Kathleen T Maloney, PA, Neurosurgery Physician Assistant – Burlington VT, The UVM Medical Center

(soft music) – Hi, I’m Kathleen Maloney and I’m a Neurosurgical
Physician Assistant. (soft music) Our practice deals with
a lot of cases concerning the spine and brain tumors, but the surgeon that I work
with also has a specialty in skull base neurosurgical procedures as well as aneurysm surgeries
so that’s kind of the focus of our practice in
addition to the other spine and brain surgeries that we do. (soft music) My philosophy of care is really
about educating the patient, having them really understand
what they’re going through, be able to have them come into
the office and really talk about their symptoms,
look at scans to show them exactly what’s wrong
and then include them in the treatment process, let them understand what their choices are for treatment, whether it be surgical or non-surgical. We try to talk about all of that and make them a big part of the decision on how they’re going to get better. (soft music)

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