Julian’s Art Therapy Session! | The Science of Happiness

So Julian. You know the drill. I’m gonna give you one of your own exams.
Answer the questions. Take as much time as you want. This is a weird place to
be… okay! Yeah! Let’s do this! You’re on the other side of the table I don’t like it I think I like this one better. Now I’m gonna have you choose seven different parts of your life. Seven different aspects that make up
Julian’s life I think I know this next part. Good deal. You know what to do. Makes my job easy. Done! Can you read what you put on your list? Yes! dad, mom, humor, romance, hockey, friends, and joy. Perfect! Alright phase two. You’re like a trained outliner. That’s my job *laughs*
Yeah you can fall back on working for the police department Okay come see how awesome it is. You got thumbs and everything! I’m kind of curvy. Alright. You’re gonna start with yourself. You don’t even need any directions do you. No. No. But you telling it comforts me. I’m not
even making this up when I was in like sixth grade I took an art class my friends that were amazing artists
like sang songs about me they were like color inside the lines
Julian. I couldn’t even do that right. How was that? That was a lot of fun. I kinda got carried away a little bit but yeah that was a lot of fun what do you think when you see those colors mixing together? I liked that it reaches out across all the other things and I feel like
it’s important to have a bit of myself in all of this. And humor is something that I look for in everything all the time
and so I want to extend that and myself across everything that’s
important in my life and bring it all together Does humor ever get you in trouble? All the time! This a true story This is not gonna be appropriate for
camera but we’ll tell it anyway My sophomore year of high school I ran
for vice president of the class and my campaign poster said Julian
for V.P. dash N.E.S.S….. V penis. and I put them all over school. And I got
caught. It took them like three days to catch on. And they brought me into the office and had me explain myself. They were like read what you wrote for us. I was like yeah sure Julian for junior vice president
and they were like no read it how its written. I was like okay yeah. Julian for junior V penis oh my god I didn’t even.. I had no idea I
made like 80 copies and put them all over the
school I didn’t know! Well I just played dumb and got away
with it but that’s yeah.. from now on they review all the
campaign posters at that high school before they go up so I’m affecting the world with positive change SoulPancake Subscribe!


  1. Funny you should mention that, because my mind has misheard "happiness" as "a penis" for every quote, blog, tweet, and episode for years.

  2. As cool as that is, I don't think kids have as much stress or things to make them less happy, you know? Like, they're already happy so they won't improve in happiness. BUT that would be entertaining to watch

  3. My brother and his friends did a similar thing with posters telling people to join speech. They had a pic of one of our friends holding a rifle and a caption that read, "Join speech or Anthony will get angry. You won't like him when he's angry." (utube dot com / blarglescrargle)

  4. This is actually what I really want to do with my life, and have for a while, but I always felt like there wasn't a market for it, er whatever. Thank you for this, its really inspiring.

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  6. Okay, here's what breaks my heart – when grown people, like Julian, say "I couldn't even do that right". What the heck – it's ART!  As an artist and instructor, I wish students weren't graded on their output, but, rather their INPUT.  Art class should at least 1 place in a student's day where they can let go, think with a diff. part of his/her brain and we can engage in deeper conversation with students, aiming at a place of equilibrium.  Once the creativity has been bludgeoned out of a person, it's really hard to put it back.  We're all born with it.  Let's look at art in schools differently.

  7. Jennifer, I must agree! Julian, well done… I amctually doing a doctrate on how happiness can make your brain work better, and being an artist for going on 9 years now, I know that painting makes me happy, but it makes me just as happy to see others experiencing the ame joy in painting! Thank you for the portable hapiness!

  8. The end theme sounded so familiar and it was Lullatone! All their music fits so well with the whole SoulPancake thing.

  9. I don't know how I missed this when it was posted but it was awesome!!! I vote for more Julian videos!!! Tell me another story Julian. Seriously.

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