John Stossel: Insurance Makes Healthcare Far More Expensive

there's a lot of talk and arguing in the country right now about reforming health care President Obama would have insurance companies cover more of our medical expenses and lower deductibles but john stossel argues that when people pay less they eventually pay more I need you boy you got me covered the singer of this popular video sings if you really wanna be my man you gotta put me on your health care plan and politicians promise more health insurance coverage and cover everyone they cover everyone cover more people but wait a sec health insurance means someone else pays your bills when that happens charts charts there's more paperwork law here here everywhere this is what some of the money goes free this doctor pays for employees just to do insurance paperwork on average doctors spend 14 percent of their income on but that's just the first problem the bigger problem is that with insurance someone else foots the bill so patients often don't care what things cost the patient have insurance they don't ask they just say some of them to do this do that and some of the things I don't think I've done insurance was designed for big catastrophes like cancer heart attacks but now people expect that to cover everything I need a flu shot baby I asked the video singers and songwriters you can get a flu shot at Walmart for about 20 bucks why not just pay for it yourself come on everybody wants more and now and cheaper and better and we need healthcare the way we need shelter and groceries but think about that what if you had grocery insurance you wouldn't care what things cost why buy hamburger I'll just buy steak it's why look for sales I'll just buy everything my insurance company's paying we'd make a lot more money you could raise your prices well we definitely could John Mackey's founder of the chain whole food he laughed at how grocery insurance would change shoppers behavior they buy a lot more go to buying a bottle of wine for $7.99 they might buy a $300 bottle of wine and yet this is how we pay for health care I know it's ridiculous now the president says insurance companies should cover more he wants to reduce copay well limit the amount your insurance company can force you to pay out of your own pocket that sounds nice we can get free you want some LASIK baby blazing wait a second that surgery is one of the few that insurance does not pay for and guess what lays it keeps getting cheaper that looks great in every other field of Medicine the price is going up faster than consumer prices in general but the price of LASIK surgery on average has gone down by 30% prices dropped because without insurance payments patients shop around to get the best deal I can't get away with not telling the patient how much exactly it's going to cost no one would put up with it and a difference of $100 sometimes makes their decision for them I started thinking well what am I getting for this price Jarrell and Schmidt also thinks about prices because now she has to pay for routine care she works for John Mackey's grocery chain which offers health savings accounts that include high deductible insurance if workers get cancer or heart disease insurance pays but for the smaller stuff they pay it's my money when marketing director Mary Ann Buttrose went to the doctor she never used to ask well how much will this cost because it didn't matter and I'll get someone to help and now it matters to me because it's my money at last I can go to that acupuncture's at last I can spend the money the way I want to spend it you try this new system and what happened our cost went way down because it changed behavior they started asking how much things cost they may not want to go to the emergency room if they wake up with a hangnail in the middle of the night they didn't ask what things cost before why should they somebody else was paying for it Cheryl and Schmidt used her account when she wanted to get a physical since it was her money she shopped around found prices varied by hundreds of dollars if I had regular insurance I would have never called around and asked for prices but it's hard to find out the price I'm trying to find out how much it's going to cost computer programmer mark horn has four kids insurance policy with a five thousand dollar deductible so he wants to know what things cost when I blogged about how insurance raises costs he emailed to say insurance makes it impossible for him to find out what things cost we currently accept Aetna Blue Cross and Blue Shield United Healthcare met cost prefer this recording says what insurance they'll take but if you want to pay cash PHCs Alliance PPO Medicare Manthey positioned themselves never know so they may refer me to the front desk do you know your party's extension but they usually don't know the cost either every other service that I use they tell me what it costs is office press two but with health care is not like that it's it's just a crapshoot he can't even find out what things cost right that's a big part of the problem patients are in a black hole michael toughen speaks for the health insurance Lobby we've had a system arise over many years that is not transparent it's not transparent because of you here's a graph of how what the person pays has dropped and how health care costs have risen hmm isn't one causing the other well there's no question there needs to be some personal responsibility where you're involved there's less personal response when we're involved there's protection against debt the devastating cost of serious illness but don't you admit this does cause people to overuse health care and now I don't think people are waking up in the morning going gee how do I get myself into the hospital today no of course not and it's good that insurance covers catastrophes but when insurance pays for everything customers can't push providers to lower costs I have almost no ability to influence them I have no ability to say to doctor a I don't like the price of your service I'm going to dr. B I just can't do it and the reason is because somebody else is paying for it why on earth for health care do we as a society think somebody else should pay for we don't think that about trees we don't think that about cars we don't think that about anything except help health campaign


  1. Whole Foods that's more expensive than it's worth they used to geo in all American food organic is cheaper you can grow it yourself but the problem with grocery stores version of organic it's a marketing tool it is not organic I come from a family background of farmers organic food it's not as pretty or last nearly as long as your local grocery store produce and it's geo and die to make look appetizing real natural organic Foods do look nearly as pretty but more healthy believe it or not

  2. All hospitals should have to show all itemized billing for whatever they are fucking you for, I'm sorry, I mean charging you for.!

  3. But yet if you don't carry healthcare the gov.takes it out of your income tax check, then fuck you trying to get you put in jail if u don't buy into it

  4. I get free health care in Canada …and I don't pay nothing…not for operations…not for anything. John -pay for your own healthcare-you can afford it

  5. I and many other got totally SCREWED because of Obummercare. We are the limbo bunch, make too much to be on obummercare and can't afford a decent healthcare plan. Bend over.

  6. My experience for STD check—
    Me "how much will this cost"
    Paperpusher " uhhhh let me go ask…. uhhh she says probably 150"
    me " may i pay now up front?" Paperpusher" no no just 50 now we will send to office get back to you with bill"
    me " okkkk? So okay 150 thought right?"
    paper pusher" probably more than likely"

    Three month later get bill for 300$ and says its already late….WTF why you GOTTA PLAY GAMES?!?… its bad enough they overcharge but then i gotta deal with their crappy billing? I would have payed them all up front buttttt noooo now im not paying anything i got no money to now.

  7. just got the itemized bill from my last doctors visit where I was administered some medication. They billed my insurance over $8,000 dollars for the one medication I got. The insurance adjustment was to $5. That's right….5 dollars. That's how much the doctor accepted for that over $8K medication……..once again…..$5.

  8. I went to the hospital a few months ago, and was billed about $1500, but the Ambulance charged me over $5000 – 15 minute ride – no medical assistance required or administered.

  9. Absolutely, I've been saying this for years. Insurance is for Great Emergencies. If we paid doctors ourselves, they would charge much less, believe me. It wouldn't just change my behavior, it would change the amount I'm willing to part with.

  10. There's no doubt that healthcare costs are out of control. I'm appalled at how it's nearly impossible to price health services at one facility vs another. The general mindset is if I'm not paying why should I care how much it costs? If people were able to shop around then prices would be lower (as explained in the clip) and then the insurances wouldn't need to raise premiums as often or as much to cover their costs. 10 years later there's a push for "free" college and even "free" child care. Where's it gonna end?

  11. the deductables are a big joke / ?? every year you pay that// so if you do not go to DR. much ?? some are to high //

  12. Anytime insurance is involved with any product offered to society it’s so expensive even though the product itself is not expensive!

  13. Karl Denninger at Market Ticker site has mentioned this issue very well. He says Las Vegas gun rampage victims got bankrupted by the hospitals.

  14. The Wall Street Episcopalians are behind this financial conspiracy to LOOT the public. They have several organizations, this is their top group They had MD's as charter members in January 1903! In bed under the covers with Carnegie, JP Morgan, Rockefellers, Du Ponts, Mellons, Astors, Harrimans, all the old wealth dynasties who STILL run America!

  15. Obamacare should have been to simply enable the insurance to cover for pre-existing conditions, everything else in that should not have existed. Lets see what Trump has to offer in this situation. When it comes to insurance, you have statisticians run those companies. When medical care have to charge so much. Even when doing something such as taking x-rays, they take you through endless loopholes before you can get them to simply open that file on the computer and click the print button to print that picture on ordinary paper.

  16. Broke my arm in 2015 here in mexico, no insurance…Xrays, emergency room visit, temp cast, pain shot, consultant with the doctor….70 bucks down here for all of it. 5k in the USA without insurance.

  17. Ten years later. Things have changed and most people now have some form of high-deductible plan (as suggested) and guess what . . . not a whole lot has changed with regards to rising costs. They have moderated some but not a lot. This issue was always far more complicated than the simplistic way John and his guests portrayed it here.

  18. And how much does it cost to call long distance? I bet no one remembers the cost to send a telegram. Why are these industries cheaper and health care more expensive?

  19. The likelihood of the smaller stuff happening is small , thus You pay out of pocket . The big stuff is more unlikely to happen . SO THE INSURANCE PAYS MOST NOT ALL .
    That is the insurance racket to begin with . Mafia alive and well But legally.
    People have all been sold on the CONVENIENCE OF THE CONVENIENT Store . Do u shop in them No Not really , but you do like knowing it’s there .,

  20. "Government Forced and Instituted Monopoly" Politicians and Corporate Cronies pilfering billions of dollars from those they force payments from. My insurance went from $378 per month for family 3 or more, to $2214 per month. Thanks Obama for allowing me to save us up to $2500 per year. I know you (and your friends) are receiving kickbacks to some hidden account somewhere.

  21. Insurance companies need to be completely done away with. Healthcare costs would come back down to affordable levels.

  22. Part of the reason it's so hard to find out health care costs is because of some of the shady practices. The system that adds up the bill will often double the actual price of a random service that was done. Sometimes you can see it on the receipt. I've seen, multiple times, where they have listed me getting an x-ray twice but, reworded.

  23. i've worked in the medical health insurance industry for most of my life, and one of things that floored me was not being able to communicate what the "reasonable and customary" amount was on medical services was to customers…that's a red flag regarding how things are paid for…

  24. medical care needs to be another competitive/free market item- this would drive costs down and quality up, like it does with every other service/product in our country…

  25. Correction: There is a huge sector of our society that does think that their food, housing, utilities, transportation, education and health care should ALL be paid for by the government.

  26. OMG!! Why do we keep going down this road when we know that more insurance and government actually makes it more expensive.

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