Jokey's Medicine • The Smurfs

Oh long ago in the forest there was a hidden village where tiny creatures live they call themselves Smurfs they were good then there was Gargamel the evil wizard he was bad oh I hate Smurfs I'll get you I'll get all of you if it's the last thing I ever do oh I'll get you I have find your village someday you will be squirrel the forest is still there and if you listen you'll not hear Gargamel's rage and if you are good you may just catch a glimpse of the Smurfs [Applause] I should have known eat Smurf me I brought you to bride I guarantee a bank for yogi for you Smurf yet why thank you jokey jokey Smurf one of these days you're gonna get it hmm boy that joke he sure is a plane ooh what he needs is a good smurfing he's always doing those silly jump that last one ruined my flowers and my dress yeah where's Papa Smurf when you need him you should look on your faces yoky very funny very funny looking ass Smurf get any sleep with you around yogi you know boys are easy this Smurf lordy is really getting heavy I can barely eat [Applause] and a smurf lazy what some finning we all know how Papa Smurf likes to be disturbed interrupt me when I'm working oh she's gonna be the smurfiest bunny hold it hold it a minute lazy I just smirked something delicious this is gonna be smurfy or that I thought [Applause] if you again jokey Smurf plus time you've gone too far yes murdered up a little before my morning go he's gonna get it one of these days he prick lady – I bet well I say we give jokey Laurie first lady then gray and the Smurfs and what a great day here we come okay every Smurf start giggling you're supposed to take a lazy that's normal and now what they're doing hey there's a lineup again [Applause] [Applause] what's going on wait all are you well I sure don't think it's funny whoa we sure do it Sears as Bree oh come on jokey we weren't Smurfs yesterday Azrael and women me out of here I wasn't joking this time oh they're in trouble I got him let's hope there's a way out it here oh now what that mean net field every else right behind us Hey look this may be our way out hurry hurry [Applause] Bheema you're running to that tunnel now I gotta get that cat away from there this space sure looks familiar yeah look at all those bottle hey this is Gargamel's play you're right lazy and let's get out of here ain't gotta be around here somewhere baby Smurf it lady but do I smell in my house it's it's those wretched Smurfs 1 2 3 horse don't do anything you'll regret what an unexpected snack my wretched disgusting little Smurfs Gargamel you mean all wizard let us go oh I will Smurfette I will right into my soup [Laughter] [Applause] it is real Oh Smarties me this is getting less funny by the minute it was thoughtful of you to come just at lunchtime my tasty little smile another tasty stuff for the pot this must be my lucky day wait wait wait for what here I brought you a special present a present for me oh nice are you all right yeah just get ready to climb out of here with Gargamel stew anywhere this is no time for jokes joking but it's time that jokes I'm Gargamel just be ready let's see what the sniveling little Smurfs brought me Azrael oh how I hate Smurfs well at least we still have our main course as we held soup a la Smurf gone white nose disgusting mr. bird what's this another Smurf Lee perfect they got away my net my club my kingdom for a smurf that was so smoky oh how I hate him get those miserable Smurfs if it's the last thing I ever do and it may be rainy but once Joe Keys pranks really paid off yeah he really burned Gargamel up but does this end justify the means a practical jokes ever really opposed to a smurf perhaps and I only say perhaps there is the proper time and a place for those kinds of jokes Hey


  1. Oh I sure love The Smurfs I still watch them, I use to wake my mom up at 7;00 am just to watch them on TV every morning

  2. Smurfs are my favorite sence my childhood. I love smurfette she's cute jokey is funny especially the bomb-presents KA-BOOM💣🎁💥

  3. I've always found Jokey to be one of the most adorable smurfs, except from 3:55 to 5:24. That's when he went from playful jokes to being a jerk.

  4. So……exactly how DOES Jokey create those explosions and stuff them into boxes? Has he secretly discovered gunpowder? Or saltpeter? Or nitro glycerin ?? Or nuclear fission? Or friction? Or spontaneous combustion?

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