Josh Gottheimer Shares Concerns with American Health Care Act

state affairs is honored to have United States congressman Josh got heimer who is from the fifth congressional district good to see congressman good to see you loudly anything happening in Washington nothing to see yeah but we tell folks real quick about your background before you got to the United States Congress most recently I was at Microsoft I spent time at Ford Motor Company and earlier my career I was a speechwriter for President Bill Clinton so in and out of the private sector I talk about speech writing tone tenor we're doing this in the summer moving toward July yeah I'll be seen very soon the reaction to the horrific scuse my voice reacts to the horrific events in Virginia in involving members of Congress playing baseball staff and one of your colleagues who was seriously injured explained the reaction it was a spin it was a tough week last week and and the last you know I think overall this just brought to bear what a lot of us know right omits just the polarization in politics overall is it's it's how polarized are we Josh I mean I think if you read social media or watch the news or you listen to how people speak about each other I think it's way too polarized but what's interesting and I've seen this in Washington I've just been down there since January so I'm new but what you realize is that most of us across the aisle and I spend a lot of time speaking to Democrats and Republicans because I think that's very important most of us get along really well and people treat each other nicely what happens is you know you cable shows and the social media and and just how and the institution isn't built right now to encourage people to work together right it's it's you you almost your disincentivized too so those of us who were spending a lot of time working across the aisle and I co-chair something called the problem solvers caucus and also I'm very focused on let's sit down and actually talk to each other I believe the best way to settle things down and work and and and we've got a lesson this polarization is to actually talk to each other and you know if you you know this if you've done business with people it starts with relationships and those relationships are really important however on policy part of our country a big part of our country is disagreeing doing it vehemently but respectfully you have serious questions we're doing this program as we said toward the last week of June we don't know exactly what's gonna happen the United States Senate I had deliberations around repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it what are your phone's you know talking about bipartisan engagement unfortunately on this health care bill this was not one of those moments where Democrats Republicans sat downs it was sort of a partisan bill and kind of jam through and and whereas things like tax reform and infrastructure there's a lot more bipartisan work going on and try to get somewhere this health care bill and we'll see what happens to the Senate and how that ultimately turns out but I'll tell you what passed out of the house was not good for New Jersey why the biggest reason and there's several reasons one Medicaid dollars and resources to the state we pay some of the highest taxes in the country and we get some of the worst return for our taxes along one was that Medicaid is being talked about and the argument that's made by President Trump and others who support this effort or wait a minute what are we talking about it's a blocked cram we let the state's control it let the stage control Medicaid you say well so here's the issue for New Jersey and my job is represent of the state of New Jersey and in specifically the fifth congressional district northern New Jersey which tell people where v is Bergen Sussex Warren Passaic counties so northern north west north of bacteria that's what part of the state she's a problem that met the Medicaid resources that we've been getting under this legislation will go way down to the tune of a $4,000 tax hit for each family in the state of New Jersey so the dollars that we've been getting the resource we've been getting they've been coming under the ACA will internal generally in distress under this change proposed change will go significantly down and we'll hit our pocketbooks in New Jersey right and I just don't think we can afford another $4,000 family hit one – if you are over 50 you get hit with someone calls are called the senior tax you look better we call this called the senior tax right all right it allows insurance companies to charge more than five times what they would charge people I fifty five times in premiums five times right then you have something another hit on Medicaid you know medicaid covers a lot of long-term care facilities a lot of our parents and grandparents are in facilities three other so three out of five of them will lose if we would under this legislation will take a significant hit and talking to many facilities many may not be able to provide caring more and you could actually throw seniors out of their nursing homes so this is just practical reality right and and you can many of us think we need to fix the ACA I'll be the first one and anything odd about and I mean many republicans argue congressman we have to lower cost and the ACA created more costs we have to change it's not fair to small business owners and and I need to make these changes let me say well first of all I've worked very hard on actually I voted for legislation so that we can work with small business owners in coops and ways to take that on I'm not saying we don't need to fix the AC yeah I can't paint on fixing the ACA this is not a fix it's a gut job right it's going to hurt and it's it's not it's not it's not a fix and it's very bad for us in New Jersey and for seniors why were the Republicans do this I mean you got to really know that nobody like they think they need to deliver on they spent seven years saying we're going to throw out Obamacare right seven you're saying it and I think they feel like they've got a deliver and by the way I'm not saying we shouldn't fix it but it takes sitting down in a room just like you are sitting here at this table it takes us sitting down and actually saying okay let's be constructive and how we fix it I'm against the Cadillac tax I think the medical device tax and it both two provisions in it right now that need to go and there and I can give you a laundry list of other provisions so we got to deal with but this is not a sort of Congress many of the people who voted for Donald Trump yeah appear to be the ones based on the Congressional Budget Office analysis is 24 23 24 million Americans may potentially lose their insurance many of the people voted for Donald Trump are some of the ones who are going to be adversely impacted by this do you think people know that you know I hope that people get in the facts do do I think people all know at the Prix that what they'll suddenly qualifies a pre-existing condition right if you right it's not just if you had cancer or have other diseases and also these other previous ranges if you've a woman had a c-section you're suddenly a considered previous in condition and they can charge you more than I certain insurance agent yeah turns coming again because it'll be considered a pre-existing condition you know you here's another provision if you throw out the ACA throw it out not fixing you throw it out but you know what the doughnut hole is that Co is the right it can the original Medicaid d exactly for RVs bicycling that's right so Medicare Part D right where you closed so over time it's what your parents or grandparents are almost pay up front from scripts and drugs then there's a there's a gap that comes out of your pocket and then it's picked back up picks it back up again if you kill the ACA it below and the ACA was closing that hole by 2028 be gone there'd be no there'd be no gap this blows it right back up in two thousand dollars a year to seniors if you take a lot of trips and drugs and costs $2,000 a year these are just facts and you're exactly right we just have to get the facts out there are plenty of things that we can work on together I'm just worried about the way this is being done a couple things number one there is going to be a member of the congressional delegation who happens to be Republican on a future edition hopefully the next time we join you on next taping of state of affairs that will offer a different perspective not that every Republican agrees with you know that three out of the five in our Republican delegation voted against the bill I do know that there we are going to get a member of the delegation who did vote for the bill and all for a different perspective okay Donald Trump you say it's a broad question what not the question what specifically what impact do you think he's had on the nation in terms of our ability to solve the serious problems we have I'll be more specific yeah but here's what I think I am hopeful that and what I'm talking about what I'm how I'm approaching this I believe if you want to get things done you have to work with all the part can you work with President Trump I met with had it last week no not the White House do you think you can work with President you get to see if you got a chance to sit with President Trump what I said of course do you think you have a meaningful conversation with about policy I would hope so yeah of course yeah I think it's I think I would hope that we you know weather and I by the way worked with talking to the White House on tax reform on infrastructure and issues that I believe are critical to us and we've got to fix we can't have deny force roads in the country you can't have it that we had the worst on-time numbers in the country New Jersey chance transit last year that's not okay so it was committed to doing something about infrastructure he says he is if he's ever going to get to it what's going on in terms of the investigations at every level I'm so confident that we can act so I am still part of the group that's confident that if we actually sit down and work together with the White House with the Senate will get tact we can get tax reform done we get infrastructure done I think they need to go together the fine tax reform be specific doesn't mean getting getting the rates down closing a bunch of the loopholes up in the shelters getting the rates down across the board you can't have it our our tax rates on businesses are the highest in all the OECD countries in the world all the big countries around the world we have the highest tax rates it's actually forcing jobs overseas in companies to leave as you know our country that's not okay right so I think we need to get in New Jersey our taxes are out of control right it just are at every level you add it up and it's causing businesses and people to leave we're not gaining we're losing people and Millennials whether you're a millennial your senior your leaving our state I move at an incredible plet we live in an incredible place incredible schools beautiful parks I love raising my kids here we need to make sure that going forward we do everything possible so that we we stay that way you think president Trump is dangerous I think is dangerous yes no I think that you don't think he's dangerous either this nation what depends on what area do I think what he's doing and you think the way that communicates publicly primarily through social media / Twitter do you think it's dangerous for this country I really believe it's unhelpful that he tweets out things in the middle of the night I think the best way to actually engage is to have constructive conversation he argues that he needs to communicate directly with the American people you say I don't mind people engaging directly I engage directly with my entire social media I just love my constituents but I think it's how you do it and you know I think it's really important tone is really important if you want to make sure that we start this conversation last week if we want to make sure that we have constructive conversation you know you've got to be careful in the words you choose right I mean it's something I learned very early microwave got to be smart about the words you choose and and I have no problem with the president communicating directly I just want to make sure it's how we communicate with each other is really important you're optimistic is interesting you ran in a very nasty ugly grey sea of a minute left Scott Garrett was the incumbent right do you believe campaigns can really be run on the issues on the merits without the personal attacks or is this just the way it is so I ran out a lot of issues so I believe you're gonna I got a nasty race got nasty hit on Friday unfortunately that's the way it gets us Congress that's just the way it is no I'm presenting please cause I would hope so I would hope that we can run more constructive races and not actually have have to get into that stuff but also I believe you run things on the difference of issues and my campaign actually was about the difference really on the difference between the candidates and I think it's okay to talk about the difference between candidates but let's get to the issues that's not Garrity or nasty that's as healthy yeah that's getting into the issues no and so I so I think you there's a difference between personal attacks and getting the issues congressman Josh Scott hi Murph if congressional district on I thank you for joining us only the last time thanks Bradley thanks for this joining us this edition of state of affairs continue the conversation follow me on twitter @steveadubato promise to you next time thank you state of affairs with Steve Adubato is a production of the caucus educational corporation celebrating over 25 years of broadcast excellence state of affairs with Steve Adubato is brought to you from the Agnes Varis 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