John Bleazard, MD | Physician Profile

Hello, I’m John Bleazard I’m an orthopedic surgeon at Kansas City Bone & Joint specializing in foot and ankle surgery I have a special interest in sports injuries as well as injuries of the alignment of the foot flat foot deformities cavovarus deformities ankle replacements and ankle arthritis My philosophy of patient care is to treat everybody individually not to treat the x-rays not to treat the diagnostic studies but to treat the individual and create a whole picture and come up with a plan hopefully find a solution to the problem I think what makes a good doctor is the ability to bond with your patient and create a good relationship of trust I think it’s important to educate the patient on the pathology on the reasoning why they are having the problems they’re having I think if a patient understands to a certain degree what is going on in their situation they’re more apt to follow through with your treatment plan and understand and become a team together to treat this

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