Joe Walsh To President Trump: American Health Care Act 'Is A Bad Bill’ | MSNBC

big big day on Capitol Hill today on the 7th year anniversary of the passage of Obamacare the White House will hold what is expected to be a very narrow vote excusing the house not the White House on what the replacement will be and there's a lot of last-minute wrangling for votes going on and no one knows exactly how it's going to play out but before we get there I want to look back on what Republicans have been saying for the last seven years after all the votes have been tallied health insurance reform becomes law in the United States of America repeal and replace Obamacare every Republican will vote for the repeal and replace complete repeal of Obamacare we have to repeal Obamacare it truly ought to be repealed or annoyed we will repeal every word of Obama real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing horrible Obamacare I am joined now by one of those Republicans calling for a repeal former congressman joe walsh from Illinois congressman the White House says today is the houses chance to repeal and replace Obamacare you disagree how do you think it's going to play out hey Stephanie the wrong this bill will not repeal Obamacare looks six years ago in Congress the very first vote I made was to repeal Obamacare two years ago the Republicans put a bill on Obama's desk to repeal Obamacare I think this thing will probably pass I think it's a bad deal for Republicans and in Stephanie they are going to try to tell us that this is repealing Obamacare but it's not and the truth here is the headline stuff is the Republican Party really does not want to repeal Obamacare that's why we've got this mess of a bill well what does it mean for president drunk he wants the world to see he can get something done but if it goes through today what exactly is he getting done a mess and by the way Stephanie something that will make worse and the differences Trump in the Republicans will now own it look I'm a supporter of trumps but this is the stupid game that DC plays we've got to pass something oh my lord we've got to pass something and it gets to the point where we don't even think about whether the something is good or bad we just got to pass it that's what Republicans are doing right now and it's got nothing to do with the policy well the commander-in-chief is the one in charge and you say you are a chunk supporter but are you starting to lose confidence in him look at the last week look at in terms of credibility we don't see in your opinion we don't see a reasonable replacement or you don't feel like Republicans want to actually repeal Obamacare we're looking at the president doubling tripling down on the wiretap claims are you still as enthusiastic a supporter of the President as you once were I am Stephanie but I'm one of those Trump supporters that isn't afraid to publicly kick him in the back side when I think he's veered off a track and with this Obamacare thing Steph the mistake he made was he turned it over to the Republicans he turned it over to the republican party instead of following his gut I don't think Donald Trump really knows what's in this bill he just wants a victory well this victory if they pass it is going to bite Republicans in the butt in 2018 then one would argue that health care of the American people is a very important issue for Americans so to your point that you said well the president doesn't actually know what's in the bill he just wants a victory why would you support a man with that kind of character the Stephanie it's problematic look again and this is why I'm I'm with you right now calling them out and I know Donald Trump watches your show president Trump this is a bad bill I mean that's all I can do as a supporter is to encourage him to do what's right I think this train has already left the station staff they so desperately want a victory it doesn't matter what is in the bill this is a huge mistake that Republicans are going to regret a victory for who I guess is the question before we go I got to ask you quickly about the double doubling down on the wiretap claims about this Russia investigation that appears to be getting hairier and hairier where do you stand on all that it's ridiculous and look what congressman Nunez my former colleague did yesterday was beyond the pale he ought to step down as the head of the Intel committee look I at this point stuff I don't trust anybody in Washington not the Republicans not the Democrats Trump will never apologize for that tweet he was wrong to make that tweet we need a special independent commission to look into all of this then what is it that makes you still support the president because you haven't set a positive thing about him or Washington yet you know what I want my border secure I want Muslim terrorists stayed out of america and i want my taxes cut i'm still with him on my bucket of issues but i'm not one of these blind stupid cheerleader trump supporters that will acknowledge he can do no wrong i'm trying to help him do what's right I get that people don't really like blind stupid cheerleaders I guess all right congressman I appreciate you joining me this morning Thank You Stephanie hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click Subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos


  1. She's desperately trying to get the guy to say he is not a Trump supporter. Dumbest strategy ever lol.

    The Russia investigation has less evidence than the wiretapping investigation. No evidence at all, yet MSNBC is chasing it like a missing Malaysian Airlines flight.


  3. Even Joe Walsh knows Stephanie for being a blind, stupid cheerleader. Fire her already. Just fire Joe Scarborough first.

  4. Stephanie needs to go. Pollyanna? Check. Mindless? Check. Shill for Trump? Check.

    Please send her to Fox. Throw in Halperin and Joe and you'll get a fair, reciprocal deal for a nice wet wipe. #firejoe #firemark #firestephanie

  5. ahahahahaha Romney in this clip "repeal & replace "Obama Care" oh that's truly righteous ! ! !
    ROMNEY WROTE THIS BILL IN THE FIRST PLACE ahahahaha it's really more like ROMNEY CARE +

  6. Republicans are the predators and barbarians of our time. Ryancare is welfare for the rich Republicans continue to saddle us all with their "Rich man welfare". They've made rich folks into nothing but leeches on the country. Paul Ryan and his ilk will not be satisfied until the American people are under the heal of the Ayn Rand Utopian society as envisioned by those who hold these beliefs that the world does better when the rich have more.

  7. did he just acknowledge some trump supporters are stupid cheerleaders lol he just wants his tax cut and racist values secure.

  8. I would blame Republicans for the death of many Americans due to lack of health care if Trump care passes. No one will mention that statistic.

  9. Rep. Walsh is a fool and a hypocrite ("I want to help Trump" but won't extend the same courtesy to Obama?) but I'll give him credit where it's due for not turning a blind eye to the Russian thing

  10. Everybody needs health care to dance to

  11. A great bill would be one that gets the federal government completely out of healthcare. However welfare programs are like addictive drugs so you have to ween people off of them.

  12. Republicans of the house just want to make the rich richer and people in economic situations will die or suffer – they do not care.. but I bet they have full coverage for themselves and family members. Looking out for themselves.

  13. time to start over again? time for a new idea. or will they pass
    something that nobody wants. the writing is on the wall. READ IT~!

  14. Drumpf doesn't know what is in the bill?  LOL!  Drumpf doesn't know a lot of things, yet he has a bigly brain and good genes (or he would spell it jeans).

  15. This a$$hole Joe Walsh wants to take even more peoples healthcare away, the "Freedom caucus" wants to strip out the "pre-existing" protections.

  16. I'm always amazed at how these politicians on the right can gain popularity by charging a man for introducing socialized healthcare which benefits, *drum roll*… the MAJORITY of Americans. That's honestly so sad. Do these people not have any shame. They villainize Obama like he's some sort of cancer when in reality these are the very culprits who are taking away all your benefits, the very benefits YOU pay for in taxes.

  17. "I totally support Donald Trump!", "I don't think Donald Trump knows whats in this bill."
    If you truely believe that, than how the frack can you support someone who blindly calls for you to pass legislation he hasn't even read?!?

  18. Is referring to Trump supporters as blind, stupid cheerleaders the same as referring to the basket of deplorables ? Hmmmm

  19. The Insurers are the ones making people's lives more miserable. These guys keep coming up with more euphemisms for kicking people off health care. Access, choice, freedom, lower costs all say some people are too 'expensive' to keep insured. So the struggle here is how to build 'callousness' into the plan without calling it that. If there is a God who will start throwing bolts from the sky, it won't be because you're drunk and naked on the beach, it might be because you just screwed 30 million people of the right to life. THIS IS EUTHANASIA by any other definition.

  20. Trumpcare is not even passed yet and the Gangsters Of Profit GOP are already hedging the bets and blaming someone else. Release your current taxes orange turd

  21. All the "blind, stupid cheerleaders" for Trump are busy on social media sites typing FAKE NEWS!!! VERY FAKE NEWS!!!

  22. Americans haven't got a clue about healthcare…. at least the legislature and executive branch don't.

    "Consumers" instead of patients… "personal tailored plans". The language is atrocious. I'm not buying car insurance for gods sake. This is my health.

  23. They are horse trading with tax paper money & enabling pres and his "advisers & cabinet" to gut our domestic protections, giving even MORE to the Billionaires and proving themselves incapable of governing. We have the technology and common sense to develop and implement changes in how r government operates and who operates. And, no I don't mean slash and burn, I mean throughtful and inclusive conversations and actions.

  24. pass the bill so all the rightwingers who're quietly soaking up the free benefits will die off and make America great again

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