Johns Hopkins Community Physicians Opens New Practice in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore, MD

On what used to be a vacant lot
now stands a cornerstone of the North Baltimore community. >> We’re here today to celebrate
the grand opening and do a ribbon cutting for our new innovative
practice at Remington Row. >> We knew that we wanted to
continue to serve this wonderful, wonderful patient population. But we also wanted to be a part of
what’s gonna become a revitalized part of Baltimore. Really, Remington is going to become
an incredible hub of activity. There’s a lot of young families
that are moving into the area. >> Hundreds of people from
Johns Hopkins and the surrounding community joined together to
commemorate the special event. >> [APPLAUSE]
>> Remington is a community that’s undergoing revitalization. And we think having a first
class health care facility will add value to the community. Not just from a real estate value
perspective, but really, truly, a good community needs high
quality health care and we’re delighted to provide it. >> We are very pleased that we are
a part of something very special. That we’ll perhaps do
a small part in helping to stabilize the immediate
neighborhood, point one. Secondly, we’ll be able
to continue to serve the patients whom we
have been serving for so many years and those who will
come in the upcoming years. >> Developers were challenged
to think outside the box and find ways to revitalize
a growing community. >> To think about ways to grow
the population of ten neighborhoods around the Homewood campus by 3,000
households, and to create jobs and to bring vitality back
to these communities. And this project is a shining
example of achieving all of those objectives. >> But it’s not just a new facility. It’s also a new model
of patient care. >> The other unique thing is there
are no physicians’ offices in this practice. Everyone works in the offstage area,
and works collaboratively to promote
teamwork and efficiency. >> The 30,000 square foot area
also boasts private waiting areas in a very
personalized setting. >> The most important thing
is it’s going to serve many, many patients so very well. >> Today is a great occasion for
the children and families of the 12th and 14th
districts and of all of Baltimore. >> This center really is poised
to be, I think, the flagship for Hopkins Community Physicians and
what we wanna do for our outpatient practices. This is a space we built that’s
really patient-centric but also behind the scenes, it’s really designed to really help
us to be teams caring for patients. That’s the future of health care, is
teams working seamlessly together. >> A community that works hand
in hand with Johns Hopkins, and a community that stays healthy for
many years to come. [MUSIC]

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