Kendall Jenner Reacts To Kylie Jenner Ignoring Her Anxiety Attack At Met Gala 2019

Kylie Jenner reacts to Kendall saying she has anxiety in a new video that has since gone viral plus we have exclusive details about what really happened between Kendall and Harry Styles at the Met Gala hey guys it's Ali for Hollywood Life and as Kim K's surrogate just went into labor we're hearing exclusively how she is able to balance it all we're told she has a very well scheduled routine and her work ethic is astounding she has her day plans so precisely by almost obsessively scheduling everything in fact she's always been like that even before she had kids also we're told that she doesn't need sleep to function she will literally work until midnight and then be up at 6 a.m. the next day to get her workout in before getting the kids ready and the craziest part is she always makes time for her family and friends feel like I do not have the same 24 hours as Kim Benari as you know Kendall and Kylie Slade at the Met Gala in a new video with vogue Kylie explained that she started looking at sketches for her outfit four months ago four months ago I started looking at sketches they showed me these first sketches and it was a it looked a little more like cowgirl vibes like I had a it was green I had a big cowgirl hat and then they showed me another version which was more colorful I was thinking doing more of like a monochromatic look so I didn't change it much I loved what it looked like I also said how she found her makeup artist Ariel and it's kind of funny growing up I really just used to everyone like my sisters were using so I was just always on interim looking and I just like fell in love with the pictures and just work and how we did other people's makeup and then but next time you're in LA I'd love to do I'd love to do some glam and then he said I'll actually be in LA next week but he really you really just planned to come out for me and I'm like great so we set up a day and he came over now also recall at the Met we told you that Kendall had a quick encounter with her axe Harry Styles which naturally sparked romance rumors however we're hearing exclusively they are just really good friends and really cool with each other they feel more like brother and sister and will be forever friends who were always happy to see each other we're also told even though they still share chemistry they did not hook up so there's that but okay before the Jenners got to the red carpet kenny said she was having major anxiety and Kai's response is such a sister move what is happening I hope you literally can't stop I'm not wearing the shoes by chance you didn't catch that since it was quick Kendall said I have literally freezing anxiety I can't stop – which guy respondents saying I'm not wearing the taller shoes do you think I should now the clip has since gone viral with thousands of people retweeting it including Kenny herself with the caption sisters also fans have been praising Kylie for how she handled the situation saying things like she acknowledged how Kendall was feeling without anyone realizing and proceeds to talk about shoes as a distraction very common technique when trying to calm someone who's having an anxiety attack this makes me wish I had a sister but shout out to the best brother in the game love you but alright guys hit this up like in Val button for all the latest car Jenner news let us know your favorite summer activity in the comments below because it's coming up and follow me on social media at Ali's tech Nita


  1. Honestly, I’m not a fan of either girls. BUT, look at Kylie’s face when Kendall said that. She had this “oh god what do I do” quickly come across her face and you can tell the shoe comment was the first distraction to come to her mind. I can tell by her face that she cared. She just didn’t want to make a scene.

  2. You could tell kylie think before she response about the shoes so she did well distracting kendall with her anxiety attack

  3. No, Kylie is just a BITCH, and Kendall is why better then her and she can’t stand that……. And Kendall stays within her own race which is a plus………..

  4. wow kim goes to sleep at midnight and gets up at 6 sometimes, so brave. bro I'm a junior pls be quiet. i literally don't sleep some nights doing homework. going to bed at 1 or 2 and waking up at 6 is a good day for me

  5. She was probably trying to get her mind off of it. Anxiety needs distractions to be stopped at times.

  6. They're sisters, they know each other. She was distracting her from the anxious feeling. Kylie is a sister being a good sister to Kendall.

  7. This family sucks balls they don't have any talent at all fuck them stupid bitches with Std's hope this family dies 🖕🤬🖕 ☠💀⚰

  8. Oh please with all that money those nannies be taking care of her kids i would love to see them pop all these kids if they were living a basic life with no nannies… fuck outta here

  9. What really happened between Kendall and Harry is that they're good friends and that's it ! People need to stop 👏🏻forcing👏🏻 a 👏🏻relationship 👏🏻on 👏🏻them 👏🏻

  10. With these outfits,they remind me of the evil step sisters in Whitney Houston's Cinderella.

  11. What fucked up poisonous women. And they contaminate everyone they meet, especially the men in their lives, And eventually their own kids. Every photo is doctored, weather it's of themselves or their children. If they're so confident and so authentic, and so worthy of the world's admiration they wouldn't need to fool the public like they do. Fàke sick toxic people.

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