Jordan Peterson : How he treats ANXIETY (1)

to move forward you know I mean I've dealt with lots of people who have anxiety disorders you know and one thing about people who have anxiety disorders is they are not mysterious to me I understand it's no problem for me to understand why people have anxiety disorders or why they're depressed or why they have substance use problems the mystery to me is always why people don't have all of those things at once because everybody has a reason to be anxious in fact we have the ultimate reason to be anxious because we know that we're vulnerable and we know that we're going to die and how you cannot be anxious under those circumstances is a great mystery it's a massive mystery and the same thing applies with regards to depression and then the same thing applies to some degree with regards to drug and alcohol abuse because I said last week there's plenty of reasons to drown your consciousness in alcohol that's for sure we could refer to the aforementioned anxiety and depression not least and so and the and the sorts of drugs that people are prone to take our chemicals that take the affective edge off the tragedy of life so so back to back to the issue of fear I mean Abraham is self-conscious that's what this commentary says but the thing is as he moves forward despite that he's self-conscious and he knows the danger but he moves forward despite that and that's actually the appropriate response in the face of actual non naive understanding of what constitutes life like if you're naive and you move forward it's like well what the hell do you know you know there's no courage in naivety because you don't know what there is to stop you you don't know what dangers you might apprehend but to be aware of what it is that your problem is so to be alert and essentially let's say or to be fully self conscious means that you're perfectly aware of your limitations and how you might be hurt and then to make the decision to move forward into the unknown in the land of the stranger anyways that's the I would say that's one of the secrets to a good life and I can say that really without fear of contradiction I would I would say because the clinical literature on this is very very very clear what you do with people who are afraid and to some degree depressed but certainly anxious is you lay out what what they're anxious about first all in detail what is it that you're afraid of what might happen and then you decompose it into small problems hypothetically manageable problems and then you have the person expose themselves to this thing that they're afraid of and what happens isn't that they get less afraid that isn't what the clinical literature indicates exactly what happens instead if they get braver and that's not the same thing right cuz if you get less afraid it's like well the world isn't as dangerous as I thought it was you know silly me if you get bravery that's not what happens what happens is yeah the will damn world's just as dangerous as I thought or maybe it's even more dangerous than I thought but it turns out that there's something in me that responds to taking that on as a voluntary challenge and grows and thrives as a consequence and there's no doubt about this even the psychophysiological findings are quite clear if you if you can if you impose a stressor on two groups of people and on one group the stressor is imposed involuntarily and on the other group the stressor is picked up voluntarily the people who pick up the stress or voluntary voluntarily use a whole different cycle physiological system to deal with it they use the system that's associated with approach and challenge and not the system that's associated with defensive aggression and withdrawal and the system that is associated with challenges much more associated with positive emotion and much less associated with negative emotion it's also much less hard on you because the the defensive posturing system the prey animal system man when that thing kicks in it's all systems are go for you you know you're the gas is pushed down to the are the pedals pushed down to the metal and the brakes are on you're using future resources that you could be storing for a future time right now in the present to ready yourself for emergency so there's there's there's nothing simple or trivial at all about the idea of being called to move forthrightly forward into the strange and the unknown and there's a real adventure that's associated with that right so that's an exciting thing which is part of the reason why people travel and then also to see yourself as the sort of creature that can do that is willing to do that on a habitual basis is also the right kind of tonic for I hate this word for your self-esteem no because the self-esteem has nothing to do with feeling good about yourself as I already mentioned there isn't necessarily reason why a priori you should just feel good about yourself but if you can view yourself acting in a courageous and forthright manner and encountering the world and trying to improve your lot and and and taking risks you know in a non naive way well then you have something that you can comfort yourself with at night when you're wondering what the whole damn point of is of your futile and miserable life and so and that's necessary because it's often the case that you wake up at 4 in the morning or at least sometimes the case that you wake up at 4:00 in the morning when things haven't been going that well and wonder just what the hell the point is of your futile and miserable life you have to have something real to set against that it can't be just rationalizations about how you know you're a valuable person among others even though that's true that's not good enough you need something that's more realistic to set it against that an observing courage in yourself is definitely one of the things that that that can help you sleep soundly at night when when things are destabilized a little bit around you so


  1. Pfffft – he talks about anxiety like it's one thing causing it – it's a chemical imbalance if constant and it's not caused by anything in particular.

  2. The best method is to learn to be OK with whatever happens. To accept that life is full of tough times and that its OK for you to experience some

  3. Let’s not forget that what we eat and lack of exercise can affect anxiety too. Exercise helps a lot of my anxiety by increasing endorphins and lowering my anxious thought. Good sex helps too. If u don’t get that then take care of this for yourself.

  4. Fell 4 stories trying to save a guy.. got screwed for it and now I'm the most anxiety ridden. PTSD scared to go to the store kinda guy.. switched my character 100%

  5. My fear is mostly overthinking. I am anxious a lot and even more when I’m around people. I just do not want to show them that I’m feeling down or in my head. When I’m not in my head so much I interact with people quite easily. Like I used to before this shit kicked in. Outward focus on who you are talking to is key in social anxiety. But also with generalized anxiety, focus on your surroundings even thoughts are jumping for attention. It’s tough af but we have trained ourselves to be thinkers, so we can train ourselves to be observers and present again. Repetition, repetition, repetition.
    Myself I am going to make a schedule, listing all things I know are good.
    – Meditation
    – Focus/Attention training
    – Exposure
    – Visualisation (mostly feeling, activating different genes(dr. Dispenza)
    – Progressive muscle relaxation
    – Exercise

    Yet, I wondered yesterday: Isn’t everything I’m doing and focused on related to anxiety? It mostly is.
    Working towards a better future and being independent is also a very big deal.

    Good luck to everyone suffering from this. It’s a bitch.

  6. i always have fearr and anxiety when facing people ythat cause me uncomforatble…so what i always did to overcame is…avoiding eye contact i focus on his or her forehead or i picture there is a wall infront of me…works most of the time…plus when dealing with anxiety i always kinda drive my thinking towards something that i can look forward to..something that is interesting ffor me like, ok im having fear and anxiety now, but nevermind afterwards im going to go to the bookshop,, or ok i cant wait to watch rupaul drag race, or..i cant wait to buy food, or i cant wait to continue my fun project etc etc…works for me…at least.

  7. I just wanted to comment to see if anybody had any advice. I have schizotypal PD which is a lesser type of schizophrenia. One of the symptoms is social anxiety that doesn't go away with exposure, in fact I notice that it is quite random and sometimes gets worse with familiarity.

    It's the symptom I would most like to deal with as it is the most crippling one. It's to the point where I cannot speak a word a lot of the time for fear. I would like to get better but I feel that exposure therapy is leaving me burned out and I'm not noticing any real progression, although it is getting a little better now with the help of medication. Can anybody recommend what I should do? I feel that I shouldn't give up and I should keep on trying

  8. You got to win. You got to win win win & win. That is all, no more to say. You need to choose something and progress in it, say no & fuck you to everything else, just stick with that one thing. Because at the end of that year, once you've won, you will have elevated the dominance hierarchy and experience the resulting sensation from the key to our peace: Serotonin.

    I don't know how true that is. I ain't gonna lie. But since watching Peterson talk on how a crab naturally stands tall and experiences increased serotonin levels every time it wins a battle, I feel I gained an indispensable piece of knowledge. Man must elevate the dominance hierarchy, according to his value hierarchy. You have to know your own value hierarchy, because that rules you. Once you understand this then you know the beast you must face. From there you can take steps to become as dominant as you need to be at least moderately satisfied, that is to have moderate Serotonin levels. This is the reality men must face.

    So what does this mean? If you're coming from a low, or in other words have low Serotonin levels, then you must incrementally bring yourself to a high. Serotonin is the stuff of pride. You've got to WIN. What this means for me is, this year I am focusing only on my physique/fitness, and two languages.. In fact, along with trying to have a fun social life with my friends and cousins and have relationships etc.,,, that is already a lot. I wish I could I have said focusing only on fitness. Alas, I want to move forward with my big vision and I feel I can do it. I've got an evening part time work routine which keeps me grounded, and have a year to WIN. WIN with physique/fitness and with languages!

    Once you've won, it will be easier to keep winning. This is what I understood from Peterson's crab example. He said, every time a crab won a battle he stood tall, and with each battle taller and taller; and with each loss the converse, he shrunk, he became smaller and smaller. In an essence one's posture holds within itself a history of a persons triumphs and defeats. It is what sets apart two opponents. Who has the greater will? Who not even for a moment doubts their own ability? Who has slain more beasts?

    And what does this mean for you? The way you feel is not your fault. You simply have low levels of Serotonin. Serotonin is THE mood stabilising hormone. So increase your levels of Serotonin. By winning. Before tackling your greatest goals, win at one thing. Move progressively for a year in one direction, and achieve what can be achieved with one year's focus. A whole host of other good things should be happening as well. Ride the current, and with newfound strength, if your will calls for adventure, leave the security of the stream to face the fierce sea.

    Until then, Godspeed.

  9. Thank YOU! When you drink some energy drinks, you get lots of energy quickly and then it dissipates and you go into a low. I like this video about

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  11. I have panic attacs when my heart speeds up. I think it is sick so im scared shitles if i do anything that will cause it to speed up

  12. To live with out anxiety and fear amidst the vulnerability of the human condition is not a mystery to me. It's called stupidity and the lack of awareness, which includes: awareness of the depth of life, emotions, and consciousness. At least that's my hypothesis, because I notice that when all of the aforementioned stuff is not at the forefront of my awareness, I'm way more relaxed and content with not just the moment but the future as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this claim

    Edit: Or, you've been through serious bouts of anxiety and you just accept its presence, and you basically accept it into submission. That's what I have done even though it still comes back erry now an den

  13. So exposure just makes someone braver and not less afraid? But still has the anxiety every time they encounter the situation? That’s no way to live. That’s worse than just avoidance. Who wants to face their greatest fears every day without any reduction in anxiety? Exposure therapy hasn’t worked for me. My job is ultra panic inducing and I’ve been doing it for 13 years. Just gets worse every day. Thoughts?

  14. Can't bring myself to go to a new job I just started, the anxiety is overwhelming. Doesn't help that every weekend I go on an alcohol and drug binge. I constantly lie to my family about my health and addiction and why I'm missing work. Think about suicide constantly but never fully plan it because I know I'm too scared to. I've spent the last month in my room trying to distract my mind by watching shit on YouTube or playing the xbox.

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