Keemstar Thinks Social Anxiety Isn't Real

hi you guys all know keemstar right you know a million people hate him and maybe four and a half people like him so keemstar last night kind of went on a little bit of a little bit of a rant to say the least he um he claimed social anxiety isn't a real thing and yeah I wish I wish I was kidding but I'm not yeah the first tweet to start off this rant was the drug companies advents all these illnesses so they can sell drugs to morons social anxiety 100% is a fake invented illness so they can sell you drugs and make millions stop being weak society is literally going to die if you keep this bullshit up and I feel like I shouldn't have to say why this is painfully incorrect I myself I don't have severe social anxiety but if I'm in a crowded you know rumor it usually in school I starts to disassociate the disassociate and it just it's not the most pleasant thing and I've been doing that since I was six and I'm pretty sure six-year-old me it was like oh dude the drug company told me that I had anxiety so now now I do when I was six that's that's what happened be on the second tweet in this in this bullshit rant was I get anxiety in social environments I have an illness literally every human has anxiety it's part of the human experience you don't have an illness you are new I will give credit to kiemce that everybody does feel anxious that is normal but not every single person in the world is gonna walk out to a crowd of people and fall down and have a panic attack those people have an illness and there are a lot of them you're all saying you have social anxiety illness stop being afraid stop it stop it stop it you all must be worrying about what other people think about you for this to happen don't care what people who say or think I don't I just pissed you all off with no worries in the world be me the audacity of this man just is fucking insane Oh someone countered keemstar and said some of these disorders stem from trauma some start at birth the medical evidence for it is undeniable there's no sense arguing with a brick wall though and big lad Daniel here says ok I agree with that for a small percentage of the population boy but why does everybody claim to have social anxiety in 2019 not everybody claims to have social anxiety it's just much more you can talk about it it's bet it's it's easier and you have all the resources to be able to talk about it now because people can relate you know five years ago even it was still there's still kind of a stigma you're you you had a mental illness you belong in the crazy hospital bit and a keemstar after not having any more points to refute says so basically what I gathered from you all is that it's trendy to have a mental illness in 2019 I am an autistic dyslexic social anxiety bipolar sociopathic narcissistic OCD schizophrenic PTSD ADHD manic alcoholic dementia Nome and I'm cooler than you because that's just what he thinks it is because I know that personally when I was seven years old and and when I saw someone I didn't know where I was in a group of people I did not know and my heart started racing and I started getting scared that was because I thought it would be making me fucking coolie shit dude I thought I was gonna be the fucking coolest kid in my second-grade classroom if all of them thought I was a pussy you fucking nigger so I'm sorry if this was more of like a rant video I just really wanted to talk about big lad Danny the gnome and just kind of you know just get my opinion out there get give my little hot takes on his hot takes if you enjoyed this video you should you should leave you should leave like and maybe a comment I'd appreciate that baby of the white a a wife no way I just want the commas put that on my mama Christophe Hogg was looking bro baby used to call me


  1. Keemstar is an ignorant ass. I loved the video, and I look forward to seeing more of your videos soon. Great work!

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