Keli Beck, MD – Family Medicine Physician at Wake Forest Baptist Health

My name is Keli Beck, I’m a physician here
in Family Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Health.
I decided to become a family medicine doctor because when I was going through medical school,
I found that I was just really fascinated by everything. And every specialty had something
that drew me to it. And family medicine is one of those things where you can really do
anything you want. And you can take care of people from birth all the way through their
glory days and golden years – and just be able to be a part of that journey and be a
part of their family and that was really exciting for me.
My clinical specialties include just general family medicine – but then I have a special
interest because of my extra training in women’s health in OB and pregnancy care and then also
in adolescent medicine. One of the things that I think differentiates Wake Forest Baptist
Health from other places is just the people that are here.
It is very rare to go to a place where people enjoy working together as much as they do.
Where people really look at each other with respect, with kindness. There’s so much diversity
that’s here. And there’s also a passion for learning. And a passion for education. And
that goes for learning from patients, learning from your colleagues, and also in teaching
and learning from residents – and teaching residents. And that’s something that’s really
unique and a lot of fun to be a part of. One of the things that I like to do when I’m
not here is – I have a dog, her name is Kahlua – and while I was in medical training, I decided
I wanted to do things with her. So I trained her to be a therapy dog. And so one of the
things we do is go around to the local schools – she’s part of a program called the Waggin’
Tail Tutors. And little kids like to come sit on her blanket and just read stories to
her – particularly kids that have any sort of learning disability.

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