Keith L. Black, MD | Cedars-Sinai

I’m Dr. Keith Black chairman Department
of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. My own view of
what really makes a good brain surgeon is that the surgeon number one, must
consider the brain to be sacred territory and to consider themselves to
be very much like a thief in the night. What we essentially want to do is to
sneak into the brain, get the tumor, or get the vascular malformation and get
out without ever touching the brain, without the brain ever realizing that
we’ve been there. It’s not good enough for us just to be good surgeons, to be
able to treat the patients with what we know now, one of the things that we want
to do is to is to move beyond what we know now ultimately provide cures for a
whole variety of disorders that affect the human brain. We’ve looked at a number
of innovative ways to try to find a cure for example for brain cancer and our
patients come with disorders that affect their brain, their spinal cord, is some of
the most challenging health circumstances that one could ever
imagine and we want to give them a sense of calmness. We want to give them a sense
of relaxation and a sense of tranquility as well as hope.

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