József Béres, CEO of Béres Pharmaceuticals Ltd. He studied at ELTE, of course.

In my heart, I am still a researcher. But today, my main responsibility is to maintain, operate and lead the Béres companies. Above all, I need to have a complete overview regarding interrelated aspects, maintainability and functions of our business. This is my responsibility. The Béres Drops is the product that is the foundation of this corporate group. We currently have 62 products; a factory in Szolnok and a development laboratory here, at the company’s headquarters. I was about 12 or 14 years old when I decided to become a chemist. My decision to leave my career in research behind and become an entrepreneur was probably the greatest dilemma in my life. Above all, my father provided an example, who made sacrifices for our cause during the communist era. I consider teamwork the most important value. For the past 23 years, ever since starting the companies, we always believed that only a great team could be successful, inventive, and continually develop. I was very fortunate to have attended the organic chemistry lectures held by professor Gyõzõ Bruckner, then later by Dr. Kucsman. It fills me with great joy and pride to have been able to listen to the lectures of these scientists. My university years significantly influenced my current life. I met my wife at the university, where she began her studies in my final year there. We are happily married ever since, so I could say I am thankful to the university for meeting her, as well. I studied at ELTE, of course!

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