June Garden, Vacation Gardening Moments From India & More!

coming home to a garden that looks like
a jungle a lot of summer harvests a look at how people do gardening around the
world and a lot more in today’s episode of California gardening let’s look at
the garden tour then I came back from my vacation this month what I saw in my
backyard was a jungle the temperature was just perfect for all these plants to
grow very well and with the drip irrigation system in place they were
getting enough water and here you can see that there is no space to even step
inside the garden and it has been explosive growth a lot of tomatoes in
the garden a lot of summer vegetables I’ll soon show you the harvest for these
vegetables but it also goes to show that for the gardeners that are wondering how
much maintenance is needed in a garden even if you leave your garden for a
month and make sure that it has water and nutrients you really don’t have to
care much for your plants they will still grow and they will still produce a
lot of fruits and vegetables in your garden and here you can see the most
explosive growth has been in the tomato plants and without any pruning without
any training they’ve just taken over the garden and the onion bulbs have grown in
size and they are pretty much ready for harvest now so we will be harvesting a
few vegetables and the chilies are also growing very well some of these
varieties were some that I didn’t even know which varieties they were and you
can see the grapes here the grape plant has also exploded in growth a lot of
grapes that are hanging from the vine in this grape tree so it’s an absolute
delight to watch this now when you come back from vacation you usually go and do
your groceries first so that you can have something to eat at home but I was
able to step into my backyard get some delicious Tomatoes as you can see here a
lot of vine ripened red tomatoes these are the cherry tomatoes that are growing
and I was able to harvest a lot of tomatoes now some of these onions were not
completely ready but we still needed some to do our cooking and instead of
going to the grocery store we just harvested a couple from our backyard and
that really helped us so this is what the joy of having a garden is you can
harvest veggies right in your backyard and we also harvested some purple
peppers if you’ve not tried growing them please do try them out they are very
healthy very delicious peppers that you can easily grow in your backyard and
with just a few harvests we had enough to cook for at least a few days these
are the mammoth jalapeno peppers and they’ve grown very well and followed by
the bell peppers as you can see here lot of bell peppers this is the Jupiter bell
pepper variety which we were trying and it has grown really well and most of the
other bell peppers also grew very well this season
and this gourd plant that actually came in from the compost pile has actually
produced a pumpkin it looks like a pumpkin to me more like the Asian or the
Korean pumpkin but we’ll find out once we harvest the pumpkin and the eggplants
also grew very well just like other summer vegetables they grew very well in
size and we are harvesting a few here so all in all the summer vegetables were a
joy to harvest from the backyard and we were able to put them to good use right
away this is the other chili pepper variety this is the red chili chili red
it says on the label and these look more like the Thai peppers but a little
larger variety of the thigh peppers but they were medium hot they were pretty
hot so good pepper to eat the perennial basil plants were flowering like crazy
and a lot of gardeners say that this is a good indicator of the season and the
fact that this have so many flowers means that the weather is just perfect
for the summer plants we were also able to harvest some amaranth the amaranth
plants are growing sporadically around the backyard and I
didn’t really plant the amaranth greens this time they were just seeds left over
from last season that produced these lovely leaves which we harvested and as
you can see here beautiful looking amaranth leaves and amaranth greens are
something you should definitely try growing in the next section we are going
to look at some gardens in India we are in Dehugaon which is in the city of
Pune and this is quite a countryside place and people still have a lot of
terrace gardens here as you can see here terrace garden usually means that there
is some kind of a concrete structure on which there are raised beds like you see
here there are some containers as well where people grow plants
so it’s either raised beds like these made from concrete on terraces or
containers like you see here and people also use a lot of grow bags
that pretty much comprises most of the gardening that is done in places like
India where there’s shortage of space for gardening and although this is a
countryside there is agricultural land here but it belongs to the farmers so
the common man has to do his gardening on his Terrace so that’s how the
terrace garden looks like a lot of space to walk around and these are some
grow bags as you can see here so this is pretty much how most of the
gardens look like now India being a tropical place you can see a lot of
trees like the Moringa tree which is a tropical plant and it flourishes and
grows very well in places like India and once again this is the western part of
India which is still relatively cool but the weather stays pretty warm round the
year this what you see here is a jackfruit tree one of the most exotic
fruits and delicious fruits that I’ve eaten you can see some birds that have
made nests from this tree and they look absolutely beautiful the nests are as
beautiful as the birds themselves and they’re very high up the nests and the
tree grows pretty large and produces these jackfruits that you can see here
they are almost ready for harvest now you can see here they produce these
large and very heavy fruits and they are a delight to eat as well back to the
terrace garden you can see a close-up of the nest that the birds have made and
they look beautiful and it is really a art work of building
these nests that the birds do and one more thing that I really found
fascinating were tropical plants like Jasmine there are just so many varieties
of Jasmine that I saw here I was very amazed very fragrant flowers that
produce abundantly and this is on the tropical plant this is the Piper beetle
or the beetle leaf a very popular medicinal plant the leaves are chewed
and they are used in medicine since ancient history and that’s another
tropical plant that grows very well in places like India where there is hot and
humid conditions around the year and some more jasmine varieties as I
mentioned this is a beautiful Jasmine very very fragrant and by looking at all
the Jasmine varieties I was really tempted to grow some more the soil as
well is very nice and rich and almost red in color and that gives a lot of
nutrients in the soil to grow some beautiful plants people grow a lot of
other tropical trees as well like the papaya tree a lot of people do have
small gardens in India at least in this place Pune where I stayed for some time
and here you can see the papaya tree and this is producing a lot of fruits as
well and a lot of gardening in India is done in a very sustainable way these are
some peanut plant peanuts that are growing and some flowers as well very
sustainable by using things like menu or compost and not a lot of artificial
ingredients there are a lot of nurseries plant
nurseries in India and in this place which is Pune we found a lot of
nurseries in this particular area you can see here again a lot of jasmine
varieties and most nurseries have a lot of tropical plants this is another
beautiful tropical flower yellow colored fragrant flower and there are so many
varieties that I really don’t know the names of all these varieties and neither
do the nurseries provide them they know the local name for example this is a
flower called Juhi so very fragrant jasmine and there are
some other Jasmine varieties as well abundance of flowers beautiful white
jasmine flowers and the nurseries have a lot of plants that are on sale there are
some tropical fruits like the mango plant here the mango tree
pomegranate tree guavas, figs as well, figs are another plant
that grow well in the tropical and subtropical climate and pomegranates
here you can see beautiful looking flowers on these pomegranates and curry leaves
of course very heavily used in India curry leaf is one of the most popular
plants and the nurseries do sell a lot of curry leaf plants as you can see here
they are abundantly available and roses are another plant that a lot of people
love planting in India so he’s the nurseries here you can see a lot of rose
plants a lot of different varieties and they have mastered the art of growing
roses here and the Piper beetle plant again another beautiful climbing and
winding plant looks very beautiful and about sustainability you can see here
the manure it’s in a heap here and I also saw one nursery that had a
lot of vegetable plants that were available for purchase that you could
purchase and plant in your home garden and all they use is coconut coir that’s all they used to grow their
veggies use any fertilizers they don’t use any
nutrients or any kind of potting soil it’s just a lot of coco coir and the
plants grow very well in that we also saw a lot of hyacinth beans the hyacinth
bean plants are something I covered in my previous videos as well and we also
did visit a soybean farm here you can see the crows are very excited because
the grubs are coming out once the tractor is ploughing the fields and the
kids had a lot of fun riding on the tractor it was a very unique experience
and we really enjoyed it a lot from Pune our next stop was New Delhi
which is the capital of India and I saw some gardens here New Delhi is a very
hot and very humid place and there’s a little scarcity of water sometimes the
water doesn’t come in all day so you can see some dry places here in New Delhi
but people do garden a lot here as well and you can see the neem tree here the
neem tree is a very popular medicinal plant that is grown in this part of the
world and it’s said to purify the air as well and it’s growing very well producing
seeds and a lot of this is edible and moving on to the other parts of the
garden you can see that the raised beds or the recessed beds have been made it’s
actually partitioned into some recessed beds with some space to walk around the
beds and this is how it looks like after the rain we also stopped at the state of
Punjab which is a state with a lot of fields a lot of countryside areas
beautiful places and what we saw here was nothing short of a spectacle this is
a curry leaf jungle I mean there are hills and hills of curry leaf plants
here that have grown naturally and just the fact that curry leaves are native to
South India they should give you an idea of how incredible this spectacle is
we then moved on to visit Himachal and to places like Dharamsala which is home
to the Dalai Lama and we saw a lot of monasteries here listen this is one the Tibetan
monasteries and we saw some incredible plants that actually look like ginger
plants and although I’m not really sure but if this is ginger it looks like a
very different variety of ginger if not it’s at least a plant that’s close to
the ginger plant family but anyway it was a very beautiful place to visit a
very serene place and we saw a lot of good things it was very relaxing and
overall a very nice trip so there we have it folks that was our episode on
the California Garden in the month of June plus a lot of other experiences
from our vacation that we took last month and I hope you enjoyed this
episode we’ll see you again soon happy gardening


  1. Hello CG! Its very nice that you visited India with your family. Love your videos a lot and you are an inspiration for me on growing vegetables and fruits in my back yard of course all are grown in containers. Thank you and All the best. BTW, eagerly waiting for many more videos from you.

  2. Fantastic harvests on your return from India ! The grapes !! Looks like you had a great time 🙂 Pune is indeed a nursery haven , most plants that are available in Mumbai come from either Pune , Karjat or sometimes Bangalore . Juhi jasmine is my favourite , so fragrant and delicate . Did you enjoy some road side dhaaba food while passing through Punjab?

  3. Gorgeous garden and harvest! And amazing grapes! I live in the Napa wine country and I'm very used to seeing vineyards and I know grapes and wow yours are so impressive! Glad you're home and had such a lovely vacation.

  4. by the way those were ginger lily plants in end of the video produce loads and loads of white fragrant flowers, not edible though

  5. what direction does your garden face, We bought a east west facing house and the yard is east facing.

  6. Hello Charlie! Thank you for the wonderful tour of your home. It was so thoughtful of you to film India for us. You took us with you and it's very appreciated. I'd like to share with you that my nephew loved your country very much. His best friends were from India but he met them while attending UTA, Texas. He used to save thousands and thousands of dollars from his small gold business and then he'd travel to the poor part of India and give it to all the poor families. The last time he went to India he took with him $70K He did this for about 10 years. He truly had a big heart. Sadly, after his last return from India 2 years ago he committed suicide. 💔 i wanted to share this story with you cause you showed me a little part of India that I'm sure my nephew would of loved to of visited.

  7. Your garden looks great! So many beautiful looking tomatoes. Seeing a bit of India and their plants was pretty cool. Thank you 😊

  8. Our gardening master,In our land. The video make me full of happiness.India always welcomes you.

  9. I love Jasmine flowers! I grew up in the philippines and my mom planted a jasmine tree/bush right beside our entryway. It was the first thing I would encounter when I get home, and the last thing I'd see on the way out. The smell is just "home" to me.
    I hope you try to grow them and share with us which variety/ies flourish here in zone 9/10.

  10. the last ginger-like plant is Galangal..you can search the pictures on google..
    it is basically cooked like ginger, but you can actually eat the galangal like potato..

  11. whoa!! are you from pune?? bec of your accent which is very neutral I thought you might be Marathi.. amazing video once again.. can you tell me which nursery you visited? I would really love to visit the nursery you shown in Pune, 😀😀😀😀as i am from pune..

  12. Very nice video. You should have also visited Pusa Institute of Agricultural Research while you were in New Delhi. Could have been a nice experience for you. Do keep in mind the next time you visit India.

  13. I'm so glad your back! I missed you last month. I have learnt so much from your videos. I hope you had a wonderful vacation.

  14. Thanks to our summer garden we only needed bananas from the produce aisle while shopping yesterday.Very interesting about the cocoa core .Thanks for sharing.

  15. just some random sharing. in indonesia, we have a lot of jasmine variety as well but sometimes when you suddenly smell something like jasmine in a random places with no jasmine trees around we believe it is a smell of ghost. this myths made me don't want to plant the jasmine eventhough they are smell really good.
    however, we still consume a lot of jasmine tea everyday. lol

  16. What an excellent video! Thanks for sharing your trip to India!

    I'm down in San Diego and the sun has super-charged my summer veggies too.

  17. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. We grow many of the same things the gardeners do in India. Fabulous.

  18. Those bird nests are so cool! I'm glad your garden fared so well while you were gone. Thanks for the plants and such from India. It's really cool to see. I didn't know there were double jasmines!

  19. Good to see you back home and welcome back home.

    Pune. One of our British partner always pronounce her poon. We are going to undertake a financial project for Pune and may visit there later this year.

  20. Great Episode. I love going to other countries to see how people garden. Thank you for sharing.

  21. तुम्ही भारतीय अहात त्यातल्या त्यात महाराष्ट्रीयन अहात हे कळल्या वर मला फार आनंद झाला

  22. Great video. Do you start anything from seed in July? The gardening guides for our area say that you don't start anything from seed this month, but I'm wondering if you could start radish, beans, greens or anything else. Surprisingly this year I have had luck with growing lettuce in the summer which technically goes against the gardening guides. I just plant it next to my tomatoes which are giving shade to the lettuce. So nice to have lettuce and tomato sandwiches!

  23. Didn't find any videos on seed germination methods or grow lights etc. Can you please make one as I really like the way you present everything. Thanks in advance.

  24. The fragrant pale yellow flower at 9:19 is Michelia champaka. It is used in perfumes. I have seen a few trees @disney in Anaheim.

  25. Renowned agricultural scientists Shripad Dabholkar (author of "Plenty for All") and Subhash Palekar (founder of the Zero Budget Natural Farming movement: http://palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarming.org/zbnf.aspx) have their experimental farms in Pune. Have you visited them before? If not, I highly recommend visiting. Welcome back!

  26. Zone 10? didn't know they had a zone 10 in cali I live in Central FL and am zone 9b and zone 10 is south FL which is basically tropical. I thought Cali only when to zone 9a. Cool to know

  27. i want to vacation in your garden!

    have you or will you considered planting a jackfruit tree? do you think they will do well in our climate? i've seen a tree in passing and was amazed.

    do you use the piper betel for anything? my mom has a plant, but she only uses it for one thing. and i'd like to use it more… since it's growing

  28. Fantastic video! I live in California too and I have though about going to India and getting some seeds. Do you know if that is possible to do? I really want to grow Amla in my garden 🙂

  29. Hello…i am from northern part of India…I regularly watch your videos. I hv also a terrace garden. yesterday for some reasons I had to change the location of few of my fully grown plants. although I had done this with full care. After changing the place they all are dying now. the plants I moved are madhumalti grown 20ft. lemon plant 6ft. curry leaves plant 3ft. I m very depressed now as they are dying please suggest something to save them.

  30. Hi Bill Here I have bought all the ingreadients to make compost tea.I didnt get how often to add the tea to my garden vegitables?

  31. The plant at 9:22 min is Champaca……it gives wonderful flowers with nice fragrance ! It is found in many places in India……specially in temples !

  32. I stay in PCMC 15 km from dehugaon, nice to see ur videoand having u in pune, Pune has a lot of nurseries more than 100 i guess, hope u have been to dagdusheth mandir as well.

  33. Amazing video CG
    … hoping my next trip to India to see such places to get more inspiration. I have few questions.

    1. Would like to know how long are you gardening in your Irvine home? I have set up my garden here in San Ramon – 1.5 yrs back – and my success is very less compared to the failure.
    2. Also – if it's okay – would like to know how much you have invested in setting up your garden. From bed to seeds to soil, fertilizer.
    3. How much time do you spend on your garden – daily/weekly etc…

    I would like to learn from your answers and work on my garden.
    For e.g. My cabbage, cauliflower gave me no harvest and resulted in flowering. I have now 100s of seeds from these flowers. So, would really love to up my gardening skills from your guidance.

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    sir d plant that looks exactly like ginger is sum kind of medicinal plant …. nov to jan is winter in Goa n produces lots of seasonal veggies n crops which u would love to see ….n most of all d Goan heritage….

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