Katy, TX Family Medicine Physician Dr. Rahim Haikal

– Hello, I’m Dr. Haikal,
a family medicine doctor with Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. What I like about family medicine is, you have opportunity to
know the family members and you are dealing with the whole family. And you have a long-term relationship with patients and the families, and they become like
friends or family members. (bright music) When I was growing up, I realized there was no doctor in my hometown. Probably early in my life I became interested to become a doctor. And I was the first person to go to medical school from my hometown. (bright music) And I think Kelsey-Seybold
is not just like a clinic, it’s a system that works good for patients and the doctors. I think the good thing for patient is easy referral, seeing a specialist, and communication between the doctors. And the environment of Kelsey-Seybold is that patient care is always first. I like to know about my
patient as much as possible, because the more you
know about the patient, then you can take care
of the person better, if you know a person. You see the result instant in everyday. For example, somebody’s
sick and you come in and you just talk to them
and they feel better. Then that’s a good feeling. When you leave you know
that you did something good. I told all my nurses,
if my patient is sick, with high fever or in pain or severe pain, I see them regardless how my schedule is. I don’t like, if the
patient call that I’m sick and I want to see a
doctor and you tell them that come next week, okay? Because we don’t have appointment. I say I don’t care if I’m full, but if a patient is sick, I see them. (bright music)

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