healthcare to illegals when we have our own poor and homeless who need it more. Just like we don't need to bring refugees into our countrg to help them.

  17. I have a hard time understanding WHY supposedly educated people could grasp onto such a mathematically impossible idea. it's one thing to have a giving heart but at times you Need to have a working brain!

  18. Well, a lot of those big butt illegal chicks need lipo, so where's your humanity america?

  19. But when you walk around sniffing women's hair you're going to have to tell them what they want to hear

  20. I'll call the Sheriff for a red flag on Biden, he has a shotgun and might be ready to use it on white people.

  21. Love your labels, Glenn. LABELS. How the Goyim determine where they're at within the Marxist construct of the United States. In case you didn't know, all Planks of the Communist Manifesto are applied in America. SEARCH my book THE RED AMENDMENT

  22. Keep on with your ignorant comments Joe Biden , it assures the US that you will not be the next president! Nothing is free to anyone! If it was imagine how much more we would be in debt!!! The Democrats are far from mathematicians , they aren't even capable of simple adding and subtracting.

  23. I have cancer and cannot afford treatment anymore while democrats are giving away billions to non-citizens.

  24. BULLSHIT !!! Joe … Forget about running for president because you just screwed the pooch. Gawd you and the rest of the dems are idiots.

  25. This is why we need term limits Joe Biden should have retire a long time ago and by the way we Americans pay for his health insurance with our taxes 😡

  26. Joe Biden you can use your own personal money and pay for all the illegals healthcare you want to without using taxpayers money and let us know how well off you are put your money where your mouth is or Shut the hell up.

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