1. Sorry, but I cannot relate to this segment. Kate will be great on a kids channel, but not on Wendy the topics are definitely 18 and older only.

  2. Wendy just makes us look bad when she "acts" stupid, I mean I know she is trying to be funny BUT chill sis #damn

  3. I get Wendy is having fun and trying to make the segment entertaining but at the same time she has to stress that these things are not toys and people have to be extremely careful handling these materials

  4. Wendy you should do a YouTube aftershow with you and Kate!!!! 🙏🙏🙏
    Pretty please with sugar on top?
    Imagine how many ppl will see it!!

  5. For YOU to make fun of people’s looks/face you must really have a crew who has brain washed you into believing you are good looking and sexy! Instead of concentrating on the brilliant actor Joaquin Phoenix’s lip, concentrate on finding a new wardrobe stylist and hairstylist!
    SHAME ON YOU! That was a disgusting display of ignorance and stupidity!

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