John F. Rhodes, M.D. Physician Profile

I was born into a
family of physicians. My grandfather was a urologist
in Raleigh, North Carolina. And my father was a urologist
in Raleigh, North Carolina. They were in practice together. My mother was a nurse. So all we talked about at the
dinner table was medicine. I pretty much was destined to go
that direction from as far back as I can remember
the conversations. Probably, my two idols in
life were my grandfather and my father, and
I looked up to them, because I would walk around
the hallways with them, and I would see the way they
treated patients and the way patients appreciated the
sympathy and empathy that they would give to them
no matter what and no matter who they were. So I pretty much
follow that rule, and it doesn’t matter if you’re
the VIP or whoever you are, I treat everybody the
exact same and try to give them the absolute best
possible medical care they can get. I am a pediatric
cardiologist, but I also am board certified in
adult congenital medicines, so I practice pediatric and
adult congenital medicine I don’t do a lot of outpatient. I do some outpatient care
but most of what I do is invasive,
endovascular procedures. I trained at New York
City at Mount Sinai, and then went to
the Cleveland Clinic and spent four more years
training and learning how to do endovascular
procedures for children, even a fetus, as well as an
adult, no matter what age, if they have congenital
heart disease. So the best way to
sum up what I do is I am a pediatric and
adult congenital invasive cardiologist. MUSC is a simple
decision for patients. I chose MUSC because I had
been all over the country. I’d been to New York,
Cleveland, I worked at Duke, I worked at Miami Children’s. So I’d been all over
the East coast for sure, and Medical University is one
of the best medical centers on the East coast. And I came here because
the surgical procedure is phenomenal, and the outcomes
are the top in the country, and I want to be
able to simulate that with the endovascular therapies
that I can do and bring my expertise and the things that
I’m really qualified at doing and add it to University
of South Carolina so the patients really
don’t even have to think. They know that this
is the place to come.

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