say what goes okay down the rabbit hole we go yeah down the rabbit hole we go crazy we are in a little city called Leticia in the very southern point of Colombia here there's no roads that connected the main cities you'd only get here by plane or by boat it is in the middle of the Amazon rainforest most Kaspar buddy of mine you might know him from other video here and we wanted to find some traditional medicine with the shaman here in the jungle so that combo ayahuasca wrap a other ones like that we didn't have much of a lead until we're at a park last night and basically Mike hooked up with a guy that was selling some artisan artisanal stuff and he saw Mike's tattoo and they start chatting and my discovered a few spots on the upper arm so when you do combo they burn holes in your skin and they take frog venom and they work the frog venom in and it leaves scars so we saw two scars on the guy's arm in the beginning it would it's strange right like we were looking for somebody to do this with we found him and you never really know 100% whether or not it's legit and so we're about to meet him right now and we're gonna go into the Amazon with this guy we just met last night exactly an old hitchhiking trick I learned was if you're gonna be putting your trust in somebody let's say jumping in the back of a car – I can go in this case meet for a tour always take a photo of them first and send it to somebody because if they're not pure with their intentions they won't like the photo being taken and so that's they'll be our first no he'll be our last line of cool security to make sure everything's ok mas o menos pero yo let's go yes a cardiac are ya my analogues will be raucous normally and he's watching so we I don't want to make it suspicious so we always what I learned in living in Mexico is that when you have to do a service with somebody always pay half before half after because often that if they pay the whole money in the front they'll just go and they'll leave you so he's not he doesn't want he's not letting us pay half before half after he wants all the money in the beginning for me that's a red flag but the guys things legit what do you think pretty much but there's a percentage of the he's not yeah the the concern is I mean if we lose the money it's just the money but we're going in the middle of nowhere in Brazil and I don't wanna get dumped in the jungle because that's more of a problem than and the money is it's always like people can say whatever you know it's like do we trust it or not that's the that's the main question but I I feel like it's a risk but of course doing these things are gonna be a risk so I guess my votes probably let's see what happens so if we lose hundred dollars each that's the experience cost that's okay we'll keep our eyes out for anything suspicious and see how it goes okay down the rabbit hole we go yeah all right so we settled on doing it so the final test now is it's the photo test to see if we can take a photo with him and if he passes that test we're in so let's try boom well now you tell me kid let go view that car and he ever Fingaz are good we just crossed over into Brazil this area in Colombia well no long plummer Brazil is very interesting because over there is Peru this is Brazil and we were just in five minutes ago Colombia so there's three borders on this little tiny Peninsula of land and a giant sea of forests in this part of the world it is beautiful and it is right in the heart of the Amazon rainforest we're waiting for a boat apparently the journey is took took which were just on a boat ride I took took a boat ride and then we hiked for quite a while into the middle of the jungle to find the shamans place everybody's been really good so far with elder his name he offered us his jewelry collection when we told them that we wanted to pay fifty-fifty cuz he didn't think that we trust them so it's a good gesture and I'm excited to see what happens in the woods after the ride we British dropped off inside of the highway and walking through the jungle looking for the maloca of the Chapman well of course like a pagoda like a big straw hut where they stay and do the medicine how you feeling Gaspard a bit sweaty well we survived this is amazing [Applause] so we just woke up at 6:30 everything happened so fast that I have more time but we're starting our day with combo I want to give you more of a of a briefing but basically we're gonna have frog venom putting arms and about two seconds we have to run to the water as fast as we can because the I guess the feeling the pain the sickness happens so quickly that you can't make it down to the river the river is like a one minute walk away I'm gonna grab my GoPro and see if I can get it on camera okay because my turn now Houston so I should feel this almost immediately and as soon as both sides are put in I have to run to the water and wash it out and I should be very very very sick but now it's burning sorry yeah so my body should start to feel very heavy right now my eyes are starting I can see a bit of a lack in the fringes I wonder how Kaspar is doing my heart's racing here oh my legs oh man feeling very weak one of the keys is throwing up everyone's throwing up oh [Applause] man the huts counting feel the venom going in my blood my head I can feel my heartbeat in my head and I feel I'm gonna throw up very very soon steal the fever this is crazy this is some swamp looks looks like you're 95 it's like you're 95 years old come on mother you don't even look like the same person and now the GoPro says eight minutes I pressed record right before they applied the poison yes supposedly it's the file of five minutes I was supposed to be bad right after so I think we are all recovering right now my face my face feels very swollen you shot machado is what it's called yeah I got a pain sighs how much my face swollen yeah yeah you look the maloca it's right there it's only a minute walk 30 second run to where they applied the poison and you can barely make it down here oh my gun dude did you make it to the water I didn't see it all happened so fast listen I will lay down here and then I started to perform it like I saw like blue points not just my whole body paralyzed and I had to form it to vomit vomit vomit and it was just fluorescent yellow coming up sorry my stomach turned inside out it was it was like the colour of butter this morning we woke we got woken up at 6:30 because we eat her Bergen the combo in the morning but Campbell was at 6:30 so it's like still I'll be shortly after 7:00 right now and we I thought we'd have some time to set up a camera but I was like no here we go skin was being burnt right away then the van was being put in so we didn't have much time to prepare yeah and Kaspar went first because I was away grabbing a camera and poison went in and he took off and all Sun was my turn like 30 seconds later I don't know the sensation was overpowering it's like your whole body is just heating eating up and your head feels like it's gonna explode your face feels all swollen up do you feel fever mmm for me it was contracting over here and I was just really contracted and now I start to release in like my whole face also swallow I look like a grandpa I fell you're made of plastic in your face you know it looks like it looks like the video it looked look like a different person you look like like a rubber statue so apparently will have three waves of happiness over the next couple days on the so dependent I hope and will look prettier and will also be able to hunt much better it be very very focused that's a good going home presently I think sauce your bones crazy then it's so amazing this is Mike after the combo session I don't know what got him but like it really looks nasty I was laying on the bank and I could just feel the bug is going is there a lot let's say roughly thirty we're great according my immune system just got a boost so hopefully those will heal up quick yeah quite red yeah yours too no not really how many times you've done this before healthy very good clavo did the hunt more to forge a so I'm ready for my breakfast they said if you got more pretty of this session and I must say Botox is nothing but this have you seen yourself yet yeah I feel the photo basket times if I live by Joe we are back in latisha after an awesome two-day trip with him and held her here in the beginning we met him in the park a little bit skeptical but so so happy we hung out with them because he gave us an experience we are never going to forget the combo experience he speaks English Spanish Portuguese so do you speak any of those these informations below if you want to come to TCC and have a similar experience also Kaspar awesome Phil make a really good friend their information is both below check them out become Leticia it's an amazing spot and you can do some really cool things here like have great experiences experiences over possessions kick the grind and I'll catch you guys next Wednesday do it right away the bus it is intense


  1. Incrível. Quando eu tomei kambô não sofri nada, me deu ataque de riso. Tomei 4 bolinhas, foi muito tranquilo.

  2. Didnt you wash it off to soon? Other videos I've seen they keep it on for quite a while. Might be why you had an "easy" time compared to your friend.

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  5. I’m applying it tomorrow I’ve done it few times in a year, last year . This spring I’ll start with light session and go over all of my body gates to get more benefit. This is a life changing experience and I love and respect it 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. I did Kambo a couple of years ago. Very powerful stuff! It was difficult for about 20 minutes, but the feeling I had in my body later that night and the next day… wow. My felt sense of well-being just kept increasing for several day after that. I literally couldn't get myself to eat any kind of junk food for days. I'm really glad I did this and will do it again. Beautiful job on the video, btw. I respect the quality editing done here.

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